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**To All ATSers**,Why cant we make All Members feel Welcome?

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posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 05:10 PM
There certainly is a "theme" at ATS, i.e.: a prevailing political attitude. In general terms, it's a younger, more liberal, more believeing and credulous crowd than you might find at 'Skeptical Inquirer' or 'Bad Astronomy.' If you buck that attitude, you likely will not be received well. It's the same anywhere. Liberal sites don't like conservatives. Conservative sites don't like liberals. If your politics differs from the majority here, you'll have to make some adjustments.

But beyond that, people are known by their posts. On the whole and over time if your posts are logical, well organized, and legible, then you will receive positive feedback. If your posts are illogical, illegible, and poorly written, you won't. Sometimes people are rewarded when they probably shouldn't be and sometimes people are not rewarded when they probably should be, but over time it all levels out.

No one is responsible for YOUR feelings on ATS. If you "feel ignored," then you're doing something wrong. One way or another, your posts are not seen as contributing much valuable. That's nobody's fault but your own. So, change your method of posting. (And, IMO, grammar counts. Lots of people get angry over the very idea and think of it as superfulous. Doesn't matter what they think. It counts anyway.)

One thing to keep in mind here is that ATS is huge. It's easy to get lost in here. When I joined several years ago it was big, but not THIS size. It was more of a cohesive community then. It was easier to get noticed. People received "applause" more frequently ("Applause" is a few extra points awarded by a staff member for good posts.) It's kind of like the difference in going to a school where there are a few hundred students versus going to a school with a few thousand students. It's just the nature of the beast.
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posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 07:18 PM

WARNING, this is going to be a long post, as I am replying to several different people here.

but broken up in parts

Okidoki, time to climb out of the closet...sort of. The person that sent the U2U was me. This post is from an account I created specifically for this post, you can check, I've never used it. I created the one I usually use and I am not intending on working via two accounts, I feel this is deceiving. Some of you might say but creating this account is also deceiving even for this one post, in this you are correct, but I feel it is necessary, as I don't think it is advisable that you know who I am, as fact remains, I will be judged, as is evident from the comments here on this thread. I don't need more judging ... nobody does. Besides, I am being straight forward and honest about it, I'm not deceiving anybody, you all know, because I myself am telling you, this is an account specifically created to make this post. If you'd like, you can keep tabs on it as well, to make sure I don't use it for anything else.

First off, that was a moment where I felt utterly defeated by the goings on, on ATS and the appearance of cliques, that no matter what you write, or how well thought out, you mean nothing if you are not in the clique. It was a moment of weakness, and under normal circumstances, I would never have sent a U2U like that. I admit, it comes across as rather pathetic, it was my moment of weakness, and I know just as you know, we all have them.

I honestly believed that gdaub wasn't going to open and read it, as that is what I have grown accustomed to from ATS'ers. So I just spoke my mind and for a moment I didn't give a continental **** how it came across, as he wasn't going to read it anyway. I just needed to vent and say how I feel. I feel rather silly now for writing it in the first place, but it doesn't change the fact that there are many that feel this way and never say it. I am not the kind of person who can indefinitely shut up about something that is very very wrong.

I see a trend in most of the replies that this is about stars and flags. Maybe my part of the OP's post, was not clear enough, that is NOT what this is about. Quite honestly I have no idea how many I do have, I don't see the point of stars, I do realize what the flags are for, but they only count in the event of you starting a thread, and since I have not started many of those, to me that is inconsequential and pointless. I believe a thread should be judged individually on it's merits, and not on who posted it. Applauds, I have no idea what these are, and don't know what they do, or what the point is.

I think the only time that I was ever concerned about anything below my profile pic in my profile, was when I needed to accumulate 20 posts, to make a thread. By the time I did, I wasn't ready to make one anyway, so I stopped looking at them, it only seemed to matter while I didn't have 20, after which I realized, that it was pointless me checking up on it, as I didn't want to create a thread yet. Therefore, I just stopped checking on it all together.

I repeat; this is NOT about stars and flags, this is about being ignored. A star for a comment you made means absolutely didly squat, as you have no idea that the person it was intended for, actually read it, that star could be from anybody who might have read it, therefore, the star means nothing.

