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Wow..A Rant about something other then people complaining about ATS...

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posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 01:45 PM
This isnt a Rant like so many others I have seen, including some from me, about how bad things are and how things and people should change here on ATS...NOPE,,,has nothing to do with that..

Mine is going to be directed towards Condiment packets!!! Oh yes I said Condiment packets and places that still use them....I am soooo sick and tired of restuarants that still use these,even inside of the restuarant instead of having bottles or jars that could be used...I just got back from lunch at a local diner that I have never visited before and ordered an ordinary hot dog and frech fries. When they brought me my food they left ketchup and mustard packets instead of leaving bottles. I was like "ok,a little wierd but whatever"...I hate packets of condiments.. It seems like every 2 out 3 of them you need a razor blade handy to open. It never seems to fail when I go to open them it seems like my fingers nor teeth can rip the stupid things seems like I have to go through a basket full of em just to get ketchup for my fries and usually by the time I actually get them open and I go to eat,my food has gotten cold because of my struggle..Sometimes they even are too easy to open and youre expecting them to be a pain and you rip too hard and the crap goes everywhere!!!...Im so sick of paying good money for food then having to rely on condiment packets for my food...To me it seems that the restuarants and their employees are just too lazy to bring the bottles or even have them at hand for that matter..It probably takes them too much energy to refill the bottles at night...

So in short,they should take these packets and shove em..I think that I'll probably have to start taking my own condiments from home from now on so I dont get stuck with the crap condiment packets they provide..Im affraid one day ill snap when trying to open one and end up tossing them at something or someone or cramming them down someones throat...

I guess thanks for listening...I needed a place to vent becaus my girlfriends always telling me she doesnt want to here my anger issues

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 02:10 PM
Lets get this out of the way first. I had a small amount of lol at your title, but then opening it up, and actually reading what your rant was directed at-

Ok, now I do agree with you, to a certain extent. Inside eating in a real restaurant or diner, then yes, there is no need for the packets. Is just a waste and causes more garbage. However, that could also depend on the location. I live in Redneckville, U.S.A. Not very crowded. The biggest towns around are still small towns. So here, I would not even think twice about opening a bottle of Ketchup that is half full, and sitting on the table. In a large city, especially if I was going to a new restaurant that I have never even heard of before, I might be a little weary about using that Ketchup.

Also, condiment packets do have a very useful purpose when used in the right context.
Drive through window- "yeaah.. UUmmm. gimme a large order of fries. a loaded triple cheeseburger with everything except ketchup, and a large Banana milkshake."....... get up to the window. pay for your food. get your change, then right before they give you your food. "Oh, yeah. gimme a few ketchup packets too."

With the sandwich order being slightly unique, I just got a freshly cooked one. They can keep the other loaded burgers, that were pre-prepared, and sitting under the heat lamp for 20 minutes. I just got mine straight off the grill.

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 10:51 PM
I have worked in restaurants my whole life. I can tell you from experience that you are much better off using the packets. Especially in non-chain restaurants. The bigger restaurant chains have management that make sure the health department rules are being followed.

In other restaurants instead of letting the bottle empty then refilling it, or marring all of the half full bottles and washing the empties.... they just keep putting new on top of old. Then the lazy people will use half clean towels to clean the bottles, if your lucky. Not to mention they get pulled out of the fridge at 10 am, sit on the table all day, and are put back in the fridge at midnight. yuck!

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 11:02 AM
Packets are more sanitary.

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