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Drug resistant bacteria. Our fault, or the governments??

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posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 11:32 AM
I'm not sure if this is the correct area to post, so feel free to move my post to another thread. I'm kinda new here and getting the hang of this site!

Ok, so after following food recalls for years, and reading about these viruses that spawn out of nowhere, I've always wondered if some of these "bacterias" and "viruses" are NOT the result of over-prescribing antibiotics, but created by the government. But for what purpose? Population control? Testing them on us to see if they will work on enemies during war? The reasons could be endless, or very simple.
After being insanely sick with the "swine flu" two years ago, it really scared me. I had never been so sick with something like that in my life. And the way it tore through my family... me and my kids got it really bad. The three of us had to be admitted to the hospital. But my parents and their dad didn't get sick at all. Made me question if genetics had something to do with it. It took me 3 months to fully recover from it. Took my oldest son about a month, and my youngest just a week. He was really ill suddenly, then it went away as quickly as it came. I had read about how it affected people who were in their 20's worse than other age groups. But never heard a real reason as to WHY.

I posted a thread earlier about MRSA showing up in grocery store meat and it got me thinking.

Does anyone have opinions on this? Are these super bugs really the result of the overuse of antibiotics, or is it something else?

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 12:00 PM
reply to post by ampar84

You just never know what they are whipping up in the labs these days so this is a great question.
Time is better spent looking for a solution than assigning blame however so for now we have to solve our problems - we can hang the guilty later.

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 12:34 PM
Well with people popping anti biotics for every little thing, germs and bacteria are bound to evolve a defence against them.

Its finnally happened.

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 01:13 PM
Maybe a little bit of both. I don't doubt that there is dark science at work. However, with over-prescription of antibiotics, people not taking all of their antibiotics when they are on them (contributing to the development of drug resistant bugs) and the proliferation of antibacterial soap our modern habits have to be considered as well.
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posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 01:57 PM
reply to post by ampar84

I think overuse of antibiotics. For years I've heard doctors say that their patients come in and demand antibiotics so they give them to them just to shut them up. Or the doctors themselves just routinely prescribe antibiotics 'cause it's easy.

Oh, and the antibacterial soaps and kitchen-counter cleaners and hand wipes and on and on and on. You see in the TV ads that they kill 99.9% of bacteria. Well, that 0.1% they don't kill just gets stronger and more immune, until it eventually morphs into super-bacteria. I've even seen ads lately for an antibacterial pump for antibacterial liquid soap, so that kids don't get bacteria from pressing the pump to wash their hands in antibacterial soap. Between even allowing antibacterial products into the marketplace in the first place, and our advance knowledge of how ingenious marketing people are at selling us stuff, I don't know what we expected to happen. Where were our government nannies then? If it's not immediately lethal they don't protect us from it?

But don't get me started....

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 07:52 PM
reply to post by Ex_CT2

