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Sounds Advertisements.

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posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 06:07 AM
Please get them out of ATS. I just had 3 of the same ones on one page, all starting 1 second after the other.

Theres good advertising, and then theres the bad which affects traffic. Sound ads, along with interactive ads that cover the screen would be the bad kind. And for some reason, it's the kind ATS loves to bring aboard.

Millions of people are pissed about them, especially over the fact that they set the sound volume higher than anything else on your typical PC or MAC, making it outsource all other sounds.

I hate rants. But this has been way too inconvenient for a couple of months now. I work night shift at a newspaper company, and when i get home I always throw on a television or radio show whilst going through ATS. I don't want to have to guess which page the sound is coming from while i franticly look before my folks get woken up. (18 years old, still allowed to live with the parents


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