It's about when you reply to somebody, that person ignores you, and it does not matter how well thought out your post is, it gets ignored, and from the OP, apparently some do this on purpose, deciding to reply or not based on how long you've been on ATS, which I did not know about. So according to these people, if you are on ATS any less than 6 months you get ignored, your posts are null and void, you mean nothing, your posts mean nothing, your opinions and what you think or have to say, mean nothing. That is a horrible attitude to have. What on earth makes older members more knowledgeable than anybody else?

To assume that somebody is a teenager with a pointless view, is ridiculous, some teens actually make a heck of a lot more sense than some grown people, like these people that have this attitude about newbies, some teens have a much more mature outlook than these people. This means that some people never grew up, while some teens have outgrown them, yet they want to ignore the teens that have "outgrown" them? how insane is that? This doesn't mean that I am a teenager, though, I am merely making a point, sometimes the younger generation can actually teach us a thing or two, if were to just listen and let them speak, instead of rendering them voiceless. Not all teenagers are shallow, and I am inclined to believe, that the few teens that find their way here, are more inclined to think about the deeper things happening around them.

That does not mean that some of them, including fully grown people, aren't here to cause trouble, you get them everywhere, but how will you know, if you don't bother actually reading and thinking about what they are saying, instead of checking their bio first. They are here to learn too, most of the time, and maybe their point of view is not as broad as a seasoned person's, but they are getting there, the same way the seasoned person did, and a little bit of guiding would go a long way, instead of instant dismissal.

You need to understand, teenagers are mostly so full of hopes and dreams, and it's coming to them fast, they don't get a chance to catch up with the impracticalities of their opinions. Therefore they need guidance, instant dismissal, will not help them at all, and without guidance, they will end up adults that are insufficiently informed, like so many adults that can be found right here on ATS.

In life, ignoring a person is considered rude, we don't walk around with stars hanging above our heads, as replacements for a response to a comment you made to a person, you are actually required to reply to the person. It should not be any different here on ATS, if somebody speaks to you, concerning something that you said or asked, you reply to them, that is common courtesy, etiquette.

To be ignored makes a person feel worthless, that your point is worthless, hence, you are worthless. In a world like ATS, this is the last place one would expect something like this. As this is a place to deny ignorance, that must surely mean, that everybody should have a voice in the quest to deny ignorance. The idea is to learn, how are you going to learn if you ignore newbies? Do they think that all the newbies here, are for the very first time coming to question things? What makes anybody think that a newbie, is not seasoned in questioning things?

The fact is, they found their way here, because they were already questioning things, because at the same time they wanted to learn more, to find a place where they fit in with like-minded people. Only to be treaded on and treated as the lowest microscope on the food-chain, that they and their opinions, what they think and what they have to say, is worthless. They came here to find companions who are like them, everywhere else, they are outcasts because they deny ignorance, so they come here, where the motto IS to deny ignorance, only to still find themselves outcasts? Just because some members think they came here not only newbies on the site, but newbies to denying ignorance as well. This is so sad... and wrong.
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posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 07:23 PM

To reply to some comments:

reply to post by dude69

That's just the way the cookie crumbles nowadays...nobody cares...and trampeling on people with less social status is just part of the fun apparently, even on a damn website...

It doesn't nor will it ever make it acceptable behavior. I don't comprehend the trampeling on anybody, I can't do it, my conscience wouldn't give me any peace if I did, therefore I can't comprehend others doing it, don't they have a conscience that drives em up the wall if they do something wrong against somebody else?

reply to post by speculativeoptimist

I appreciate your expressions here, and am familiar with the member you mention

speculativeoptimist, I do believe you have somebody else in mind, I have never communicated with you or anybody else about this, what your comment does indicate though, is that I am not alone in how I feel. For this I thank you, it helps to know I'm not alone in this.

The vets getting s&f's, well it is partially because of popularity I reckon, but more so imo, most of them write quality posts.

I disagree completely, I have come across some vets post that write total BS sucked out of their thumbs.
I never introduced myself, I didn't know I had to, by the time I noticed that the introductions I have been coming across, are actually in an introductions forum, and we were supposed to introduce ourselves, I was here already for over a month. Besides what exactly am I supposed to say on there? I'm not willing to share my personal life on any website's public forum. Was this my mistake? Not eventually introducing myself?

