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Bored / sad there is no one to talk to on MSN etc... that and I have an astral problem...

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posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 04:40 AM

Originally posted by EvolEric

Originally posted by Rishiana

Originally posted by EvolEric

Originally posted by Rishiana
reply to post by EvolEric

Wow, if you don't mind me saying your life sounds awesome. I love digging around for rocks and fossils. They are so "BEAUTIFUL!!!" Oh and its great you have a wife to enjoy your life with. Btw, you being into music sounds awesome and great. You have a wonderful life most would ony dream for in this economy. Especially since your making it by. Btw, my mans lucky XD I can stay up with the best of them. But yeah.... you ought to try meditation and do more fossil hunting. I'd love to hear what you find. I've found large bits of quartz out at this place in Arkansas. So pretty >333 Hate to say it but I'm a old romantic who does enjoy some aspects of nature even if I do hate the sun XD Yeah, I tend to like night time better if I wanna go outside.

Thank you, I'm gonna do a lil more digging and hunting and I'm gonna post a thread on here showing off my findings
i'll alert you to it when I do... but don't hold your breath as I'm gonna hunt some more...
the music thing... its my passion I love it!! I am always sitting around thinking about music... I do guitar, vocals, drums, bass, synth/composing lyrics... and my wife does some guitar and does singing and lyrics and synth and composing... so it def keeps us busy!

The economy sucks!! But we do make it... I roll my own cigarettes, i can get a pound of tobacco for 18 bucks... beats 500 billion dollars for a carton, or however high it is nowdays haha...
but living this way is all about budgeting!! We rarely go out to eat or watch a movie or anything fun, lol... But hey, thats cool... although it does depress me sometimes... lol
We eat, we stay warm, and we get the necessities... number one trick... Dollar Tree

But I love my wife, she came from a ...well to do background and she's adjusted very well to our way of life... imagine her, being from the city, traveled the world her whole life... and now Ended up in the middle of nowhere!! lol but she says, its about love...

I would love to find some quartz!!!!!
my schedule puts me out of bed around 10am and keeps me awake until typically 3am-4am
its 5am now... so i'm up a lil later than norm... funny thing is, tonight is one of those rare nights my wife has stayed awake past 10pm haha

during the winter months I horde up inside and shiver at the thought of being outside...
but in the warmer months, I run around like a half mad squirrel

Your man is pretty lucky himself to have a night owl

Do you have highspeed internet?
If I had Highspeed... if only it was available... then my life would be complete lol

YAY!!!! Yeah, I dunno if I still have the quartz but it was some huge beautiful pieces. Some orange / see through and some see through / white. Oh and music is most definitely awesome. You ought to do a song about a lover trapped in the woods with his maiden, and together they find out the simple joys of life. Sounds like a song that would fit your life. Oh and hey, budgetting isn't bad. Wanna know how to get a good cheap yummy meal ya'll can cook ya'llselves? If your Dollar Tree ((I love that store)) has frozen foods and has some pre cooked shrimp in a bag and some mixed frozen vegatables, get those and cook them in butter and add lemon pepper seasoning to the butter and garlic. It will be deliciouso and taste like ya'll went out to eat ^_^ That and ya'll could have it underneath the stars. Trust me, I'm picky on food sometimes and I love me a gourmet meal so I've learned to use Dollar Tree to my advantage ^_^ But yeah... I guess you could call my man lucky XD I'm a night owl.... going to bed is for wimps XD

WHAT?!?!?! A dollar tree with a frozen food section!!! That would be nirvana!!! haha
my dollar tree has household stuff and a small canned food/junk food section... i get toothpaste, cleaners and other household items there and our snackens there.
If only it had a frozen food section!!!

Well the music I make is metal... I call it Dark Melodic Death Metal or DMDM
When I write I don't set out to right about anything in particular... I just write and "chisel" out what "wants" to be wrote

If your into that sort of music you can Click Here for facebook page it has several songs on it... be sure to scroll down to bottom of page for music player

I have tried that recipe you recommended before... very good I will say!
I love shrimp!
LMAO I feel kind of bad for saying this but my Dollar Tree has a frozen food section ha ha ha >,< Tis why I love Dollar Tree ^_^ Oh and I love metal music ^_^ Metal music ish awesome..... man... too bad you didn't live down here.... I'd love to just go hang out at your place and chill infront of the woods on your porch. But yeah, thats cool. Oh and I have a Facebook if you wanna add me. Just U2 me for it k? Anywho..... excuse my page if it all sounds crazy and like a bunch of depressed ramblings. I tend to get that way when I'm left to muddle on my thoughts alone. Anywho.... I know right? Shrimp is sooooooo yummy!!!! That and that recipe I mentioned is extra yummy.

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 04:43 AM
reply to post by CUJOCREEP

Awesome.... I think I'll do that now since you seem all over the place. I'm pretty good at conversations too.... unless you catch me when I'm hyper and then I make the most interesting of topics XD

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