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Stephen Harper the Mafia Don

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posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 01:19 AM

This thread is about Stephen Harper and the Helena Guergis affair. Before you question my headline or think that I have blown this blown out of proportion, I ask that you read the full post of the OP first.

I am particularly fond of this story because I think this gives us an insight into the way government hierarchies work. Although some of it is speculation, many of the dots connect. Whether you choose to believe or not believe that they connect at all is up to you.

Helena Guergis

**A Candian (Former CON) MP that represents the Simcoe-Grey riding, earning her spot in 2004, became the Minister of State (Status of Women) in 2008. April 9th 2010 she was forced to leave the Conservative Caucas. After being ejected from her party she continued to represent her riding as an independent.1

On October 15, 2008, Guergis married her former caucus colleague Rahim Jaffer; this was her second marriage and his first. Jaffer and Guergis became engaged in October 2007 and decided on the morning after the election to scrap their planned wedding date and to get married immediately.

Her husband, Rahim Jaffir, among other things has been accused of Cocaine Possession and being connected to shady business partners. He eventually got off the coc aine charges, but was implicated in a scheme related to influence peddling. Relating to that, Guergis and Jaffir were accused of hanging out with escorts in the presence of illicit narcotics.1, 2, 3

Now, the object of this thread is not to debate Jaffer's guilt or Guergis' guilt by association, but these facts are nevertheless important to the case I am making.

The ejection from the Conservatives had to with a probe by the RCMP. 1

Harper quote:

“But, you know, in this business you get the brick bats as well as the bouquets, so when you confront these things, you deal with them and that’s what we’ve done.”

News Quote:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has called in the RCMP to investigate embattled Conservative MP Helena Guergis. He also accepted her resignation from cabinet and temporarily booted her out of the Tory caucus.

Eventually the RCMP closed its investigation and made no action on the issues that came up regarding Guergis.

OTTAWA—The RCMP says there is nothing to the allegations Prime Minister Stephen Harper cited when he dumped Helena Guergis from cabinet and the Conservative caucus.1

The Mounties have informed Guergis’ lawyer there is “no substance” to the issues raised by Harper when he announced April 9 that he was removing her from cabinet and calling in the police, a spokesperson for the force confirmed Wednesday.

Christian Paradis = Minister of Natural Resources.

On June 25, 2008, Paradis was appointed Minister of Public Works and Government Services, retaining his position as Secretary of State for Agriculture until October that same year. On October 30, 2008, in a cabinet shuffle following the election, he would retain the Public Works portfolio. In addition, he succeeded Lawrence Cannon as Quebec Lieutenant.[1] On January 19, 2010, in a Cabinet shuffle. Prime Minister Harper appointed him Minister of Natural Resources.

Paradis has been accused of providing favorable treatment to a contractor that was awarded a 9 million dollar renovation contract from the government. The contractor has been linked to the organized crime group, the Hells Angels.

Paradis is also facing allegations of providing favorable treatment to construction contractors seeking Federal Government business during a Conservative party fundraiser in the Montreal-area riding of Bourassa in January 2009.

Construction company owner Paul Sauvé, who organized the event, claimed that he heard Paradis talking about government contracts with Joseph Broccolini of Broccolini Construction. Paradis subsequently changed his story. Paradis now acknowledges that he discussed government business with a big construction contractor. Broccolini recalls “The only question I had time to ask the minister was about a project for which we submitted a proposal to a public bid process and that was cancelled afterwards" and “I just wanted to know if he was aware of the reason for the cancellation of the (request for proposals).

In the words of Paul Sauve:

“The minister’s full of s---,” Sauve told The Canadian Press. “He did speak to me about that contract. He congratulated me, actually.


Thoughts from the opposing political parties:

"For a year now we've been trying to get to the bottom of this sorry affair, and now there are lurid allegations about the minister and his cashmere coat," Ignatieff said. "And the question I have is, why is this minister still in his job, and when will the prime minister tell Canadians the truth about this affair?"

The Paradis affair gets murkier and murkier because another controversy arose where things were blamed on an aide. 1

*Note* It is difficult to find information on Paradis compared to looking for imformation on Guergis. A lot of the previous articles I have read don't seem to be there.

