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Palin Tears Obama a New One in Wisconsin Speech Something Like a Neutering.

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posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 09:03 AM

Originally posted by fredvcall

Originally posted by newcovenant
reply to post by fredvcall

The woman can be counted on to be emasculating.
Second line

It's not difficult to emasculate liberal men. Hell, Hillary Clinton does it all the time.

Now you mention it she and Palin are both take no prisoners women. I don't imagine many men liberal or conservative get a break from either of these two. Only (peace loving) liberals are emasculated? Might seem so but if you remember guns are not testes you will discover conservative men are ridiculously out maneuvered by both these women as well.

posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by arbitrarygeneraiist

You know I as well believe this.
The passion on both sides can be truly blinding at times.
Why we want too divide and conquer each other rather than create and benefit each other is a real mind boggler imo.
We have the means and know how too end much of the plight across the board in our world/country yet we are mainly stuck in an infatuation with having more than the next guy and at any cost and our society reflects so.

posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 04:48 PM
reply to post by denytheignorance

Yep he's perfect for the Right.
Full of half promises and and half tanked ventures geared for wall street types.
Are you guys kidding.
Just because he was a popular reality show does not equal any qualities too run a country.
Wow he was blight for years and now the counter too the Palin problem or maybe Media darling running mates for her hmmmmmmm??
Whats next guys? No real candidates that actually have the wits and know how too deal with the World stage and without needing multiple handlers?

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