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It's conspiracy to drive me mad!

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posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 11:52 AM
I have to vent or I will burst!

WTH is technology so damn complicated and WHY does it always mess up when I am involved.

I can't take it!!!!!!!!!!!

I am trying to do two VERY simple things but NO it's like it is being sabotaged to drive me MAD!

It is WORKING! You won, now stop please just stop!

A smart phone is not so smart, they are pretty dumb if you ask me. This thing does what it wants and never what I tell it to. Same with this computer. I am over my limit of patience!!

You pay ALL that money for a damn phone and it has issues like a fricking laptop. WHY! The guy tells me yesterday oh virus protection is good and I said are you kidding me! I had one one and he took it off and put a new one on. I never needed that on my iPhone.

I am going BACK to my iPhone next billing cycle both for my sanity and my blood pressure and the instant rage my phone and laptop cause daily! Those in chat often KNOW my pain!

If you dont like my rant move on

Im gonna say it again, my iPhone AND Powerbook NEVER had these issues! EVER!

Damn you Steve Jobs where is my Macbook Air?! I sacrificed my flesh for your logo and my Powerbook for love..which I do NOT recommend doing. I should have known better..

Ok I feel a little better now...

/rant over


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