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Nationalist True Finns make gains in Finland vote

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posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 02:54 PM

A Finnish nationalist party has taken nearly a fifth of votes in the general election, partial results suggest.
With three-quarters of the votes counted, the True Finns were running neck-and-neck with the conservative NCP and the Social Democrats on around 19%. The party has an anti-immigration, eurosceptic stance, and its influence could affect EU bail-outs including the planned Portuguese rescue. A hostile Finnish government could theoretically veto the package.
With full results yet to be declared, the True Finns were on 19% support, a whisker ahead of the National Coalition Party (NCP) - part of the current centre-right government.
The Centre Party of outgoing Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi and the opposition Social Democrats also had roughly the same level of support, Reuters reported.
The strong showing for the True Finns meant the anti-euro party would at least "get an invitation to talks" on a new government, the agency quoted party leader Timo Soini as saying.


So, it seems nationalism is getting more power, and this could affect to EU some ways. And I have never seen 15% rise from last elections. Some voters just voted for them as protest to current government. At least this is huge change in Finland. Last time this happened in Sweden and nationalism could spread even more, since people are disappointed to their governments in other countries too, mainly because they have to give money for countries that are in deep economical collapse, because corruption. And increasing nationalism could mean end of EU, which would be good or bad thing. Any thoughts?

Also, first time ever National Coalition Party won the elections. This party is pro-European so this would mean interesting government with anti-European and pro-European members. Personally I think that now when NCP is largest party, this would mean bad times for unemployed people and people with low wages.
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posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 03:23 PM
Well done and good luck to the Finns!!!!
Finland is an amazing country and is always ranked in the top 10,or quite often,No.1 when it comes to economy
,health and education and i fear immigration will destroy that and so will staying in the EU.

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 03:25 PM
Good luck and i really mean it . If Finland becomes a threat to Euroland , expect trouble . The Euro dictators weren't happy with the Irish vote over the Lisbon Treaty and forced another election to get rid of that government and the Irish came to their senses or the Euro dictators would have starved them into submission . The Euro dictators called the Irish loans , took Ireland to the edge of total poverty , had their stooge government install , then loaned billions more in bail outs and forced massive austerity programs , cuts to services and higher taxes to pay the loans back . They'll do it to Finland in a heart beat .

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