I know somebody that introduced themselves in their very first post here, and they got two replies, and not one of the MODS came to welcome them with T&C etc. How sad. Yes, I know this person personally, I saw it, they never came back to ATS, and now when I speak of something on ATS, they have nothing good to say about us. I now can talk about nothing I learned on ATS, because of what happened. No Spec, you were not one of the ones to welcome them.

It would be nice if everyone responded to the comments directed at them, but that seems impractical.

There is nothing impractical about it, in fact it's rude to not to.

However, we should not take it personally, rather we should be grateful for what responses we do get

You are trying to convince me, that if in life you time and time again get ignored, you are not going to take it personally, if only 1 out of 10 times you open your mouth to say something gets response, you not going to take it personally? That's easier said than done, isn't it? Now that's impractical.

I don't come onto the web, and turn into a different person to what I am in real life, real life, and the person that I am, is what you see on my profile, hence you ignore me in a website, you are also ignoring me in life. I don't understand the concept of changing who you are on a website, I don't think I can do that, I am who I am, and asking me to be someone I'm not, is not something I can do. Please explain to me, how ignoring valid points, is to the benefit of ATS overall?

ultimately, there will always be something and someone to correspond to, maybe just not as much as we would hope for.

No, I have gone back time and again, just in case somebody decided to do a reply and not a reply to, and I missed it. No, it doesn't happen, once you are ignored, consider yourself ignored, end of story, it doesn't get response later.

Sure, overall my experience has been more positive than negative too, if I don't post anything. But that only serves to silence me, and make me a registered lurker, now doesn't it?

reply to post by loves a conspiricy

If you forgot your login, why didn't you just ask them to email it to you instead of becoming a newbie again?

and some are just plain weird

We're all weird in our own little way, that's why we're all here.

and proof is always good, but sometimes lacking, or just completely ridiculous.

One can't always provide proof, it's not like we all walk around with our video cameras just in case something odd happens. Imagine you go for a job interview with your camera hanging around your neck;
Question: “Why did you bring your camera with you to the interview?”
Answer: “in case you turn into a reptilian or something”.
Interviewer: “thank you for coming in, don't call us we'll call you”.

Or the reality of the situation, you don't take your camera, the interviewer does turn into a MIB and you didn't bring your camera because you were concerned about above situation arising. You come on to ATS to tell your story, and boom, they want photo's.
“Errr I don't have pics I didn't have my camera with me”,
Responder: “no proof, not story, case close, throw it on the hoax bin”

You get marked as a hoaxer.

Where as I do understand the need for it, because, as you mentioned the ones that make things up, there still is a problem for not making way, that maybe getting the proof, wasn't practical at the time. There's too many that don't consider this aspect. I would say, fine check the person out, but check there previous posts, not their friggin bio and how long they've been on ATS.

Don’t take anything to heart, it’s the internet people say things because they can

This is sad, but true, I don't understand how, or comprehend it, but I do realize it is true, and very very sad. Still, in this event, it's a response, whether nasty or not, it's a response. It means you're not completely invisible to the world, there's somebody out there that had something nasty to say to you, but it's nevertheless, a response, you can work with that, how do you work with nothing at all?

I personally reply to most people if i see i have a message, if i open a message then forget to reply

I have had that happen to me too, but I don't remove the message until I have responded, even if it is two weeks old, I go back to it and respond. Lately I've noticed that I am not getting notifications for a message that has come in, because of this I make a point of checking.

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posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 07:32 PM
reply to post by Somehumanbeing

Why is there so much drama in this forum? It's like a TV show. Post your ideas, regardless of how ridiculous they may be. The people that matter are the people that payed attention to them.

