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the Dread. (image heavy)

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posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 10:46 PM
esqONE, the dread is very real. Trust me, this is coming from experience. I do not frighten easily at all, but there are moments and times that have made me literally stop dead in my tracks paralyzed, walk away followed by running away in complete panic for my life, feel things physically, and worse.

I'll say this, it could have easily gotten worse than what you experienced if you would have continued - no joke. Your fear could literally overwhelm you in sheer panic, paralyze you, and maybe even make you black out. Also your fear coupled with hers would have just fed off of each other. Sometimes the feelings suddenly go away and all is well, but other times it just builds and there is nothing to do but leave in a hurry. Just turning the car around I bet was horrible, probably the feeling of things getting even closer to the car, things right at the window looking in, she probably sped out of there in a hurry after the ole' 3-point turnaround.

The power station/electric field may have had a small part to play in it, but only in the sense that it electrically charged you a bit more than usual thus making you even more sensitive to your surroundings. It certainly wasn't the cause for "the dread" at all.

I'll close with a suggestion, but follow at your own risk as I'm actually a fear junkie, and strangely enjoy experiencing these moments sometimes - as weird as it may sound. It really makes me feel alive, during and after the experience. I suggest you and a female friend drive down the "true" cemetary road (in the dead of night of course) and park the car about half a mile from the gate on the side of the road. Then walk the remainder of the way with her at your side, you can take flashlights if you want. Make your way all the way there on foot, and past the gate, and tell us what you experience.

Thanks for the thread, S & F!

posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 09:48 AM
reply to post by esqONE

yea living with anxiety issues is pretty annoying. i wouldn't wish it on anyone.

but yea, I am generally on my laptop in the dark also... actually a few days ago I had a tornado nightmare thanks to a thread I read right before falling asleep lol

posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 11:41 AM
reply to post by Ajax

i would love to do that, but me and the girl are no longer on speaking terms. haha. so itd be me alone and i would get too freaked out.

its a really neat cemetery, in order to get to the oldest part you have to cross a stone bridge, its like an little island thats a hill.

a story about the place, irrelevant but i think its nice. a homeless man, a drifter, was walking down the train tracks along time ago, he was hit by a train. no one knew who he was. He died without a name. They buried him on the edge of the cemetery and just used a boulder to mark his location. after some years the town started a petition to give him a proper burial, so they exhumed him, took donations for a tombstone and buried him proper inside the cemetery. He might be labeled under john doe, im not sure, but atleast he has a place now.

posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 11:48 AM
reply to post by itaii

you should wear sunglasses, i cuts down the glare amazingly well. i wear them whenever i feel like working or surfing in the dark. sometimes its just nice to be in the dark - even though im scared of it. as long as there are lights somewhere on in the house and i can see them, im gold. haha.

i cant sleep on my back, i have to face into the pillow because im scared that if i open my eyes something will be looking at me 3 inches from my face. ive always had that fear. i also cant sleep with my closet open. i blame a film we watched in kindergarten on that. it terrified me to the core. i wish i could find it.

i used to wake up in the middle of the night with something like anxiety attacks, it was almost as if my mind would be working at lightspeed but outside my limits to control it and it would throw me into a panic state because thoughts would be flooding in faster then i could coherently listen to them. could be blamed on low body sugar, or the fact that i didnt eat anything for supper before sleeping, that was my dads reasoning.

posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 12:53 PM
I've never seen or heard anything of "the Dread" with anything of your account. I, like almost everyone else in this thread, credit some part of it to the passing of the electricity plant, but I don't think an incredibly high EMF would extend far enough towards where the cemetery is.

I, too, had an experience with what could be called "the Dread." It was Halloween night, actually (I know this is starting to sound like a cheesy story.
), and I was on my block heading back home. It was slightly past midnight and I had been reading about Shadow Men. Walking in the middle of the street was a man wearing a trench coat, and a hat just like the descriptions of Shadow Men. I was paralyzed with fear to the point where I couldn't talk. You can bet your rear-end I ran into my house the quickest that I could!

Not to say that may have been a person who chose a rather similar dress for that night, but you never really know.
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posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 01:48 PM
An amazing story no doubt, I love feeling "the Dread" as a thrill seeker it's something I often look forward to.

I think maybe the reason you felt this was the fact that you were going to the cementary "for fun". You may have offended the entities that reside in the area, I mean come on if you were one of them and you knew a couple of thrill seekers wanted to trespass on your resting ground just the hell of it; it would have, indeed, offended you as well.

I have felt the Dread many times, the worst one I had was when I was on my way to the recruiting station, it felt as if something didn't want me to go [haha] I should've listened, now I'm a tool

Sounds like something I need to check out one day, definately going on my to do list

Thanks for the story, S&F

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