I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this! Thanks

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 09:33 PM
I have not made a lot of posts, and generally do not unless I notice something
in my area of knowledge that is not well understood. I work in the medical field. No
I am not a Nurses Aid. I am college educated and familiar with Drugs, Infections
and treatments. It should first be understood that in terms of infections, Virus
and Bacteria should be kept separate in their scope. They are not the least bit
similar other than they "infect". A virus is able to mutate without the use of vaccine.
However it is my opinion that the overuse of vaccines have led to mutant strains of
certain virus in the past. It takes time to make a vaccine, and manufacture it, and it is not unheard
of for a virus to have mutated into a new strain before a vaccine has even been manufactured
for the original one. Unfortunately the old strain remains as well as the new mutated one.
The vaccine may or may not be effective for both strains.
I will not even get into the chemicals used in them other than to say, thimerosal, formaldehyde, aluminum, and even some antibiotics are used in those vaccines to prevent them from becoming
contaminated with bacteria. It would not do to receive a vaccine to prevent the flu only to
catch VRSA in the process. Hence the need for the additives to prevent other infections.
Personally: I was forced to take vaccines as a child, but as an older adult and now retired
I refuse to take any vaccine. My own physician was not impressed but did not argue with me
when I told him I preferred not to be injected with thimerosal (mercury). (just a personal preference..
I will take my chances with the flu.)
So the answer is "yes..we have brought a curse upon ourselves with vaccines
preventing a thing only to have it mutate into another thing needing even newer prevention.
Antibiotics have no effect at all on virus'.
RE: Bacterial infections. This one hits a little closer to home: My father was infected with VRSA in the hospital after a surgery. There was no antibiotic that could treat him effectively. I do not wish to discuss the outcome.
But first a little heads up.
There are various "resistant" bacterium in this day and age, and every single one of them have resulted either from the overuse, or misuse of antibiotics. MRSA [Methicillin resistant staph aureus] VRSA
Vancomycin resistant staph aureus, and even a new strain of tuberculosis have recently presented in the general population. You cannot catch any of these from meat if you cook your meat well. And tuberculosis does not come in meat that can infect the lungs. But these organisms are bacterium that have mutated from the original staph aureus organisms. They became resistant at first to penicillin. Which then required the drug companies to make a more potent antibiotic to kill the mutated strain. A few years ago VRSA did not exist, but MRSA did. So an advanced then drug called Methicillin was found to no longer work against the MRSA...
and..As It did not work the organism mutated to fight all know antibiotics then termed VRSA due to the fact an even newer antibiotic failed to work: Enter drug resistance: and we got trouble:
The drug companies are in a constant battle to make new antibiotics to combat this problem. How does this happen? Was it caused by the drug companies? Us? the DRs? I believe all 3:
You know when you get a bottle of antibiotics it says to be certain to take them all and not to stop when you feel better? Most people do stop when they feel better. The organism is still present, and mutates to fight the old antibiotic leading to a mutated strain which you then over time pass on to someone else. This is not the drug companies fault. It is our fault, and the fault of physicians for ordering to many antibiotics, although many Drs now are far more reserved and careful. So who is to blame for the super bugs?
All of us: period. The DR if he over prescribes, the Nurse for not explaining how to take the drugs, and the drug companies for encouraging us to take more leading to future superbugs which they can then make newer and more expensive drugs to kill. We did this. It isn't any one else. We did it, and we still are doing it.
I am not saying do not take any drugs or antibiotics. Drugs generally save lives. Antibiotics as well if used correctly. I am saying be prudent, and informed. Most Drs are pretty good at what they do as are nurses.
they are not out to get us; they do however expect us to use common sense.
Further the livestock that low grade antibiotics are constantly given to to protect the herds from infection. Lead of course to the bacteria mutating into VRSA and MRSA and other bugs which now can be found in our meat! This is like a nuclear chain reaction that once the box is opened it cannot be shut, except of course by our own behavior. What goes around, comes around. We do need to close the box.
I am concerned about the antibiotics being in the meat, not the organisms. Heat kills the bugs. But it is unknown what it does to the antibiotics in the meat since no one cooks their meat the same way. Never eat your meat rare! Ever!.
It is a well known fact that in the past Hospitals used to destroy all of their drugs by flushing them down the drain/toilet. They generally cannot be returned to pharmacy. But today in most places it has been discovered that these drugs get into the ground water and in low levels we ended up drinking them..very low today most medical facilities destroy these drugs by fire or other means. Hence no drugs in the water.
This is not all orchestrated by the drug companies, but they do gladly take our money.
In all fairness though. When a Nurse gives someone a dose of Vancomycin IV and the patient goes home. a patient that would have otherwise have died if that drug had not been available, how much is that drug now worth to you if you are that person? If you go to the ER with a heart attack; you have a clot in an artery and the Dr prescribes a new IV drug which dissolves the clot, protects your heart, and allows you to live another 20 years how much is it worth to you to live? Yes the Drug companies have encouraged it, and the field of medicine has also encouraged and caused this, but they all also have saved countless lives. Perhaps the next life may be yours, or mine. If they truly want to kill us, why do they save so many of us? This is not a debunk: This the plain and simple truth. This is our fault. We have done this to ourselves. The conspiracy is that we are the ones that have caused it to happen. We can stop it by being prudent and informed. I don't trust the drug companies, nor my own physician. He knows it and I do question him often. He doesn't take offense, he simply does the right thing.
Be informed. Not persuaded. Know the truth. Believe not a lie.

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