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Dreams are becoming more real than ever!!!

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posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 12:16 PM
There is nothing more real to me than dreaming even though its in your head. dreaming is theorized to be your pineal gland (third eye) flipping between space-time and time-space and when your in time-space, moving around causes you to actually "time travel" which in effect throws off your timing, thus it can seem like hours or days in a dream but only a couple minutes or hours passed...

David Wilcock is one of many people who have "given" or "passed" this knowledge on to me which then i did more research and experiments which HAVE worked i just cannot prove on paper because its basically someones word... but basically I HAVE accomplished "dream sharing" where as best explained in the movie "Inception" (2010) you can lucidly be in someone elses dream but ive found they left alot out.... the machine they use with the suitcase throws everyone off all it is is a sedative with a timer THATS IT... dream sharing ONLY REQUIRES PROXIMITY... what they left out though was that its almost impossible to be lucid at the exact point of dreaming.... unless you have full control over your consciousness you CANNOT automatically be lucid once in a dream, yours or someone else's... also you will NOT notice this but most of the time you dream you are not in your dream you are usually in someone else's dream... for example your home with your family lets say (mother, father, son, daughter) father falls asleep first then mother then son being you then daughter.... because your close enough together being either a room or floor apart its close enough proximity to "share" ... this means that who ever fell asleep FIRST is usually the dreamer and everyone else following is in their dream whether they know it or realize it... this can happen every night for years and you will never know connections, similarties, or anything because, simply, its not discussed.... but ive experimented where me and 3 friends are asleep all different orders, SAME Sedative (ambien) same dose everytime for each person.... different rooms, different times, everything... what i came to realize was the first person to fall asleep is the dreamer BUT if the SECOND person falls asleep to close to the time the FIRST person did then you wont get accurate results because sometimes the second sleeper will start dreaming before the first sleeper and you wont get accurate results.... another thing to keep in mind is specifics (numbers, letters, colors, places) sometimes when sharing dreams(which once again ONLY REQUIRES PROXIMITY and nothing else) if discussed properly with an observer(person who stays awake during experiment) always present...everything is written and recorded by each dreamer INDIVIDUALLY without the other sleepers around so absolute truth is written and recorded then you will notice the specifics dont change but the other things do.. like my dream could be about me driving a car on a highway on the coast of California with the beach to my left and rocks n cliffs to my right....the person next to me will record or write that he was on a beach or on a highway or even just in a California looking place they wont necessarily remember seeing me or stuff but when compared the right way there will be unmistakable

Has anyone noticed that recently within the past month or so your dreams becoming more rememberable, more vivid, and more and more similarities... maybe some reoccurring dreams like having the same exact dream you did years ago again the same exact way and while it was going on you knew but you couldnt change it...

well what im getting at is if people are noticing this and it isnt just me and some people i know then it really is a global thing... that means that consciousness of everyone is changing and becomming more "advance" and i think we are being able to use more of our brains capibilities!

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 12:19 PM
Welcome to the club! My dreams have always been vivid and realistic. You can never get rid of them. Just lay down and enjoy them. Many times I have had terrible nightmares. I do have the ability to control my dreams but it is very difficult to do. Enjoy it when it happens.

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by TheLoneGunmen

I have had a shared dream experience with my cousin, we were seperated by approx. 400 miles at the time though.

we were both on bus that flipped the guardrail and crashed near a tree. I was seated in the middle of the bus, he was seated at the back. In the dream I looked over my shoulder and saw my cousin and thought "Hey _____ is here!" I told him about the dream, I started - he finished. He dreamed from his perspective and I from mine. We saw each other and the dream was exactly the same. Although we did not speak to each other.

I have precognitive dreams. although they are not big events, more like randomly meeting someone, or a random daily event. Nothing amazing. but what I have noticed, I used to have the dream, and then 3 months to 6 months later it would happen, but recently they are all coming together, almost 1 dream a day. the time span between them is getting smaller and smaller, its leading to something. what, I do not know.

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 12:37 PM
I have periods of lucid dreaming, not because of any effort to do so, it just happened that I became conscious in dreams, and practice controling it, changing elements and characters, etc.

Quite a few times, my husband and I have had shared dreams, and they were most often of a prophetic nature, with a voice explaining things and showing a sort of film, that we both remember. Sometimes we have dreams at the same time which seem the same, but some details in the way each one saw things can differ- as if our personal subconscious is sharing something with another, but from a specific perspective of it's own.

I started coming here a while ago because we were both having dreams at the same time telling us about a shift in dimensions happening. The voice each one of us heard used slightly different terms- I heard alternate realities and multiverses, and a dimension in which time has a different quality than what we are accustomed to.

He was shown a time line, with a parallel line above it, and things traveling along the upper line much faster. He was told about "timelines" in which time is faster.

In that case, our dreams (the same night) were similar, but I didn't percieve him, nor him I. But there has been other times when we sort of half woke, and said things to each other, discussed what we were dreaming as if it was happening. We would both understand precisely what the other was talking about.

I was blown away to see on this site how many people have picked up similar messages!

The last two days have been full of really bad dreams (not lucid), which is very uncommon for me. I've had some really upsetting ones. During a period of change about 15 years ago, I had a series of dreams in which I died, so maybe something like that is happening again, a personal transition.

