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Did you witness Ft Sill AIT 1965-66 UFO sighting?

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posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 01:19 PM
I have very limited information regarding this sighting. It was told to me by an acquaintance. I am putting it out here to see if any ATS members may remember it or being told of it.

Ft Sill Oklahoma - 1965 or 1966 around that general date. A battery of 80 men were out on missile maneuvers for Advanced Infantry Training when 5 oval shaped and brightly lit objects in a V shape formation moved slowly east to west across the night sky. Friend said at first he thought they were military jets but they did not make any noise and suddenly all 5 objects stopped where they were.
Witness claims in an instant all objects moved outward and upward vanishing in a flash. He had top secret clearance and said that he is certain this was no military technology he knew of.

These are the only related evidence I can find on this event
Here is a later sighting at Ft Sill in 1987

Another oval shaped craft witnessed at Ft Sill

Thanks to ATS for any information you might have on this report.

posted on May, 22 2015 @ 10:37 PM
a reply to: newcovenant

I have an interesting story that comes from my dad who served in the Army and was in the Vietnam war in '68 I believe. I know he was based at Fort Sill and I think it was in '67 that this event occurred (I need to confirm with him). Keep in mind, he only told me this story when I was 18 and that my dad is a very show me type of person and doesn't believe in the paranormal or in aliens even though he believes the guard was telling the truth.

My dad said one night during his time at Fort Sill a night guard who he knew personally came running into the barracks as white as a ghost but couldn't speak, he could only point towards the motor pool. Dad said he couldn't speak for some time, but when he finally calmed down and was able to speak he told the group that a UFO had landed next to the motor pool and giant men exited the craft. So here we have a close encounter of the third kind from a credible witness. Now what makes this story compelling is that dad told me the motor pool was surrounded by very high concertina wire (barbed wire). When dad and others went to investigate the site they discovered the wire was completely flattened. He mentioned to me that nothing in that base, not even the tanks could have done that. Also, after the guard filed the report with his superiors it must have been taken seriously because dad says unknown investigators showed up immediately for interviews and to collect evidence. He mentioned that there were there for days.

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