I am glad you find it to be a TV show, to me it's very real, and hurtful. The problem with your analogy, is that nobody does.

reply to post by NoRegretsEver

I hear your point, my problem is not so much of starting threads, my problem is with posting in threads (as in replying to somebody), and sending a U2U (what does that stand for anyway? Sounds like a music band
. I know you reply to U2U's, I have messaged you before. I can't remember what it was about but I do remember that we stopped, because just completed our discussion. I appreciate this, you are one of the few that are considerate, and don't ignore. It means a lot to me. You made me feel like I'm not completely a nobody.
Yes, it does make sense for a thread to die down, of course, it can't stay going for ever, that makes no sense. As I said though, it's not threads that I am talking about here, unfortunately, it's the blatant ignoring if I speak to someone directly whether in a thread or in a U2U.

reply to post by OldCorp

I so appreciate your words, what you are saying is very true, and very sad. Why is this, is it that people just never grow up and out of the groups/cliques phase? Why are they too afraid to stand on their own for who and what they are?

THE most intelligent community I have every been a part of

I am 110% with you on this

and I think that each member is a valuable source of information. No one should ever be made to feel marginalized.

Thank you, this is exactly what I am trying to say, I feel marginalized, by being ignored.

reply to post by TrowaBarton


IMO is that too many here have been ridiculed, made fun of etc for the beliefs in the past in real life and now since they are on the net hiding behind a comp screen they feel the right to be as ignorant as possible because they can conduct themselves in such a manner with no real consequences.

Shouldn't it then make sense, that since they KNOW how it feels to be made to feel this way, that they wouldn't do it to others? That's what happened to me, I learned how it felt to be treated this way, hence, I know not to do it to others. How come it doesn't work the same for others?

Now I m all for speaking your beliefs. However I am also for listening to everything and not ruling anything out. It just seems that way to many folk here are either...
1. Incapable of listening to anything that goes against their belief and for this reason are
(2.) to conceited or elitist to try and teach, help educate the new comers and would rather just, bash, ignore or complain about them.

EXACTLY!! I couldn't have said it better. You just said, what I am trying to say, in one paragraph, I would only add at the end ... therefore actually rendering themselves ignorant ... because if you are not open to learn through others' words, regardless of how newbie or vet they are, you are being ignorant.

Don't come in to BTS

Could somebody please explain BTS, I have looked for it, I went to the acronyms site I have bookmarked to see if it's short for something, I have read about it in various places, but none that conclusively tells me, what it is, it just mentions, like you do, BTS. What is BTS?

stroke their egos and praise them for being the smartest person in the room.

I'm not looking for a pat on the head or anything like that, I'm just simply want that the person I replied to, just acknowledges that they read what wrote and answer me. Even if they disagree with me, that's fine, we can discuss it, but nothing? Just nothing? I might as well be talking to a wall. TrowaBarton, I want to thank you for your post, your words mean a lot to me, thank you for HEARING me.

reply to post by illuminatitanimulli

It's not a moody reply I am referring to here, a moody reply is after all something, one could work with something, and the idea is to work with it, and therefore learn more, and maybe change one’s mind if they have valid points. That's the idea. It's the no reply, at all, nothing, squat, the complete ignoring, that's what I'm talking about, like I asked somewhere above, how do you work with nothing?

reply to post by B.Morrison

I appreciate your two cents, thank you for stopping in and taking an interest.

reply to post by Maxmars
(Forum Moderator)

I hear what you are saying, and can to a certain extent agree and understand, but, it is hard to see it in this light, that people CAN'T reply nine times out of ten. There is an area, of that ten, that you can say, this is the case, then there is the other area, where this is no longer the case, where is this line (so to speak) drawn? To say nine times out of ten, that they simply couldn't, seems rather improbable and unlikely the cause.

Familiarizing, is a natural thing, an all over thing, I admit, but generally, and it is an all over problem, these ones that are "familiar" with each other, don't allow outsiders in, and simply don't reply to newbies or outsiders. When are you no longer considered and outsider and actually considered worthy of response? Everybody comes here, to be part of something where they can discuss with like-minded people, whether they agree with each other or not, they are part of the same cause. In ATS's case to deny ignorance, where as they are normally the outcasts and outsiders, just because you are a newbie and unfamiliar, doesn't mean you don't deserve a response to a direct question or reply, but this IS in fact, what they are doing.

I don't expect you MODS to force them, that would be insane, it just simply cannot be done, and I don't blame the MODS for what's happening either. I am hoping that this message reaches those that have this attitude, so they can see and understand why it is wrong. I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't like doing something if I don't have a reason why. So I'm hoping that by giving them the answer to why, that they would reconsider their point on view on this. I am hoping to reason with them.