But in this one, I was falsely accused of a murder, and as I was strapped to a bed and an injection was being prepared to put me to death, I was crying and frightened and repeating that they'd made a mistake. Then it was black.
Then I was suddenly at home, with my family busy around me as usual, even a friend over, and I was carrying the laundry out..... I couldn't remember what happened. I figured that they must have found evidence to clear me at the very last moment, and I was freed, but there was something wrong with my memory.

But then another idea dawned on me, and this was probably the most important part of the dream-
Perhaps I DID die. I was put to death. But just as when people have terrible accidents and don't remember them, perhaps ones conciousness leaves the body just before the trauma.... and heads off to another alternate reality or universe, in which they have a doppleganger, and their life continues as it was before.
Maybe we NEVER experience death. The people we love and that die, might not be aware they died at all, they are still continuing.....somewhere else, that looks just like here.

I found that a rather profound idea.

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 12:41 PM
reply to post by TheLoneGunmen

I hope we are evolving and the further we go the more capable we become. I've been lucid dreaming for the past two years, I write everything down in detail when I wake up in a little notebook or at least as much as I can remember at the time. . I too studied techniques that train you to do this , well even though you're really training yourself . now you mentioned David Wilcox Ive seen most his vids at least three times each per one, and I gotta say most people would say ehhhhh "WHATEVER" it is interesting though if I must say. alot of people close to me ask me if I think these "similarities" are coincidence or syncronicity. I'm not sure of the answer but I notice many things happen in threes alot more and more . if you get a chance watch Ian lungold he talks about the Mayan calendar and when it ends we reach evolution once again and we will be able to conscience co create , might be off subject but the more and more we get to that time the more I fell yes are brain is speeding and in the process , dreams are becoming more vivid and you can remember much more info from it , I mean in a dream that your lucid you can form your own reality so isn't that a step towards conscience co creation .. sorry if any mistypes posting from iphone

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 01:02 PM
Nice post.
It would be fun to try out an experiment on dream sharing all of us 'Travelers' here on Ats who would want to do such a thing. It would be interesting and who knows we might get some results.

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 01:16 PM
also i forgot to mention that in dreams ive noticed EVERY TIME when i die or im going to die i have the ability of David Wilcock mentions that we will soon be able to consiously levitate, health regenerate, use telekineses , and all that fun stuff.... now i have accomplished almos all of those in dreaming which sounds weird but i almost figured out how telekentics work in dreams but wen i wake up its different and doesnt even come close to working but the only one i CANNOT accomplish is knowledge of everything

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 01:55 PM
I don't remember sharing any dreams. Except with the possible exception where I recreated this reality but I did that so I could wake up because I felt stuck in a dream as a super powerful entity. But this reality was already here before I went to sleep so that dream seems like nonsense. To dream about being super powerful in a slightly lucid dream can be fun for a while. I was that way and getting more and more powerful in one dream. However it seemed like I was learning a few things. One thing I did was to heal everyone and restored everyone to full health mind and body. No one got sick and no one stayed injured. Billions of people celebrated as long as I lived on Earth.

Then I left the Earth after my normal lifespan and went somewhere else. Even before then I felt bad because while most people were thrilled and happy, I put millions of people out of work that worked as doctors, nurses, hospital personnel, ambulance workers, etc.etc. All government research and spending on diseases, prosthesis, health care spending, etc. stopped while I was here. Then I felt even worse after I left the Earth because diseases and injuries came back. No one knew how to tend to the people after decades of no one doing it. I set back progress in the health care field by decades and this lasted over two thousand years. You think with superpowers you could help people but in the end you're only causing trouble unless you take care of everyone permanently. Life would be a lot different if no one ever got sick and you would instantly heal from any injury.

I dreamed about altering the weather. You could never please everyone and some people would actually attempt to sue you. For instance Texas is having a drought. You send torrential rains to water everything. Some billionaire was having an outdoor party or someone was doing some other business activity outdoors and the weather adversely impacted them. They would sue for damages. You could never make everyone happy. It's always too hot for someone or too cold for someone else. Then you could simply fix people so they did whatever you wanted them to do or stop complaining. That was boring. I believe God and Satan were running an experiment here to prove which way would work. Too much interference messes up the experiment. I put everything back the way it was and woke up. I believe I may have left in the genetic code the ability for man to eventually have mutant powers. That would make life even more interesting. Of course other species could have these same powers as well but we would have to travel through time and or space to see them. I was about two seconds from deleting this post. I decided to post it anyway. Hopefully it entertains someone instead of boring them to death.

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 02:03 PM

Originally posted by FeraVerto
Welcome to the club! My dreams have always been vivid and realistic. You can never get rid of them. Just lay down and enjoy them. Many times I have had terrible nightmares. I do have the ability to control my dreams but it is very difficult to do. Enjoy it when it happens.

i have full control over my dreams every night. pretty crazy stuff

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 02:18 PM
I can go to sleep and be dreaming in 1-2 minutes because I can sleep for 15 minutes and have a dream but supposedly that is not the way it works.
I have lucid dreams and I have sleep that is more like meditation in which I never really sleep but I do dream I just watch the dreams and keep pulling myself back.
I have dreamt of a lot of sinkholes lately.

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