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On the "King of all the World (Hiram Abiff);" the Masonic Messiah & other Masonic Conspiracies.

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posted on May, 2 2011 @ 01:17 PM

Originally posted by stavis
2015 Prince William Antichrist 33 Mason NWO dictator Rothschild german BAUER 2012, 3 years and half of peace, 2015

. I tell you in all Truth......
...... Knowing this, I invite you now into the knowledge of other key details of this coming One-World leader who shall yet bring the entire planet under a single international banner, with a single currency and religious system, and why this is dangerous to humanity....

"The Point of Prophecy is not to predict the future but to change the future." On Armageddon, the Christ and the Antichrist.

I recall that Ronald Wilson Reagan was being referred to as the Antichrist by Chrisitans, based on the claim that each of his three names had 6 letters, and then it was George Bush the Antichrist, and now some Christians claim that Obama is the Antichristtt; there are publications in the Islamic bookshops of London who claim that it is the Masonic cult leader who is the Antichrist (Ad Dijjal) and that the Islamic prophecy of the "one eyed" Ad Dijjal refers to the symbol used in Masonry and in esoteric art of a single eye atop a pyramid; and then there are orthodox Jews who believe that the Anti-Messiah and his cabal are essentially the Rothschild dynasty and then there is the popular "Illuminati" conspiracy where Christians believe that the Antichrist is the king of a secret society which exists within all secret societies, and so forth and so forth. So many conspiracies, so little time.

The Messiah.

The idea of a global Theoctratic Dictator (i.e., a king of kings) is not a new idea, indeed the Christians have had centuries of theocratic tyrants, including the institution of a European tyrant of tyrants (i.e., the Pope), who in the past had very real political and military power and the power of taxation over the kingdoms of Europe. In the modern world most educated people would probably consider such an idea of a religious tyrant be regressive and repulsive, and yet some polls suggest that up to half the adult population of American believe that Christ will return to save them.

Beliefs, no matter how irrational, ridiculous or vile, unfortunately have the power to affect human behaviour. Further it is entirely common for a person suffering from religious hypnosis and indoctrination to be able to hold two or more contradictory beliefs at the same time; this is an aspect of the delusion of faith; it simply works against the process of a modern education and against critical and analytical thinking; reason is suspended and the most fantastical beliefs are often held up as the highest "truth."

Let us consider some of the qualities that the Christian Messiah would have to have in order to appease the American Christians.

1: The Christian Messiah would have to be an American nationalist; I cannot conceive of the American Christians accepting an anti-American.

2: The Christian Messiah, to fulfil the prophecies of the Book of Revelation would have to be a global theocratic (God-government) dictator who would rule the world with a rod of iron.

3: Obviously to the appease the American Christians, this Messiah would have to be an anti-Communist and an evangelical ideological Capitalist, for certainly the American Christians would not accept an anti-Capitalist Messiah, since the accumulation of Capital at the expense of the economic enslavement of humankind is central to their religion; thus the Messiah would ideally be a US imperialist and the economic enslavement of humankind would have to be maintained under American predominance.

4: The Christian Messiah would have to be utterly genocidal to fulfil the New Testament prophecies; he would also have to be have a substantial army including the seven apocalyptic "angels" who would most certainly have to have weapons of mass destruction to fulfil the prophecies of the Book of Revelation, where in just one of the many campaigns, a third of the world's population are killed. He would also have to have a revolutionary vanguard of 144,000 and his "army of 200 million."

This idea of a genocidal military dictator defeating the richest and most militarily powerful king of all the world (the Antichrist) who seeks that none should buy or sell without his permission and his "mark" and replacing his alleged world governmentwith a global theocratic tyranny seems to have much in common with the Islamic prophecies of a global Islamic dictatorship under Sharia Law, though since the Messiah would be expected to impose Biblical Law, this would probably be even more barbaric and primitive than even the diabolical Sharia Law

The question is thus begged, if Christians are opposed to the current "International Dictatorship of Capitalism" and the globalists agenda, what is it that they are for? I think that the answer is clear from he texts of the Gospels and by a study of beliefs and politics of the Christian anti-Communist Right; they are not opposed to a Capitalist dictatorship, for they would not accept an anti-Capitalist or socialist system (such ideas being "Satanic" to many American Christians); they simply wish to impose a global Capitalist system which has a theocratic dictator who would impose the primitive and savage Biblical Law and to regress the world back to the era where Europe w3as ruled by Christian tyrants and dictators; what they seek is simply a "palace revolution" where a religious dictator replaces the current Archons of the international dictatorship of Capitalism.

As to why a Christian would refer to Prince William as the Antichrist is puzzling. After all his mother is the head of the Christian (Anglican) Church and Jesus' representative on earth to all Anglicans, and this is a tile William would inherit. He is also a member of the British Imperialist, state terrorist, narco-terrorist army, whom is mother is currently the head of. He is most certainly an aristocratic anti-Communist. In fact he fits the description of a potentional "Second Coming of Christ" rather than an Antichrist.

The Invocation (Personification) of the Messiah.

Of course most modern educated Europeans not not believe in the Messiah / Antichrist prophecies, but that is beside the point; just because they do not believe in such nonsense, does not mean that religious fanatics do not have the power to attempt to invoke such prophecies. In fact there are numerous Messianic invocations in the world today. It is not a matter of discerning "who" is the Messiah / Anti messiah in any mystical or superstitious way; it is simply a matter of studying the various cult figures who "claim" to be the Messiah and who seek the power to invoke such prophecies.


edit on 2-5-2011 by Lucifer777 because: Text edited to be "slightly" less diabolical; too much Chistian blood and flesh consumed today.

posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 11:25 PM
reply to post by Lucifer777

you are full of one post its all about equality and sexual freedom, now its all sex, slave and bondage. Lucifer777 you really are a deceiver

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