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John Titor the "false prophet" during the end of times?

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posted on Jul, 27 2004 @ 01:31 AM
could it be that this John Titor chump is actually the false prophet as predicted by the bible? here read this article quite interesting if you apply it to him being evil, and the false prophet...


Just kinda wierd to think about, he would have so many followers if his words prevented that nuclear blast and he returned don't you think, or even his army leader returned.

posted on Jul, 30 2004 @ 09:56 AM
You don't need to type 'link' to make a url a link

There's quite a bit more to the John Titor 'issue' than you are apparently aware. John Titor doesn't claim to be the leader of some army that is going to return. He doesn't claim that he is going to return.

John Titor appear on (i think it was mIrc) chatrooms, claiming to be a time travelor from the near future. He said that he had been sent back in time to get a computer ( a machine from the 70's that was needed to fix some timeout problem with unix, sort of like the y2k thing).

He also claimed that, starting this year, there would be a 'waco event every month', meaning that the governement would be clashing with armed militias in the United States every month of the year. He claimed that eventually there would be a civil war between the cities and the countryside, wherein the people in the cities would be giving up there rights in exchange for being part of this powerful federal state, called (I think ) the American Federal Empire. Titor claims to have been a countryside person during this civil war.

His 'future history' is basicallty a militiaman's/survivalist's wet dream. It culminates with a short wwiii; global thermonuclear war. The people left form a new governement, and guess what, its a very libertatrian government with a much reduced federal aspect (eg there are five presidents, responsible for different national aspects). and he is just some guy who serves in the army of that government picked for this mission. He also says that he is alive, right now, as a child in this time. Its actually an -realy- detailed story, and there has been much discussion all over the place online.

Its like a real-time online soap opera/dinner mystery/sci-fi drama.
The anomalies forum ( a different forum than this one altogether) has several rather regular threads.
The physics behind his explanation of time travel are bunkum, and some of the 'proof' (photo evidence) he presents is bunk also.


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