See for yourself in the two indentical google searches of the names:

Full Name = Paradis
Full Name = Guergis

You will notice that on the first page of Guergis' search that her allegations come up, but on Paradis', it is a different story.

My Theory - Lets break it down:

Harper has been a supporter of Paradis. I watched him stand up in parliament and defend him vocally. I don't have the video but it was aired on C-Pac, live from the House of Commons. In public he has also defended Paradis, which I can show:

“No member of the government is under RCMP investigation. On the contrary, if certain business people broke the law, we have rules and they will face the full force of the law,” Mr. Harper said.


This is not the only time he has defended him. Here is another botched up job by Paradis:

In light of revelations that an aide to Christian Paradis meddled in access to information requests, that aide’s subsequent resignation, and Minister Paradis’ refusal (at least so far) to do likewise, it is likely worth turning again to Jay Hill’s announcement in the House last May of the government’s new doctrine of ministerial accountability.

Harpers Response:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper defended his embattled natural resources minister Tuesday, saying Christian Paradis had fulfilled his ministerial duties by ...

Article has been removed from CBC database

On the other hand, he condemned Guergis. Some would say, the charges that were equally or less serious than what Paradis has faced.

I find it strange that it is so hard to find information on Paradis yet so easy on Guergis. I noticed that a lot of source material I want to use in this thread has been deleted since these events happened. To note, most of the material I am referring to is in regards to Paradis, not Guergis.

So what does it all mean?

I have been looking for the answer to this question for awhile now. I could never understand why Guergis never received the same kind of protection from her party as other members had. But then something came up in the news that brought everything together:

The in and out scheme
1, 2, 3

The Tories funnelled about $1.3 million into the hands of more than 60 candidates, only to immediately take the money back. It's alleged the funds were then used for national ads which had nothing to do with the local campaigns of the candidates. Nonetheless, the candidates sought taxpayer-funded rebates, claiming that the money was for their own campaigns.

The Tories were limited to how much they could spend federally, so they sent money to the Provincial MP's and had them write the money back during the federal election.

Now wait a sec... Where does Guergis fit in with this whole thing?

Well... It seems that Guergis refused to participate in the fraud that the conservatives were committing on the Canadian public.

Mark and Guergis join former Quebec Conservative candidate David Marler, who also rebuffed Conservative officials when they approached him during the 2006 campaign. Court documents also show that Conservative MP Dave Mackenzie turned down the offer of a deposit and withdrawal of funds, but MacKenzie has not spoken publicly about the issue.

For Helena, the problem was that the Tory HQ In & Out Scheme just felt wrong in her gut:

In Conclusion:

I really don't care if the Hells Angels or their business partners were making money of illgotten contracts, or if Rahim Jaffer was doing coc aine and Guergis partied with escorts. In fact I don't care if everything that has been alleged is real. The only thing I care about is admitting exactly what you are... And I think it is time that Harper admits he is mafia don.

To me it is quite apparent what is going on, Guergis wasn't a loyalist, she didn't receive the protection that brings... But it doesn't imply that Paradis is any better, nor is Harper. They are a bunch of power hunger control units. Mafia Kings. They are the big bosses that protect their own and fight for their loyal minions.

Just admit it already, lets save the BS for church.

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 11:20 AM
Star and Flaf fer you buddy....
I never could stand that smirking bustard who has definately no better morals than the hells angels or ony other psychotic power hungry psyche patient.....That guys is so creepy it scarey.....
I am glad that somebody else has the same impression.This guy will never get my vote.
It goes to show as well, that Canadian politics are the same as any other decadent and corrupt political system, despite our typically Canadian attitude of fiegned innocence.....We are adults and we do know that our system is just as corrupt as the next.....We just pretend it aint so...but deep down...its true....

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 11:57 AM
reply to post by stirling

Yep, you said it. When dealing with Government, the key is to get one that is just "kinda" corrupt. You will never get one that is spot free, but you can always hope for the best of the worst.

Some things that I would like to look into in the future: The Prison building schemes, Airplane contracts, the detainee affair, the In and Out scheme.

I am going to pick up my copy of HarperLand today, I'll give it a read and update ATS if there is anything good in it.


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