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Racist Orange County Republican Email: President Obama and His Parents Are Apes

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posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 07:43 PM
reply to post by HarmonicNights

Your post needs to be deleted immediately. This is contradicting information that causes the politically correct to bug out because it is impossible to deny the double standard.

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 07:51 PM
reply to post by HarmonicNights

There is no denying that many hiphop artists have racist lyrics. Just like there are many skin head punk and speed metal bands with plenty of the same. Nobody attacks either because, like it or not, they are protected under the constitution.

The problem with Ms. Davenport is that she is a public figure. She is on the committee for the OC Republican Party. Being a public figure means you are subject to public scrutiny.

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 07:55 PM
reply to post by Cuervo

Many of these rappers are mainstream and certainly are public figures. The point is the MSM is biased towards whites when it comes to racism, real or imagined. Marilyn Davenport's joke may have been tasteless, but it's nothing compared to the hatred and violence pushed by these rappers who are overlooked by the media.
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Another thing, even when non-public figure whites say something that's not politically correct, many times it ends up on the news and they get blasted for it. Just look at what happened to Alexandria Wallace.
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posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 08:07 PM
The point we who have been saying all along that much, not all, of what’s behind the Tea Party phenomenon is racism is proven here in this instance, particularly that these people don’t even realize their racism . . . .They are blind to their own ignorance and bigotry.

Calling a black man an ape is the essence of racism, and anyone who doesn’t know that is ignorant.

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 08:20 PM
When Obama was first elected, the prime minister of some European country said Obama was a cool black guy, or something like that, and they called that racist, even though it was a compliment, so I guess there's no pleasing some people.

The exact quote was "''Obama is young, handsome and also tanned" so he doesn't even say black he says tanned, which is to me sounds like someone who wants to call someone black but is afraid of it sounding racist, so he waters the term down, yet they still called it racist even though it's an obvious compliment. How many times do you get mad when someone starts off a sentence by calling you young and handsome?
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posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 08:20 PM
reply to post by Cuervo

Many black commentators denounce rap music’s lyrics.

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 08:58 PM

"Marilyn believes that nobody knows where he was born and so this picture says a thousand words."

Yes, Ms. Davenport, that picture says that what comes to your mind is that Obama is an ape. His parents were apes, he's an ape, he comes from a long line of apes from Africa. Haha...get a laugh from the Negro as an ape! Of course, I could be wrong, as maybe someone sent you that pix that had a white person's face on the baby's, and you just photoshopped in Obama's. ....I don't think so.

Maybe you were never formally taught this, but if your great-granddaddy went to school in America

Scientific racism in the United States was graphically promoted in a mid-19th-century book by Josiah C. Nott and George Robins Gliddon titled Types of Mankind, which used misleading illustrations to suggest that "Negroes" ranked between "Greeks" and chimpanzees........
An iconic 1970 illustration, "March of Progress," published in the Time-Life book Early Man, depicts evolution beginning with a chimpanzee and ending with a white man. "It's a legacy of our past that the endpoint of evolution is a white man," Eberhardt said. "I don't think it's intentional, but when people learn about human evolution, they walk away with a notion that people of African descent are closer to apes than people of European descent. When people think of a civilized person, a white man comes to mind."

source you get it now, Ms. Davenport?

"Besides, I only sent it to a few people--mostly people I didn't think would be upset by it."

So, you did believe more than a few people would find your "joke" offensive. Please send me the list of those few to whom you sent it. I would very much not care to associate with them. You see, Ms. Davenport, maybe those people on your special list are gentle, pleasant, and loving like you, but if they, like you, find that email humorous, than I find you all racists.

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 07:54 AM

Originally posted by angrymomma
Being southern has nothing to do with it.

Turns out she's not from the South after all. She's from California. I misread the article and I apologize.

My point was that discovering that a racist statement came from someone living in the South would not be that unusual. That doesn't mean that all Southerners are racist. It just means it wouldn't be a big surprise to me. I'm sorry if you are offended at my statement.

I have lived in the South. Mississippi to be exact. Being Southern is not proof of racism. I didn't say it was.

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by Benevolent Heretic

Nor would a racist statement from someone living in (southern CA) Orange County be that unusual either. Up until the later 1970s, OC was a bastion of white conservatism. Then with changing demographics, it still was a bastion of conservatism for another 20 years. With another change of demographics, OC began to change even politically in the mid 1990s.

I left So CA in the mid 1970 but watched with interest all the changes over the years. A good read for anyone interested Orange County Is No Longer Nixon Country

Pre-Brown V BOE was OC Mendez v. Westminster.

The Ninth Circuit ruled only on the narrow grounds that, although California law provided for segregation of students, it did so only for "children of Chinese, Japanese or Mongolian parentage." And because "California law does not include the segregation of school children because of their Mexican blood," the ruling held that it was unlawful to segregate the Mexican children.

wikipedia source

Amazingly, then it was still ok to segregate based on the other "parentages".

(Notice the use of "parentage" in Ms. Davenport's "joke".)

Racism can be deep and as hard to get out, like the ball root of a nut grass.

posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 02:12 PM
Here is another vid with analysis, embedding has been disabled though:
Looks like opinions are welcome here, so mine is that yes, this is racist. I believe if you were to ask 1000 black people, even without the content, just the picture, 90 something percent would say it was a racist picture. I am from the south, so I recognize racism when I see it, at least this is my opinion and I'm not here to argue, just state my piece.


posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 02:19 PM
I love it.........Republicans are racists but its the liberals and democrats that want to keep the minorities dependent because it keeps them in power, it makes them look like heroes come to aid, and it keeps them in the vote....

Whose the racists now?

posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 10:08 PM
I generally refer to Obama as an ape because he's an idiot and akin to a college party animal.

Though I generally think he looks a bit more like a chimp than anything.

However, I generally find most black people to have a physique that seems more "primal" in nature - many of the features thicker/heavier.

I'm suddenly a racist because I took the time to realize that another race looks different from me, and may have some physical features that may remind me of another animal on this planet. Dear Heavens, NO!

I have a pretty cool set of black friends - they were part of the same gifted program I was in, and all that jazz. Anyway - we get into some conversations every now and then, and we'll talk about the physiological differences between different races. For example - black people are more likely to suffer from Vitamin D deficiency because the melanin in their skin prevents the ultraviolet rays from being used to synthesize Vitamin D. Blacks living in areas that see less sunlight (or lifestyles that see less sunlight) should be paying attention to this. Their hair follicles are also different, and they are more likely to get razor-bumps and have bad reactions to shaving.

Something I never learned from public school - but should be common knowledge, really. It's because we're so caught up on the concept of racism that we can't just take the differences for what they are.

It's as juvenile as "cooties" and boy/girl rivalry in grade school. Several years later - boobs and other erogenous areas of the opposite sex are cool and a topic of great interest and enthusiasm.

Sadly, I think the only place we will see an end to hateful racism is in the porn industry, the only place where racial differences seem to be coveted.

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