Short answer: Be yourself. Be patient with strangers. Demonstrate the respect you desire. Understand that a forum is for speech, not offense. Lastly, do not seek offenses that are not actually offered.

This is what I have done, I have only been myself, I don't know how to be someone else, patient I am. I'm a teacher, I have to be (maybe this is why this is why it is bugging me so much, I cannot afford to ignore one child in my classroom. I wouldn't be much of a teacher if I did. Maybe this is why I find it so unacceptable that it happens here so blatantly). I have always respected others, and have never seeked to offend anyone.

Thank you for coming in to the thread and posting your thoughts on this, it means a lot to me that a moderator has taken an interest in the subject. Why can't all familiar ones, have your attitude? That's all I ask for, that even if it's a disagreement, that they still reply, no matter who the poster is.

reply to post by berenike

I like what you are saying and your healthy attitude regarding new-comers

What I find difficult is when only a few members post and there is just one post out of the few that doesn't require a reply. If I can't find something to say I feel as if I have blatantly ignored someone, but when the thread has obviously run its course it's ok to thank everyone for taking the trouble to post.

If a reply is required and you don't know what to say, try just saying so
"I don't know what to say, but I appreciate your comment" or something to that effect, is better than nothing. A nothing makes the poster feel bad. At the same time I agree with you, if nothing has happened in your thread and it has run its course, there's no point in trying to keep it going. Even I know this, so if it's run its course, it is comepletely acceptable to thank everybody and basically close the thread (so to speak), just be sure that everyone has been replied to that required it.

This is not about stars and flags though, it's about being ignored when you directly replied to someone, and a response was required. I get the point of stars and flags. To me they are pointless, as I described earlier, why, but I do get what they're about. This is however not what this is about.

reply to post by Advantage

Is it really necesary to take on such a condescending attitude towards me?

did I even read that op correctly?

Nope, apparently not. I wasn't chastising, and I not once mentioned star, not once.

THAT is bizarre. IMO people need to get over this childish star obsession. This is a message board.. why are people writing u2u's like the OP received when they dont get pat on the head or validation of their existence stars?

I am glad you think I and how I feel is bizarre, I never expected him to actually open and read the U2U, I am repeating myself, please see essay above, stars and a pat on the head is NOT what this is about. Please read properly instead of jumping to conclusions and then taking on a condescending attitude towards me.

some are foolish enough to judge by a sign up date and play this weird condescending "noob" game

It's ironic for you to use this term, since you are doing it in your first and third paragraph, but I do agree, some are foolish to judge by sign up date, as well as your amount of stars and flags. The stars and flags mean nothing if you're a fool. All that means it's that you're dealing with a popular fool in ATS.

Personally, I wouldnt deal with a person who was so unnaturally obsessed with a message board that they would write u2us or post complaints over not getting their "validation of existence stars". How bizarre...

*sigh*You are right in this, you don't have to deal with me, *deeper sigh* I am not talking about stars and validation.

I take note of your obsession & bizarre remark.

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posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 07:39 PM
reply to post by Advantage

Read closer, I said I was amazed you recieved a u2u from someone chastising you about responses and stars.. and thats what I was speaking about. But hey, if you want to lump me in with others who ignore newbies... go ahead.

Maybe you should practice what you preach, please don't jump all over gdaub for trying to be a voice for me. He was trying to tell you, that stars were not mentioned, not by him nor by me. In his reply to you I did not see once where he was lumping you with the others that ignore newbies, he was simply pointing out that stars were not mentioned that it's not about stars, I don't know where you got that from. You are jumping to conclusions, and jumping all over him, when he was merely trying to be a voice for me, while he himself has some major trouble of his own to deal with.

reply to post by schuyler

politics differs from the majority here, you'll have to make some adjustments.

Wait, what? I have to adjust who I am to fit in? That hardly seems right for a site like ATS.

If you "feel ignored," then you're doing something wrong.

