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What Dreams Will Come?

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posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 07:46 AM
Hello ATS!!

First, I want to apologize to anyone who has ever read some of my threads in the 'gray area' and gotten interested in what I was talking about, but didn't get a chance to ask me questions or wanted to read more about some of the scenarios that play out in many of my dreams.

The apology is mainly for not making a new thread in so long, but the reality to it is, I simply have not had any out-of-the-ordinary dreams in the past few months.

I do constantly have dreams where I am able to get out of my body. In fact, I have trained myself to use different techniques to enter into an OBE (Out-of-Body Experience, sometimes called an OoBE) whenever I would like. This is always done at my bed time.

I can't be simply siting in a chair, watching TV and decide I want to have an OBE. I have to be completely relaxed, in a very quiet and dark place where I can concentrate, uninterrupted.

I Have already written about the onset of my OBE's and some of the techniques I have developed for myself. These techniques may work for you, but I strongly suggest you use your own techniques to induce your very own personal OBE- since there is no one who knows your body and your physiological patterns.

If you are interested more in the techniques I have developed or if you would like to see some different techniques or training videos, just send me a U2U (ATS Mail/Personal Message) and I will give you all the help you ask for, since I believe that each and every person should experience and OBE at least once - I also believe that each and every single person alive is capable of having an OBE - with exception to those who have a disability that would prevent such an experience.

Ok, so that is for another thread, I just wanted to let you know I can and will help you pursue an OBE for yourself, if you are interested.

This thread is about a recent dream I had, it was a lucid, or waking, dream. A lucid dream is very detailed, to the point that you can feel hot and cold, emotions, lots of colors, and you also have complete control of your dream and everything in it.

You can literally control the actions of every aspect of a waking dream, that is if you know you are having a lucid dream. Lucid dreams can be experienced without you ever gaining control, simply because it feels and seems so real, you may just not ever realize it is a dream, even though everything is so vivid, even more so than real life in many instances.

I want to share with you the recent dream I had, because it is definitely out of the ordinary definitely for me.

In recent threads I have authored in the grey area I told about experiencing sleep paralysis - a trait of OBE and nightly sleep patterns that occurs naturally in each and everyone of us.

When you experience sleep paralysis it is because you have woken up quicker with your mind than your body has. So when this happens you will lay there, completely frozen - literally paralyzed - until your body comes out of the SP state. This is done instinctively by your body to keep you from acting out your dreams while sleeping. I has probably already saved you many times from a fall from the bed to the floor, kicking your partner in bed, screaming out loud during a dream (which can still happen anyway, though most of the times you yell while in SP you will sound like a person who is deaf sounds when they talk. - sorry for that reference if it offends you, it is the closest comparison I can think of)

When you lay down to go to sleep your body will eventually enter SP and then you will enter REM sleep after your body goes to SP. Your body also has a built in function to test and make sure you are really all the way asleep. You ever drifted off to dream land only to be awoken by your leg, or even you whole body, jerking violently? This is your body checking to see if you are asleep.

If you can get to this point while remaining lucid and conscious you will be able to stand up straight out of your body!

Ok, enough of the explanations, let me tell you about this strange dream from a couple nights ago:

I have written in previous threads about and experience where I have woken up with SP an felt a presence in my room. I have literally seen a small e-wok looking troll creature at the foot of my bed, but the most incredible experience I have had with SP and seeing beings in my room is when I awoke with SP to see a tall person, head almost to ceiling, wearing a robe, arms crossed in front, and long blonde hair.

Several months ago when I first saw this being in my room I was completely shocked, coupled with the fear of not being able to move because of SP, well you can imagine the unrest and panic I felt.

The first time I saw this being he stood next to my bed, near my shoulders and simply stared at me for about a minute, but seemed like and hour. He didn't move what-so-ever. When I began trying to wiggle my hand or my arm, to snap myself out of SP, the being slowly went backwards to the corner of my room, where he faded away into thin air!!

That was probably the scariest and most detailed experience I have ever had with my SP or OBE's... until a couple nights ago.

I laid down to get some sleep, I was extremely tired, so I fell to sleep very fast. I went almost immediately into a dream state. I was dreaming, but my dream was of me, lying in bed, trying to fall asleep. I realized I was already sleeping and began to try an OBE. Usually I can simply roll over out of my body, then I can float to the ceiling, float through walls, fly around outside, really anything I want to do - this night was different.

When I tried to roll over out of my body I couldn't. I began to question why I couldn't and almost immediately I began to sense that there was a pure evil entity in my room, causing me to stay asleep and not be able to OBE.

I could open my eyes and look, but I could not move my body at all, complete Sleep Paralysis. I still could not see the entity, but I knew it was there. I tries to wake myself again and I thought I had succeeded, until I tried to roll over out of bed and found that I was still asleep, experiencing SP.

I could still sense the strange entity, so I tried to wake myself once more and again I thought I had, but found I was still in SP and sensing the evil being. I began to have scary thoughts, such as; this evil entity will not let me wake up, it is holding me hostage here, trying to scare me for some reason.

