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Kelvedon nuclear bunker, doors heard banging and an EVP on video

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posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 10:57 AM
Well, as some of you know, we were at Kelvedon nuclear bunker over the weekend and had an absolute blast!

Great fun was had by all and we had an incredible ghost hunt.

Lots of movement in the shadows going on through the night, noises heard and the occasional audible voice too!
Some of you have already seen this thread regarding that night; well funny

Was going over my video as i had to get a bit of it cropped for posting on our main site, and whilst going through it, you can hear an EVP at 5.34 minutes.
This EVP was also captured on the usual digital recorders and is a good few seconds long. I know what it seems to be saying, but I'll leave that down to you lot to work out..
We were also testing a device called an Ovilus. Some of you may know what that is.
here's the vid;

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