Well, now we're getting to the nitty gritty, this is what I'm feeling, what am I doing wrong? So seeing as you are echoing my thoughts and feelings, maybe you'd be so kind as to then inform me as well, WHAT it is that I'm doing wrong.

grammar counts

Grammar according to which country exactly? American grammar? This part to you the grammar and spelling is specifically written according to how I was taught in my country. I did this part to you specifically like this, in order to make a point to you. You might see my grammar and spelling as terrible, but I see American grammar and spelling as atrocious. So who is correct? The answer is neither.

How can Americans expect other countries, to fall in with their way of spelling and grammar, when this is an open site to the world? If you are correct, then ATS should close itself to other countries, and solely be available to Americans.

You see, every single time I want to make a post, I have to make sure that I try to do it according to American standards (How would you feel if I did that to you and made you do everything according to my county’s standards?). Still, Americans want to judge my posts, and accuse me of bad spelling and grammar. I actually put effort into my posts, are you telling me, that because it’s not always perfect according to American standards, I am overlooked?

I already type out everything in word, which I had to change the settings of, so that it complies with the American way, in order for me to be able to make posts on ATS. This is a huge inconvenience for a teacher. You are telling me, that even still, my posts will be overlooked if it is not perfect according to American Standards. What makes American Standards better than another country’s?

I apologise if I am having a bit of a rant at you, but your remarks are rather upsetting to me. I consider it extremely egotistical, degrading and self-serving. Not you personally, but anybody who has this attitude to people who do not naturally speak American English.

Thank you for explaining Applauses to me, now that I know what it is, it still means nothing to me. I am not concerned with receiving a standing ovation from anybody. I just merely want to be heard.


In my conclusion, there is someone whom I would like to thank profusely. gdaub23 you have surprised me beyond. You really went out on a limb here for me when I didn't even ask for it, I do recognise this. You tried to be a voice for me, you understood what I was saying even though my U2U to you was not very friendly. You have taken a lot of flak for me for making this thread. I do realise this. I feel terrible for coming down on you, in my first U2U to you, you took the brunt of 6 months’ ignoring of everybody else, and handled it calmly and thoughtfully. You have taught me something that I am not able to put into words. Through all of this, you have shown integrity and compassion. It is for these reasons, why I have decided to come forward, and take the flak off of your shoulders to bear for me. I am not a coward, I will not let you take the flak for me any longer.

Thank you gdaub

To everybody else, this is the end of my post and reply to everybody else. I will not be logging in to this account again to make any further posts or replies. I have no desire to work from two accounts. If I could, I would delete it. I consider this thread closed. I want to thank everybody who replied and took an interest in this thread. I appreciate it.

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 08:32 PM
reply to post by OneTime111

I understand what you are saying about making a post to thank someone for their contribution, but we're not supposed to make posts here that just agree with someone, or go off-topic or are not considered to contribute anything to the discussion.

So I feel that if I wait a couple of days until the thread looks as if it's run its course I'm not in danger of breaking too many rules by finishing it with a polite thanks to everyone if I Ieft someone out. Not every thread, just when I feel it's necessary.

Anyway, I hope you're feeling happier now. Stick with it, it's fun here

posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 06:27 AM
reply to post by OneTime111

Why? = I always put straps on helmet at the beginning of a post I fell I am going to get bashed over.

IF I am correct BTS is all of the forum threads/ sections which start at the point pictured below and goes down to the last available threads about computer help. .

Also you are welcome and I thank you as well for such a informative and thought out post.

That is all


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posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 07:47 AM

Originally posted by gdaub23
Ok,I know what some are gonna think by reading the title. I have a feeling that some will take this thread the wron way and might think that Im complaining,but Im not...I am just asking the question, "why cant we here at ATS make all members, new or old, feel welcome instead of feeling like an outsider or that their opinions dont matter?"

I agree I think members should be more helpful than harsh to new members.I know when I started I had no idea how to really post. I had never been part of a forum like ATS before. I did have a few members help me along the way as well so that helped.

I have personnaly seen posts by members saying that they dont even read posts by members that havent been a member for at least 6 months..Why is this? I believe that whether youre new or old that an opinion is an opinion and good points no matter who theyre from should still be heard...Im new but sometimes I'll find newer members post just as good if not better than members that have been here for awhile...I dont see the point of discriminating and making people feel unwanted or that their point of views or opinions arent as important as others..

