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Game of Thrones in 15 minutes!!!

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posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 07:49 PM
I'm so excited! I recently got into the books and I can't wait to see how the series turns out. I'm especially excited about seeing Tyrion and Danerys brought to life!

Anyone else as geeked out as I am?

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 07:58 PM
reply to post by angrymomma

YES! actually, but I don't have a TV, so I'll have to watch it on the internet.

hooray for geeks!

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 08:15 PM
reply to post by angrymomma

My sister and father both texted me how excited they are to watch it, and they both know I don't have cable or HBO! Jerks I'm fuming with rage and jealousy.

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 11:48 PM
I havent read the books...

But my wife and I were so waiting for this show, after seeing the first preview for it!!
I loved it!

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 07:07 AM

What a coup for GRRM and all involved in this miniseries!

I was absolutely thrilled to see that this movie followed the book EXACTLY!

If you haven't already, I highly suggest you go out and get the books.

A Song of Ice and Fire:
o A Game of Thrones, Bantam Books, 1996
o A Clash of Kings, Bantam Books, 1999
o A Storm of Swords, Bantam Books, 2000
o A Feast for Crows, Bantam Books, 2005
o A Dance with Dragons, forthcoming/Bantam Books
o The Winds of Winter, forthcoming/Bantam Books
o A Dream of Spring, forthcoming/Bantam Books

You will note that it took GRRM five years to finish A Feast for Crows!

And he's been 6 years attempting to finish A Dance with Dragons!!!

Maybe now that Thrones is in the can he will finally finish Dragons.. come on already George!!!

The casting was superb, IMO. The Starks, Ned (reminds me of the late Captain Phil Harris (of Dangerous Catch fame), Caitlin is not as beautiful as I had in my minds eye while reading the books. Sansa, Arya, Rob and Jon are cast perfectly.

I love direwolves

The Lannisters, again, perfect casting! Cersei and her twin Jaimie, what a pair those two are eh??
"What I do for love" ***Bran is not dead but very broken.
Tyrion Lannister is very cool, and yet again, perfect casting there.

But my favorites are the Targaryans. Exquisite Daenerys and her completely insane brother Viserys. He gets his "crown" but not in the matter you might think! Heheh! I have to admit I had a completely different mental picture of Khal Drogo, when I read the book. My first look at him, I was like hmmmm. But I like him, really.

Wait til you see what happens to Daenerys' dragon eggs!!

Can you tell I am really really liking Game of Thrones??? I can't wait for the next episode!!

I love GRRM! I have met him at a booksigning a few years ago in San Francisco.
Another great book of his is The Armageddon Rag, Poseidon Press, 1983; Nemo Press, 1983


posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 08:39 AM
Going to have to watch this, I guess we hadn't set it up to record yet, but I'm sure it's on the On Demand channel of HBO/Showtime, whichever it's on.

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 12:13 PM
I absolutely loved the first episode. I can't wait for the next book coming out in July!

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 02:52 PM
reply to post by angrymomma

From GRRM's website

DRAGON TIME No. Sorry. Not done yet. I'm close, though. Watch this space. When the book is done, you will read it here. Meanwhile... there is news. Big news. The end is in sight, at long long last, and we're close enough so that my editors and publishers at Bantam Spectra have set an actual publication date. A DANCE WITH DRAGONS will be in your favorite bookstore on TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2011

I'll believe it when I see it!!!

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 06:58 PM
reply to post by berkeleygal

Oh man, I hope he doesn't push it back. I've already got it pre-ordered for my Nook!

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 10:33 AM
Just to add to the geek-dom...

I haven't been this into a series of books since The Dark Tower, which spanned much of my lifetime in the writing lucky I am to be able to breeze through these first four books since no waiting involved...

The HBO series is amazing, makes me wish it was HBO doing TDT series instead of Ron Howard, but alas...

Finished GOT last wkend, and already halfway through Clash of Kings...For those not in the know, I found it interesting that the blazing orb / gyroscope thing in the sky during the opening credit sequence (a masterful bit in and of itself, that sequence) is actually a comet, not the sun as I initially assumed...

at the risk of total and utter geekdom, I have to share this image with y'all a friend of mine stumbled across..