I tried again, still no luck, and again I tried, with the same results. After several attempts to pull myself from SP I was able to move my fingers enough that they touched my stomach and caused me to wake up, thankfully.

When I rolled over I checked the room and found nothing out of the ordinary, which made sense at the time, because I could not see the evil, only sense it.

As I lay there wondering what happened, I asked my god to look after me while I sleep and to run off any evil beings/spirits. I know that can sound crazy, but when you have just had an experience like I described, you may find yourself praying to your Gd as well. =-)

Ok, so after I asked my God to protect me I was confident that it was all just happening in my dream/SP state of sleep and I decided to return to sleep.

This time I quickly fell asleep again, but I was laying on my back with my face pointing toward the center of the room, so I could see everything going on, in case the same thing happened again.

Sure enough I was able to enter into SP and also stay conscious. 99.999% of the time when this occurs this way I can roll out of my body, like I have so many times in the past, and begin an OBE experience.

However, this time was also different than what I normally experience.

I had asked that I could see the tall man again, the one who had visited me months ago, but I had not seen him since the first encounter.

When I tried to roll over out of my body to enjoy my OBE, I found that could not move or get out this time either!

I struggled for a moment trying to get out of my body, but I was stuck in it like a magnet holding me there. I opened my eyes, while still in sleep paralysis, and saw the torso of a tall man, wearing a robe.

It was the same man that ad been there so many months before. He did not move, did not say a word to me. I couldn't tell what he was thinking. He just stood there as if he were observing me for some reason.

After 15-20secs he turned hi head to face the closet of my bedroom. He was looking at someone else, though I couldn't see them. I could see his mouth moving, as though he was having a conversation with whoever he was looking at. Even though his mouth was moving, I could not hear what he was saying, nor could I read his lips.

After a few seconds of talking to the person in the closet, he turned back toward me and began to stare again.

The first time I had ever seen him I got scared really fast, but this time I was determined not to. I wanted to see how long he would stay and if I could figure out what the deal is with him even being here in my room like that.

So, as I am watching him - it has now been ell over 1minute duration, since I first saw him, he kneeled down and set nearly Indian style on the floor next to my bed. He was so tall that, even though he was kneeling, his head still come above the side of my bed. He was literally only inches, 1 ft maximum, away from my body and at the level of my shoulders, so he was effectively right next to my head with his.

He began to talk to me, moving his mouth and obviously trying to say something to me, but I couldn't hear it, not even a sound at all. He did not seem irritated by my non-response to him words. he acted indifferently.

He rose back to his feet after about 15-20secs on the floor. I tried to say something to him, I was wanting to ask him what he was, why he is here and what does he want from me, but the only sound I could make was a moaning sound - kinda creepy sound. I knew what I wanted to say, I could see the words in my mind's eye, I simply couldn't say them.

He seemed as if he started to glow as I was trying to talk to him. I realized he was not glowing, but he was dis-appearing. Have you ever seen a windscreen on the backdoor of a home or on the outside window of a home?

This screen is what he began to look like all over. I mean, with every passing second he was fading away, he had thousands ot tiny transparent spots on his body that resembled the holes in a wind screen. His dis appearance was much different than last time, I would even say it was 100% different.

The last time he backed up and dis-appeared quickly, this time it seems almost as if he wanted me to watch him dematerialize right before my eye - and I did.

After a few seconds of his vanishing act he was gone. About 10seconds, maybe less, after he left I was able to pull myself out of SP and look around the room for signs of this guy or of the person he was talking to. Of Course I did not locate any evidence of their visit, I am sure it is because it happen in the astral plane, if you are familiar with that.

I never did get a message, understand what he was talking about, didn't figure out who he is or what his purpose was. It was plain to see that he had vanished right before my eyes.

These dreams, OBE's, and Sleep Paralysis events are very interesting and if I didn't know better I would swear that this man was actually, physically in my room.

Anyone have any idea what is going on in a scenario like this?

Thanks for reading, please post with your ideas!! What/who do you think he could be and what is the purpose of dreaming or seeing someone like this during a lucid/waking dream?

So strange, I hope some of you here on ATS can enlighten me a bit with that you think he is.

thanks again!

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 08:06 AM
Do you have any spirit guides or maybe friends in the astral plane whom you contact besides this guy and the troll fellow?

Did you try telepathic messages to him? If you asked for his appearance telepathically, that seems like a good means of communication.

Sounds like some sort of being, but if you believe the sleep paralysis is induced by this being, maybe you can prepare yourself now for the next meeting, which seems likely.

Asking the right questions about yourself will probably help, I'm not really sure what those might be for you, but personally when I ask the right questions to myself, about myself, answers for other things often present themselves.

Thanks for sharing your dream!

posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 05:40 AM
reply to post by skylightsintheillions

Well, I am not sure if the being is being brought into my awareness because of sleep parlysis, or he is causing sleep parlysis. I do always allow my body to enter sleep paralysis when I am trying to achieve OBE.