Agreed. I never understood why members won't read new member threads. I have seen some new members with awesome threads. I look at the content not the OP and how long they have been a member since I am there to read the thread not talk about the OP and their rank on ats lol

The only difference I see between newbies and vets are their stars and flags..Newbies need to be giving a chance to get their credability built up so they one day can join the higher ranks one day and not just brush em off because they are new. Everone here was once a newbie and know what I am saying..I thought we all joined this site for our voices to be heard?

Again I agree
Personally I could careless about stars and flags but I know many do and it is obvious esp when you frequent the boards for any length of time. It's interesting because you see certain patterns of some members.

I have also noticed favoritism towards other posters. I dont understand why members choose to star and flag a thread a gazillion times depending on who the OP is and their stats. I know people will say this isnt true and the dont pay attention to the who the OP is or look at stats. They'll say it depends on what the subject of the thread is. I have been shot done before on the theory before. But I have seen it happen even if the info provided in the thread was not any better or different then another thread that will end disappearing into the long list without even being noticed sometimes. I believe in giving everyone a shot and not picking and choosing depending how long the OP has been a member...

Oh I agree. I know many get flagged or starred just because of who they are and not even because the person who flagged read the thread. If people send me U2U's telling me about their thread I will NOT flag it or anything. I dont need you to push your thread in my face, I will see it on the board and esp if you are on my friends list I will see it. I really dont like how some seem to always do this. I wish they would stop. A thread should be flagged for content and not because of who wrote it. Yes they have something to do with it but it shouldnt be the main reason. I have seen some threads get insane flags and Im like WTH. I think people treat it like the "like" button on FB lately.

What got me to write this was a U2U message I recieved from a fellow member that has actually been here for over a year and still feels like shes being ignored..It made me feel horrible and I didnt even mean to ignore her. I mean I starred her posts and everything I just didnt get a chance to respond to everyone and now I feel horrible because she actually made good points and shared her opinions and expeiances with me and she deserverd a response...heres the U2U she sent...

It happens, sometimes you can't get to everyone in a thread. I dont think they should have gotten mad at you and you shouldn't feel like a turd but if you learned something from it then I guess that is good.

Also you aren't suppose to post private messages on the boards. Just thought I would tell you since it is in the T&C.

So the questions are.......

How many others feel like their points and opinions get ignored?

Oh I know mine get ignored sometimes. Some of my best replies got no response at all. It annoys me but I don't dwell on it.

Who else sees discrimination on here and why is it okay?

I do but you know what it will happen and there is nothing mods or admin or anyone can really do about it. It happens in almost all environments like this. How do you control it? I dont think you can. I just ignore it.

why not make everyone feel like they are a part of something special when they join ATS?

Agreed! I always try and be nice and helpful to newer members. I have u2u'd some to give them advice on posting or answer a question they had. I have even gotten u2u's from new members asking me how to do things. I dont know why people ask me lol I did ask one member and they said it's because they see me online all the I do think some people need to be a little nicer to newer members. This place can be intimidating for someone who isn't use to this kind of forum and attacking them will make them shy away from participating. Helping them will make them feel better and continue to post. I know that is what got me out of my shell on here, how helpful many members were and still are.........esp my chat buddies

posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 08:22 AM
reply to post by OneTime111

I thought you might enjoy this interesting this bit of synchronicity.... One of our esteemed hosts, and owner/member Springer came across a quote the shared with the Mods and staff.

These kinds of things gently hint at the ideal....

"The true spirit of conversation consists in building on another man's observation, not overturning it."

--Edward Bulwer-Lytton,
British politician and writer

I felt this is something towards which we should all aim. Thanks Springer!

Oh, for those reading who have a high tolerance for verbose droning on and on..... I once made a thread which attempted to address the common experiences of many an ATS community member, it was not a hit, by any means, but some of what's there I think relates to what has been touched upon here....

The stages of the journey into the community of ATS

Advance warning... It's a long read.
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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 09:50 AM
i am a new member but have been visiting ATS occasionaly because my boyfriend and he finally got me to join up..i hope that i am able to fit in and hope thst i dont step on any toes while im here...hopefully everybody will see me as just a silly person and wont take offense

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