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Did my son see Mothman?

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posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 11:56 AM
My son is unusual. He is early in his 7th year.
Above normal maturity level for his age. Academically average - but highly intellegent.
He claims he can see spirits and told me how he sucided as a cold, hungry solider by shoting himself because he "just couldn't take it" he demonstrated with a toy gun - told me how he used his foot to pull the trigger, this freaked me out because he was not even 4 when he told me this story. He has intense interest in the Civil War.

Yesterday during a short walk he talked about "other dimensions" as in we found a car part (the seat adjustment handle) and he was messing around with it and then suddenly threw it aside and said it was a handle into another dimension. Later on the same walk he started talking about time being in a great time circle and man would disappear from earth and dinosaurs would come back and then man would come again and have to think everything already thought all over again, and George Lucas would have to make Star Wars all over again. That seemed his greatest concern. LOL

This morning on the way to school he told me he had a visitor to his bedside 2 days ago. He described it as a person wearing statue of Liberty type robes, but said it had huge wings like a bird - I asked him if it was an angel? He said no, and that he wasn't sure because he was afraid to look at its face and could not move. Later I told a friend this because my son is frequenlty a topic of conversation and she said "Mothman - he saw Mothman!" She then said she was covered in chills.

I looked it up. What does this mean? I have had psychic sense myself which I brushed off as crazy as I grew older. I am a Veteran though and I saw things in theater - my mind has been changed since. I now don't question things but I still don't understand. I did dream of a quake 2 days before Japan. I almost threw up when I saw the headlines. My son, and his abilities make me less skeptical but I still struggle to understand - and you can't just talk about this out in the real world. So we sense.

I have a sense of dread myself lately & strange dreams myself last night - but this "sighting/dream" of my son's causes me great concern. I plan to talk to him about it more after school - all of it, the dimensions - what does he mean? The time loop. The vision. I've grown accustomed to our strange talks. I don't' try and encourage, I just ask him and try and remain as supportive as possible - because I believe there is much in this world that we don't understand.
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posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 12:18 PM
Your son sounds like he has a good imagination, that's all.

I don't want to rain on your parade, but most likely your son is just like every other kid in the world and plays make-believe. He could have got the idea for other dimensions from TV shows, or peers at school, computer games etc etc.

Or he could be nuts. If you're concerned get him checked out by a shrink. He'll just say what I've said though - a vivid imagination just like every other kid.
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posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 12:18 PM
Hello, TheBirdisDone -

I find your story very interesting. Supposedly, as we progress through the coming years, there will be more and more children born with psychic abilities. They are highly sensitive, and seem to be able to communicate on a different level than most of us. I would suggest Googling "Indigo Children" - if nothing else, at least you won't feel that this is a singular phenomenon.

I would encourage your child to write things down. This often helps to displace any negative thoughts or dreams - they have somewhere to put it, so that it does not weigh so much on them. Also, as it already seems you are doing, have him share what he sees and feels. I don't think you have anything to worry about, unless he starts to withdraw - then I might seek medical attention from someone that you trust.

I am in no way a medical professional - just drawing from what I have learned through the years, and child psych. Good luck.

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posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 12:21 PM

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 12:23 PM
Your son seems very intelligent! The part about shooting himself.. maybe he is remembering a past life? I have read stories about young children who can recognize and name people in a photograph from a past life that they have never before met in person.

Check out these links for some unbelievable reincarnation stories:

Boy who remembers a past life in Scotland:

Young boy who was a WW2 pilot:

A Reincarnation in Vietnam:
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posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 12:33 PM
reply to post by TheBirdisDone
I always had this crazy idea about past life phenomona. I'm no Doctor or Scholor, just an everyday "joe' with a thought. It has to do with DNA and it's role with evolution. Can DNA act as recorder in a parent "and any blood relative who's genes have been passed on" to their children? Even thought's or experinces their forfathers may have had? Even a story that may have been heard by a ancestor.
I mean....isn't the whole idea of evolution is that DNA remembers what it needs to do in order to improve the spicies? How does it do that without the ability to store a point of reference?....Like I said...crazy thoughts happen to me.
I think your kid will be alright as long as you don't make him feel like he's abnormal. Kids are blessed with tremendous imaginations that make growing up alot more fun for them. Your a good parent....i'm sure you'll both come to the right answer with common sense whatever the answer is. Anything is possible just make sure it's the right answer.