The thing about the being in my SP state is that my SP is 10 fold more intense and paralyzing than any other time.

I am not aware of guides and I haven't attemped to speak with the being. This will sound crazy, but it never crossed my mind to initiate a real conversation, either vocally or telepathically. I addumed he was a figment of my dream state and when I do try to talk during SP the only sound that comes out is a moaning sound, lol.

I will definitely try and make communication the next time - if there is a next time, that he appears.

Also I have noticed lately that I am being blocked by certain glass cielings or walls. Example: when I float upward to be very high in the sky, I get stopped just as I am about to go into outerspace. This did not used to be the case, but it does happen now and has been for a while.

Recently I noticed I am even being blocked from frying in certain directions at fround level. It feels as if someone has their hands on my shoulders and they are pushing me the direction I came. It is never the same direction, but is always blocked when I try to get high* I know that doesn't sound right*!

I will look into guides and see what I can find out about them. I have only ever seen a few beings during my OBE's, but I think I could probably search them out. Now, when I have a lucid dream, where I am in a dream world, but I am completely aware of the world and have control over it, many times there I do see different people, animals, and yes, even aliens. I believe that is because they are what I want to see at the time.

Since my OBE's take place in my physical world, that is the stage on which my OBE's are set is my everyday world. When I get out of body and stand up, I am standing up in my room and when I fly, I fly through my house through my walls and through the familiar sky outside of my house and even through my city.

All of the aspects of my OBE's are identical to what I see in real waking life.

thanks for the questions, If you have any suggestions on where to read about guides, let me know, I definitely want to learn more, for sure

posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 08:14 AM
Hmm, interesting about the cielings. I had a couple of dreams which ended up warning me in a big way about a major event that I narrowly averted. But in one of these dreams I began to float, deciding to leave the house I was in, and I hit the cieling. Then I tried again and ended up flying out the window. Once I left the window I was just watching myself fly away. It was very strange.

As for researching the idea of spirit guides, there is definitely a lot of information out there, and all from different sources. I would try and rent a book about native american legends and folklore/myths. Although it's not directly about spirit guides, it gives a good idea of the perspective I like to take on the matter.

There's infinite opinions on the matter, and I don't really know what it all is, I just know that they are definitely a true thing. Mostly it's about asking and when meditating or relaxing try and imagine what your spirit guide may look like.

People do this in reiki when they get attuned. The reiki master will ask the reiki guide to come and help attune this new student, and the student will then see his/her guide come forth.

posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 06:06 PM
reply to post by skylightsintheillions

Ok, I will check out some of your suggestions. Thanks for your replies and I will let you know if I find anything that resembles what is occuring.

II should make it clear that I am experiencing 2 very different sleep related episodes.

One occurs when I am definitely asleep, in a dream state, There I realize I am dreaming and in a dream world.

The other occurs before I enter a complete dream environment. Before I enter the dream state I stop myself when I enter sleep paralysis and am able to get up out of my body and wander the world I live in in reality, with everything the same as when I am awake, except for the fact that I can fly and people generally do not see me

Though I have had someone notice me before, it has been a long time since anyone has seen or acknowledged me in this state. Generally I am outside my house, floating around. I have noticed a bright light above my house, which appeared to be a LED flashlight, like someone on my roof, shining the light at me, lol.

I wish I could explain exactly how detailed everything in this world is. It is actually even more detailed than waking, physical life. Emotions are more impressive, senses are extremely heightened, hot cold, smell, sound, hearing, etc. It is truly astonishing.

I also wish everyone could experience one of these experiences, even if only for a minute or so.

Everyone is capable, but not everyone is willing.

posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 10:07 AM
Very interesting. Thankyou for sharing. I have been trying to astral travel and lucid dram for a while now. Been having limited success with AT, but much better at lucid dreaming. I tried to send you a message but couldn't, can you send me a ATS mail message telling me your technique on how to astral travel please?

posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 04:15 AM
reply to post by taoistguy

Hi Tao! I am very sorry for taking such a while to respond.

I have just finished a post on another member's thread that gives instructions on how to achieve some of the things I talk about here.

I can help you as best I can to have an experience like this. However it is something that you will also have to manipulate, because of varying chemical and psychological make up.

Even with those differences, these methods seem to work well across the board for those who are commited to experiencing and OBE or astral travel.

I am going to link the post I made, it has some very good links and a few good videos on the topic. You will need to ignore other parts of the post, as they only pertain to the topic the OP of the other thread was sharing.

Here is the link to the post I have mentioned above
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posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 04:23 AM
Ah the joys of astral projection. I have had my share.

The reality is, we co-exist within a larger system of consciousness so we do have the potential to encounter other parts of this system (ourselves). Ultimately, don't sweat the small stuff. Scary encounters or fear driven ego related issues. The OBE state is one of liberty and freedom. Get at that state and start to remember who you truly are not what you think you are.

We are humans down here, but there, we are the dreamers of worlds.

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