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Prep for The Fall Of Babylon

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posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 08:20 PM
The difference between city / town / rural and country, comes to mind. Each has different requirements to consider. The closer one is to a city / town ( relatively ) the MORE government / Civil matters that need to be dealt with.

Not only is having safe-houses and safe-land wise in many cases... But the "Knowledge and Experience" that such a "lifestyle" will demand... I'm sure we can all think of various elements... from physical needs to mental and even spiritual. Having a place to go and nothing for the kids... no "thought out" lifestyle elements, JUST BARE essentials... all comes under preparation.

Some forethought and preparation can make for many a solved problem or issue. As many know... even toilet paper and tooth brushes and on and on can be either problems or no worries... all in the way we prepare, and the knowledge we have.

As I've seen mentioned in many posts in this forum... Coffee and Tobacco is a MUST! lol and I agree... It's bottom board for some of us. A very healthy stash of such things will make for a "Thank God" I thought of this and ACTED and prepared... etc etc...

Alternative energy is wise.... seeds... gardening ( and land to grow on ) etc... These things also require Experience and Knowledge. Anyone not having the skill, learn it NOW. Families and small groups can spread the ways and means among those that might be interested in it... such as the alternative cooking to the cook... the gardening to the cook and kids.. etc etc whatever the interests are for whomever.

Books.... I for one, being a musician MUST have Guitars... There's no option here... lol and strings of course.... Many of these Non-essentials are required. Especially when kids are involved. A stash on "how to *" books is wise but so are all kinds of other books.

Granted if circumstances or conditions require "letting go ( or losing ) all you have prepared... this is a matter of attitude.. and Attitude changes EVERYTHING. will save alot of problems if friends family... kids.. all understand THAT.

Many people have NEVER lived such real lives... Not saying they haven't lived etc... but life without all the man-made distractions and electric powered whatnots.. all the "reality" many are so used to, when they are GONE... People need to go through a transition that some of us have already long done. So many people won't throw a begger a dime... but put those people on the street...... and let them learn.. NO Phone Calls to make... NO Safety Net... No food in shops and no place to sleep.... Preparation is a MUST... not only for these things.. but for the mental experience... the "This is how you do it... This is how it's done.... even "emotionally"

As with children... such things can be taught without instilling "fear" but for Gods Sake instill a sense of the real world in them eh? Not the "electric comfort and food from a store world" but the REAL world that food grows in soil... That Gardening shows kids EXACTLY where food comes from... as in the real Real World! lol

I'm sure I have some points in all this... ah... maybe,... It's that preparation requires the consideration of things we might not have bothered with... and also includes the mental and emotional ( attitude ) required for such experiences If THEY ARE REQUIRED.... On the job training is one thing... but so is preparing.

A word on family.... family is often MORE then blood... friends and groups can be family... being like-minded... just being KIND... People will and in history have, worked together and helped each other, working together. Some people will need to be taken care of in major events... Many have no idea what to do, or how to live... But many of us can help with that and I imagine that will be a major part of the work.

You never know... Leadership positions are often best with someone who DOESN'T want it, then it is with those who Want It. We can lead by example. In our area, many people are stashing food and essentials... just average everyday people... It's like they can sense now that something is happening and going to happen. I guess all the years some of us have been telling people to prepare... is now coming into the light of day?

I imagine that's happening with people near any of you... seems to be happening all around the world. A feeling of little time left and do it quick seems to be the case with many as well.. even right around here.

Please add any ideas you can think of. Especially little things that come under the heading... ah.....

Wow man! You got Class!!! Nah I just got me guitar man... who'd a thought?

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 08:43 PM
I'm also a guitar player and the first thing I think of when the SHTF is how the hell am I gonna get guitar strings. lol

Well in the old days they used cat gut I think. So i figured I'd just make a deal with the vietnamese people down the street to get their cat guts.

After further research cat gut doesnt' come from cats.

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 12:10 AM
I think it's a great idea to not just prepare physically (BOB, shelter plans, etc.) but also mentally/spiritually/energetically/whatever. I've started meditating, knowing that having a calm, clear, unstressed mind will be helpful no matter what situation the future holds. Also maybe fasting is a good thing to try to train your body and gain the willpower. You never know

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 11:36 AM
I think you are right that we should plan to help others not so much hide from them. I live in a very large community and have noticed that I am one of few that has a personal garden. Many children will come to help or just see what we are doing and will have many questions. I answer them in hopes they will learn and even let many of them plant a little plant to take home and care for. Some come back to tell me of progress and others I think just forget. I try to teach my family how to plant, grow, harvest, and seed so they will never run out of food. I teach them how to can and dehydrate foods and plan to teach them how to hunt(once my middle daughter decides to put down the picket sign).

Emotional and spiritual well-being is also very important and is something that we try to work on yet as I have mentioned before I have all girls and sometimes the vibes are hard to blend. Weekly meditations are suggested for a family activity yet do not always go as planned.

I think educating individuals on self preservation using sustainable methods would be a great start and to create a balance within communities.

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