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Commentary on the Mideast Today!

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posted on Mar, 25 2003 @ 07:45 AM
The hand of God seems to be stretched across the Mideast!

The most powerful nation in the World canít get its way over the likes of France and Germany! How can that be?

The worldís worst citizen is laughing up his sleeve, as that wily old man plays his trump cards to block the moves of GW to send his army to remove him.

GW had to resort to the pressure of the Arabs to announce that as soon as the Palestinian PM is confirmed with the correct powers, he is ready to uncover the ìRoad Mapî to peace in the Mideast.

It seems that the deal that they made months ago about not going after Saddam until after they got the peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians is beginning to show up on the stage.

GW is trying his best not to do that ñ he keeps saying that the removal of Saddam will bring peace, and the Arabs keep telling him that it will create the opposite effect. Now who do you think knows better?

Did GW make that deal with King Abdullah II or not? Well, who got the free trade agreement? And what possible plan could that be all about?

Just imagine what will happen in a peaceful Mideast with the Israelis taken into the trading fold along with their free trade agreement. That is the guarantee of prosperity for the Mideast.

The two of them ñ sworn enemies ñ now holding the trade franchise for the eastern world. Thatís better than owning the only KFC in town!

That puts the Arabs and the Israelis on equal footing tradewise. How is that going to help you ask.

Well think about it.

The object of the uprooting, in addition to all of the known and obvious things, like stability without conflict, is that after the uprootingís, the price of oil can be controlled and kept at a price that would make it just a fuel, and not the world controlling commodity that it is today.

The long range plan for the oil has to be to make it cheap, so it is just a fuel. There is less money in oil than in technology, and to prove that, the richest many on the planet doesnít even own any oil!

Bill Gates is strictly in technology, and in twenty years he has made himself the richest man on earth with it. Now what does that tell you?

Any of the developing nations in the world that turn to technology, and retrain their people has come out of the back woods, and into the light of prosperity. Oil never did that! Oil kept them slaves to another time.

For the world to progress and be able to live without undeveloped nations, they all must move into the present century. That canít happen with oil as the king.

The future in every field is technology. From the food we eat to the cars we drive. From clean water to clean air, technology has the answer. But before it can be crowned King of the Hill, Oil has to be toppled.

Itís a hard way to go, but the key lies in the Mideast. Get peace there, and control the oil, then you can move into the present and out of the past, which leads to the future for all mankind.

So they think!

Whatís standing in the way? God! He has his hand out, blocking the way for a man made solution, because He is the solution, and no one knows that. But, we do!

The new, younger, Harvard educated, leaders of the Mideast know that they will always be Bedouin tribesmen living in poverty, even with all their riches from oil, if they donít move out of the 6th century and into the present. There is no future, without first getting out of the past and into the present.

So, Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, is getting even richer by bringing the Mideast out of the past, beyond the present, into the future.

With peace in the Mideast, and with free trade, they need technology to make it work, not oil. Techno-dollars will soon outweigh Petro-dollars with all the trade items that come from Mexico, Canada, Israel and now Jordan, that will move through their gates on the way to ports throughout the Eastern world.

A days worth of trade from all those free ports will make a memory out of oil in a very short time.

But, first you have to get it started. Thatís the hard part. No one whatís to be ìleft behindî in that deal, and they are all jockeying for position.

The map lines for the Mideast have been redrawn, and thatís what the fight is all about. The terrorists are those hired thugs, working for those opposed to changing what they have working because of oil. Itís natural to try and stop the kind of progress they are speaking of.

Donít forget, the rich are only rich because there are poor to compare themselves to. Make a society where no one is poor, and where is the cheap labor and product going to come from?

Now, Iím not saying that there will be NO poor at all, but in that part of the world, where oil is King, the poor have been suppressed because of it for generations. They blame every manner of problems on each other, which results in conflict instead of peace and prosperity.

And what is it that the Maudi will bring when he comes back on the scene? Peace and prosperity! And, donít forget that the Maudi, must be a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad! Now how many of those are there running around on the planet that come from Europe?

The only direct descendant of the prophet Muhammad in rulership at present is the Hashemite King, and he is in this up to his neck. I still maintain that the 911 attack was in retaliation to that free trade agreement with Jordan. That was the move that set into motion this grand plan to bring the Arab Nations out of the dark ages into the light of the future, by making peace with Israel and granting them full ìcitizenshipî in the Mideast world. Donít forget where the Hashemite King was on 911. He was in his plane traveling toward the USA when the news came to him by radio of the attack. He spun his plane around, and went home. He knew what had just happened. 911 was the day he was to receive the ìpenî in recognition of the free trade agreement passed by the congress just days before. To the radicals, that was the sell out of the Arab brotherhood to the western futuristic plan of a united Mideast under the more profitable plan of technology over oil

The dissenters to that ñ the fundamentalists ñ who use the words of their Prophet to keep the minds of mostly the poor and uneducated, ignorant to the benefits of what the future holds for them, openly attacked America to shift the attention away from peace and into war.

Thatís what got GW mad enough to blow it! But, it seems that has God put out his hand. But the good part is that we have infiltrated the Mideast with our troops. Now we are in position to see to it that peace is made. God will have His way in this matter. We have His Word on it.

Now, is this all really happening? It sure seems to be. But, all we really know is that the Church is the restraining force, and none of these things, whether we are correct or not as to their intentions or the scenario, can begin until we are taken out of the way. Thatís the point. The rest of it is speculation, or call it an educated guess based upon the outcome of the prophecy.

I know one thing for sure ñ I trust God! He will never leave us or forsake us. For God is not a man, to lie, for hath He not spoken, and shall He not do exactly what He said He would do?

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