Cant you just see Rhaegar cringing beneath the Crowned Stag himself?
The Pride of House Baratheon

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 04:15 PM
I watched the first episode so far, need to get caught up. It's doing for swords and sorcery what True Blood did for vampires.

It's like Playboy meets Lord of the Rings, hehe...

Seriously though, interesting world and story so far. I could get into this.

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 09:16 AM
Both me and my husband immediately loved it and that says a lot. We love watching series but usually we need time to like them, maybe 2 or 3 episodes. Game of Thrones is a masterpiece and I can't wait for the next episode to launch.

posted on May, 26 2011 @ 11:25 AM
Geeez Lou-eeeeze....GRRM sure got long-winded in Storm of Swords....I'm disappointed in the emphasis he puts on everyone's outfit. Pages and pages of clothing descriptions in GOT and COK, entire chapters on boiled leather, doublets, dyed wool, silk, mail, ring mail, gold, etc. in SOS. His editor must needs a swift kick in the arse.

I'm still completely absorbed in the sotryline, though. His depth of character development more than makes up for the "fashion show" he insists on including.

I urge all to read the series. It really is excellent writing.


posted on May, 26 2011 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by Cole DeSteele

Now you know why it has taken him soooooo long to finish Dance With Dragons. Been waiting for it for 6, I say SIX years! Feast For Crows took him 5 years.

I hope the world doesn't end before he finishes the last two!!!!

posted on May, 27 2011 @ 01:12 PM
How are you guys liking the show? I think they are doing an awesome job of sticking to the dialogue and events in the book. I wish there were more than 12 episodes per season.. oh well. At least the next season has already been renewed.

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 03:05 PM
True Blood
Spartacus Sand and Blood
and now Game of Thrones..........................I am so in love with HBO.......they depict the story so close to the reality of that period of time.

Thumb up for "Playboy meets LODR"

I've just finished episode 7 couple days ago.....I'm onto episode 8 tonight, I've never
read the book though.

Love the scene where that A--hole prince got melting-gold pour on his head.....I watch that scene alone for like 10 times......and the scene where "Small Finger" lecture his two girls.....catch phrase "admit what we are, so we can get what we want"
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posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 04:01 PM
reply to post by the_0bserver85

That's the episode I just watched (getting caught up). That was brilliant!

Geeez Lou-eeeeze....GRRM sure got long-winded in Storm of Swords....I'm disappointed in the emphasis he puts on everyone's outfit. Pages and pages of clothing descriptions in GOT and COK, entire chapters on boiled leather, doublets, dyed wool, silk, mail, ring mail, gold, etc. in SOS. His editor must needs a swift kick in the arse.

Wow, will have to keep that in mind if I read the books.

Curious as to how any people who rode astride dragons were ever defeated. Invulnerable to the only weapon of mass destruction of the day (fire), and the sheer destructive power (and air superiority) of dragons versus normal medieval style troops? They'd be invincible.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 05:06 PM
I have the last three episodes to catch up on. No worries about "spoilers" because I know exactly what is going on LOL!

I can't wait to see Viserys "crowned". That was one of the great moments for me in the book.

I am eagerly awaiting "Dance With Dragons". After 6 years it will finally be out this month. I have already preordered it from Amazon.


posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 10:45 AM

Makes you wonder how Ned really thought he could compete with the Lannisters' underhandedness and prevent the brat from getting on the throne....

It's a bit hard to root for him when he's just so niave. I get that he's ticked about his son, but his reaction to it has now placed him in the dungeon, one of his daughters in a trapped marriage, another daughter unaccounted for, and the rest of his family facing war and a coming winter without him.

Good job...

Personally, my favorite character so far is Petyr (Little Finger)... with the little blond dragon gal as a runner up. I like the dwarf too, but he creeps me out a little for some reason.

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 03:33 PM
Some years ago, I did an art piece and sent it to GRRM and he put it on his website


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