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 12:36 PM
Thank you for your reply Coder. I expected this honestly - I would like to believe it myself - except there is far too much that comes out of his mouth that just stops people in their tracks - my son has quite an affect on people. I would also be more likely to dismiss it if not for the things that have happened to me in recent years - and the fact I realize I have been in denial about these things myself.

It is easy to be rational and skeptical - that is EASY - and my comfort zone too.
I comfort myself by thinking this kid is the next George Lucas - or other creative type.

My "sensativities" increased during time of War. My skeptical, analytical self says this is just heightened survival skills on over drive and that prolonged fight or flight hormone release made me whacked. I can then think my son must have been influenced while I carried him after deployment by having heightened senses due to the influence of hormones. By the way this kid told me he "choose me" to be his mom out of all his choices because he felt I deserved to be rewarded.

Yes, here in good old USofA with our culture we can think this is heightened imagination - influenced by media and schoolmates . . . and yet in other parts of the world his statements and abilities might be looked at quite differently. I take note of what he tells me too because he explains things in orginal ways, saying his vision was wearing a Statue of Liberty type cloak. Unusual - everything usually has a Star Wars reference and certainly he could have used one of those characters in his description.
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posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by DreamVapor

I agree and have also considered this in my own life. My son has ancestors that fought, and were even captured and held as prisoners of War during the Civil War. He also had a great grandfather who was a famous dowser in his local area. A dowser finds water. We do have some interesting ancestory - his more so than mine on his father's side.
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posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 12:49 PM
My son is out of sync with his age group. He is way advanced verbally - adults are constantly commenting on this. He has an active imagination. He will watch movies, stop them, get his action figures and then act out the scenes using appropriate accents. He will comment at the zoo that the animal's habitat is not appropriately large enough - and yes he talks like that. He does not believe in Santa (figured this out at 3) or God and has valid arguements as to why. This has caused several phone calls home from school. I told him he cannot be telling adults all of this stuff or they will become alarmed.

Yesterday he told me he can see sounds. He told me they look like "waves" moving at different levels. He is so far advanced in many ways - yet NOT advanced academically. It is not matched - yet. He can analyze adults and spot mistruths. He wants to write peace treaties. He is non-stop and most of his questions have answers that lie in physics and I am out of my league.

By the way he does see an excellent therapist - she is not concerned about his "imagination" and believes he is just ahead of himself intellectually. He is my greatest joy and challenge.

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by TheBirdisDone

Yes, that was the rational side of me speaking, of course, we never know, your son might be different.

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 01:32 PM

Originally posted by TheBirdisDone
He claims he can see spirits and told me how he sucided as a cold, hungry solider by shoting himself because he "just couldn't take it" he demonstrated with a toy gun - told me how he used his foot to pull the trigger, this freaked me out because he was not even 4 when he told me this story.

What an alarming thing for a 4 year old child to say!

If I looked at this from a wholly pragmatic viewpoint (and with no intention of offence), I'd be very concerned at what role the mother has had in prompting and reinforcing the child's beliefs.

You say that your son is seeing a therapist? Why would that be? I have to say that the whole situation is rather curious.

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by Silver Star

I AM the mother. He is going to a therapist due to a change in family dynamics. The therapist is NOT alarmed, but believes he is highly advanced. So much so it is a struggle for me - so please don't blame me. He is ahead of me believe me. You have no idea what it is like to have such an intellegent child - I struggle to keep up, but believe I should tell him the truth as best I can - so when he asked I said "No Santa" - the God thing - well I have faith myself - but he is certain about how HE feels. He sees a therapist because our family has just gone through divorce. Due to his advanced level of maturity he asks me things I am at a loss to answer concerning family dynamics - I do not fear this process and think it is helpful for my son to process this change in the hands of a trained professional. I am very aware.

I do not reinforce his "stories" I ask him to clarify for insight. When my son was 2 and a half I was reading a small book the Jehovias Witnesses dropped off at my house out of curiosity, this book they don't let out often, it is a controlled teaching but the Witness trusted me with it - my son was riding his scooter around the table on the hardwood floors when he suddenly stopped and looked at me and with firm authority said 'Momma you put that little book away - YOU READ THE BIG BOOK!!!" I was shocked to say the least - thus began the alarming statements.

