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Is there a major geological event coming?

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posted on Jul, 27 2004 @ 05:42 AM
Being a lfelong science geek I thought maybe it would be interesting to pull some of these threads toghether.
1)Reports seem to indicate the possibilities of a Magnetic pole reversal as shown in these threads.

2)Also there are many reports of increased solar activity as shown here

3)We also have reports of strange avian behavior

4)As well as reports of increased seismic activity

5)In addition many are reporting strange weather related phenomenon

6)Finally there are some reports that the Yellowstone super caldera may be preparing to blow

Is it all related? Could the world be entering into a period of heightened geophysical, geomagnetic, and solar activity? If so what does ths mean to the human race? Could this be the beginning of events predicted by the Gaia theroy? or is it simply a case of we only now have the tech to monitor these fluctuations? Is ths a case of misinterpertation?
What do you think?


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