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This article did not just go there!

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posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 04:49 PM
This is for all my pizza fans and occasional lovers. I almost had a heart attack! haha! The article discusses the best and worst pizza chains. What are your favorite pizza chains and what do you think of the article? Also: What is your favorite pizza? I love combination or supreme pizza.
Controversial Pizza Article

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 04:58 PM
reply to post by FeraVerto

Rosario's Pizza
771 East Nerge Road
Roselle, IL 60172

Hands down the best! Its been 2 years since I have been to that place (moved out of state) everything is fresh and the people who work there are so friendly. Pepperoni, onions, garlic with extra sauce and on their thin crust is the best ever!!! Aw I miss Illinois and it's wonderful Pizza

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 05:00 PM
Best: Pizzahut all the way!
Most Improved: Dominos, but they still can't match Pizzahut.
Worst: Chuckycheese.

I'm really hungry for Pizzahut now D:

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 05:10 PM
Ferrando's cheese with extra cheese and mushrooms.... Pure bliss...

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