I was SCARED when he told me of the sucide he "remembered" I mean my blood ran cold! He told me how cold, miserable and hungry he was and that is why he did it. He then proceeded to get a toy Star Wars blaster and show me how. I was speechless. I asked my X - what did you watch??? - because I am careful about exposure. He on his own - asked for Civil War Literature in Kindergarten and was told 'Kids don't read that" -

I am NOT a genius - but we do have them in the family tree. There is not much support for raising a child like this. As I have shared I am prone to be skeptical and dismissive . . . to search for the rational explaination. That he "sees" music as different vibrations is a real phenomonia it is called synethesia and some famous people have suffered or benefited from this strange neurological condition Nicola Tesla is one example. Of course the other side of these "gifts" can be rather dark. I want the best for him obviously.

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 07:11 PM
A regressive hypnosis-therapy might give you some answers. He isn't talking rubbish, I've read many similar accounts. He's an Indigo. But don't start floating away. Keep his and your feet on the ground. Try to keep it a bit to yourself, because there is also a risk for him getting bullied.

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 07:15 PM
reply to post by TheBirdisDone

if he really is seeing mothman, means something bad is on its way wherever youre livng, keep an eye out i guees

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 12:46 AM
reply to post by TheBirdisDone
I have a six year old daughter who is very similar to the way you describe your son. I won't go into details here and open myself up for criticism but I just wanted to say I sympathize with the challenges you are facing raising such a child. Mine is about average academically, too, though she is starting to advance quickly in mathematics. It's her ability to evaluate situations and her early sense of how the universe works that are striking and as you put it, stops adults in their tracks. And that's all I'll say publicly about that subject.

Getting back to the point of your post, I don't know if your son saw moth man. I like to read about these things for fun since honestly, I am kind of skeptical about a lot of the mythical beasts and I am becoming even more jaded by the never-ending posts of mange afflicted canines being introduced as potential chupacabras
Moth man is a very interesting subject and seems to meet a very specific description according to alleged witnesses. Take a moment to do a few Internet searches and image searches. If you find one that is not too scary, you can possibly ask your son if it reminds him of what he experienced. I haven't read about him very extensively, but the few accounts I read make it seem like he has only been sighted outdoors.

If your son was having a bout of sleep paralysis then the figure he described is more in keeping with the types of beings some sleep paralysis sufferers see. I get sleep paralysis myself but haven't seen anything quite like that, thank goodness. I get the garden variety shadow people blobby things.

And thank you for your military service. As the daughter of a vet, I appreciate what you have sacrificed in service to your country.

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 08:21 AM
reply to post by SheeplFlavoredAgain

I greatly appreciate your support, really - thank you. Feel free to U2U me if you'd like. I am interested in your daughters abilities. I used to lean so heavliy into skeptisim. You know claiming there was no such thing as ghosts, UFOs etc. Then I did some thinking about my own life and realized I was not being honest with myself. I had a "visitor" at around age 6. I couldn't move and watched this person sit across from me and smoke. Perhaps it was just a dream but it was terrifying and seemed so real! I had a memory of being killed in an auto accident when I rode through and intersection when I was very young - it confused me completely and I still cannot explain that.

I really don't put much stock in mothman aside from curiosity about the concept of other dimensions which is something I have wondered about for many years and seems to be the thought about this creature. I myself had a twinge of extreme fear one day where we now live - I saw a sort of shadow image, large, dark - fleeting as if I only saw a part of something - I thought perhaps my eyes played tricks on me, but it did strike me the overwhelming wave of fear. It was a sudden chill bump twinge experience.

We live on the edge of a sink hole. It is a large circular depression with a tree portal around the edge. When you stand down inside of it - it is quite an odd sensation. I have written I live in Florida which is a basically a large limestone sponge - I attribute this topography to my earthquake sensativity because I did not sense when the earth was going to move when I lived in other locations. I think I can "hear" the limestone sing down here, that is my explaination for "knowing" when earthquakes will happen. It soothes me to come up with logical explainations.

I am aware I can "hear" things, and this started with the Radar overseas during my deployment. Scientifically I think there could be explanations about some of these things. I am less afraid to discuss it now although I don't stand on street corners - people who practice yoga, work with Qi in forms of martial arts, or practice Reiki - or other body work seem more open to discussions. Is this because they are of that type anyway or is this because they understand and accept more that cannot be explained?

