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my ytp art

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posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 12:20 AM
for those of you who dont know ytp stands for youtubepoop. it is essentialy sentance mixing any source you want to make it seem funnier(most of the time sexual humor, it gets pretty bad). and yes some people do consider it to be art, i agree with this mostly because it makes my title sound better than other terms used to describe it. so i decided to show some of my work here. ive made about seven by now so these are not all

warning content extremly explicit

like i said its pretty loose on what you can do.

ill probably try to post some of my paintings some time as well
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posted on Apr, 25 2011 @ 02:48 AM
Most people don't consider them much of high art, much like surrealism, dadaism, and readymade were at one time. (DuChamp got luckly though. And Dali was and still is -for lack of a better word- epic.) Yet contemporary YTP still can be appreciated for exact same aspects that had driven those art movements.

As for my favorites?

"Shamwow Patties" and "Hank Hill is a (censored*)"... Oh and "The King Plays Guitar Hero".

The ones I like within the genre are probably not the most random, but definitely ones that have worked the comedy aspect well and perhaps are more entertaining than the shows they borrowed the clips from. They might also provide a little satire and cynical social commentary too, but it's still comedy gold.

*Word in the YTP title is censored because a likely conflict with ATS TOS, despite us supposedly being adults here. (And I'm not going to risk it.) But I'm sure after a few tries searching on YouTube you'll get it.


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