I don't really know much about the supernatural and will not make claims about it. I will state I just don't know and understand certain things and I am open to thinking about things. What I DO KNOW as fact is that human beings lie and subvert information to advance political or religious aims - I say this anthropologically and not as a conspiracy instigator. I think there are things about this world, this reality, the human body that are not easily within our grasp to understand and this is what I try to express to my child. We still continue to learn things. The human genome was not fully mapped until 2003! Just now they are beginning to understand how "old" viruses, meaning viral dna changes from thousands of years ago can hide in our own bodies - this is leading to new understanding about illnesses and triggers for things like MS. Maybe this seems off topic, but the point I am making is there is just so much we don't understand until we develop "bigger microscopes" so to speak. That is my stance on "openess" to life.

What is disconcerting about this mothman thing is the portent for disaster stuff. Due to my "earth sense" I had promonitions about a big quake 2 days before Japan - I didn't not know where it would happen - I had a lucid dream where I realized the earth was going to move . . . . so I have begun to take these signs, intutions and statements of others a bit more to heart. My sense is these awful storms we are experiencing in the South might be connected to my son's "vision" - when I try to "feel" in the space that is what I recieve.

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by TheBirdisDone

There are interesting parallels between us, apparently. Like you, I try to remain grounded but I do have to acknowledge an insight into a lot of things that can only be described as "paranormal". If you click on my profile and look at my various posts I do talk about my personal experiences. I just normally don't discuss my daughter in much depth, I just mention her in passing. My dad and I had to open our minds whether we wanted to or not because just being around my mother was a guarantee of odd experiences.

I do see shadow beings, too, from time to time. I know it's not my imagination because I've seen one make my dog jump as it glided past us one evening. She reacted to it as she would have a real solid animal. I have no idea exactly what shadow beings are, as I have now made it a point to avoid reading about them. Reading about them seems to induce enough nervousness in me to make them show up, I think. I think they feed off anxiety. My dad has seen them, too.

I get vertigo myself, now apparently in conjunction with large earthquakes occurring. So I appreciate what you are saying about your eq sensitivity. Since there have been so many lately I've been pretty dizzy, lol! Since I had my daughter in 2004 I have had a substantial increase in sensitivity to low frequency sounds and vibrations. And most recently, though I don't do it very often, I found out I can get a "vibe" off of trees. I had a thread about that in the paranormal forum. I didn't update that thread but the sick tree I talk about in that thread is scheduled to be removed at the end of the month. It seems to know and the distress has lessened in it. It didn't know it was sick until we got in communication, but now it knows it is dying and accepts, though it is still suffering. Of course I could be imagining all that. How would I ever know the difference? But that was the overall impression I was left with from that tree. Whatever. Life and taxes go on, and I can only hope someday I'll know the answers to all the things that puzzle me about my life now. Until that great day when and if the great mysteries are revealed to me, I can only give it all my best guess.

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 10:51 AM
Children are so beautiful when unspoiled and allowed to be all that they are naturally. Just let him figure this one out for himself and what it all means for him personally without you putting more on him from your perspectives. Who knows? Some things in life become part of the unknowable even though we have to live with those wonderful mysteries for the rest of our lives when they are real or even highly imagined.

I believe him for what its worth and would treat it no differently than any other unusual occurrence.

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 12:46 PM
reply to post by TheBirdisDone

Greeting to you, TheBirdisDone. Your son is special. You probably already know that, don't you? I have a son, a daughter, and a neighbor boy who all are like this. Some will say to you that is simply an over-active imagination, but that is just a normal person attempting to understand something that is out of reach. I see this all the time when I talk. Some just cannot grasp what I am saying, no matter how much I "dumb it down."
There are many dimensions, I know of at least 10 different levels, and these are beginning to cross over each other. In 1943 a rift was torn in the time continuum with the Philadelphia Experiment. Another hole was torn in time in 1963, thus forming a 20 year cycle. Not many know this, but humanity does not live on the original timeline. Ever so often the timelines cross each other. You son is seeing into a dimension that you cannot see, or hear, or be in. Encourage the boy, and listen to him. He will lead you into the new world if you allow him to.

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 12:59 PM
Your son could have rarely happens in children but it does happen.

Autowrench sounds like he has a case of it.

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