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Information On The NovaTech Society.

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posted on Oct, 27 2004 @ 09:38 PM
PS. To the member who wanted to know what "succombed" means:
it's a military term like "nukeleeare" and it's what you do to a rooster before you cut off his head.

posted on Oct, 28 2004 @ 12:59 PM
I say we all get together and pursue a legitimate lawsuit against NovaTech. They obviously buy information from somewhere to contact us in the first place, and from there they choose who gets letters based on our actions. They single out people who are vulnerable. People they can easily manipulate. Or so they think. That's called profiling, and it's illegal. IF we get enough people involved in the lawsuit we can win. Anyone who has recieved a letter from the NovaTech Society (YOU MUST STILL HAVE A COPY OF IT), or has been scammed into purchasing an item from them (AGAIN, YOU MUST HAVE PROOF), please email me at:

Together we can win this, and rightly we should. They promised us fame and riches! Lets go get them! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

posted on Oct, 28 2004 @ 01:03 PM

Originally posted by spaceAngel
PS. To the member who wanted to know what "succombed" means:
it's a military term like "nukeleeare" and it's what you do to a rooster before you cut off his head.

The definition of the word "Succomb" is to "Fall victim to" in so many words. As an example I'll use it in a sentence.

"Don't let yourself succomb to false knowledge."

posted on Oct, 28 2004 @ 01:23 PM

Originally posted by CelticBeauty1981
That's called profiling, and it's illegal.

I'm not aware of any U.S. legal jurisdiction where the activity you have described is illegal, or where "profiling" is illegal, for that matter. Were it illegal, all targeted marketing programs would be illegal, and the last time I looked, they seem to be doing a robust business.

You might want to make sure there is actually a cause for legal action before suggesting that course.

I'm sure there are plenty of attorneys out there who would be happy to consult with you on this topic -- for a price. But you would most likely end up with the same advice and even less money in your pocket.

A more likely vulnerability would be on grounds of fraud, but that requires proof that Novatech has misrepresented itself to bilk you out of money. That may seem like a slam dunk, but it's not as easy as it sounds.

The best course of action is to be mindful of who you send money to and why you are sending it. When you fail to do that, you're basically paying tuition in the School of Hard Knocks.

posted on Oct, 28 2004 @ 04:19 PM
My Horoscope this morning told me to reasearch and that is what I'm doing it must be round 2, I got my letter a week or two ago as it did not cost anything and I'm always interested in lengths some people will go to in their efforts to steal my money I replied. In the first place if they were anywhere near as powerfull as they perport to be they should have known that I haven't got 140 bucks to pay for a book and if it did all they say why not send it to me then once It started working for me I could and would send any price, I was not suprised to find it a scam but was taken aback by the cost as the scam is so clear

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 10:15 PM
Hello ALL, new member and first time poster here. Found this site after googling the humorous over-the-top letter from Nova-tech. I spent much time reading through this lengthy topic and have joined to post what I have put together with the help of research posted here and my own, I have a few answers.

1. I feel confident that I got on this mailing list by ordering the Carleton Sheets Real Estate CD's. Which that reminds me I must call to return before November 15th... (I shall however, remain in possession of my back-up copies. After all... I paid for the media right?
) Hats off
to the member who posted that tidbit about the same address and name error on both items.

2. These Nova-tech = Neo-teck books are rife with the objectivism philosophy’s of Ayn Rand, which is a cult in and of itself and responsible for more than one messed up man I've came across in my dating days. Check out her books available at any library or bookstore... The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged works of fiction, hoping to describe her ideal God-Man, frankly I think she had some great vision, but was missing more than a few marbles.

3. I also submitted my e-mail address to the silly Neo warrior’s site that sells software to help you utilize the neo-tech books...

and got the following e-mail Hi Melissa,

Congratulations for joining the Neo-Warriors website!

You have just joined the most popular online community
on the net for readers of Novus Tek & Neo-Tech!

Note: We are not the ones who write, publish or sell
Neo-Tech or Novus Tek literature. Nor are we endorsed
or supported by Neo-Tech Publishing Company.

This is Carl Noland.

16 years ago, in 1988, I read the Neo-Tech Discovery
for the first time. You can even see my testimonials
about Neo-Tech in some of the NT manuscripts. Look for
the two by Carl N. in 1988. I was 17 years old.

I look back on that time as such as incredible awakening
for me. I was awakened to being a Neo-Tech person,
forever and foremost.

Neo-Tech concepts shook me to the core, and grounded
me firmly in objective reality.

Neo-Tech is an integrated matrix of concepts. In my
mind, it is the most powerful literature that has
ever been written.

I honor you for purchasing Neo-Tech and for inquiring
further into what it is.

Inside the Neo-Warriors community, you'll find famous
people who have gotten great values from Neo-Tech,
thousands of readers who have been awakened by the
books, and thousands of inquiring minds who want to
know more about Neo-Tech before they buy.

You will also find authors and experts who gained
tremendous value from Neo-Tech, and who will share
their secrets and strategies with you inside valuable
free articles and E-Books.

In future emails, I'll share with you 17 strategies and
tools that have helped me take my life to the next level
with Neo-Tech.

First, you can discover more about this on-line academy,
and why it's time has come, why it is so vital, here...

Warrior melissa, it is time to begin your training!

Look for the next email from me in two days.

I will be sharing with you 17 SECRETS that will give
you tremendous advantages as a Neo-Tech

Carl Noland
"The time for training is NOW!"

20337 Farm Pond Lane, Pflugerville, TX 78660, USA

4. The books are also found on e-bay (Whatever did we do before ebay?) they are published by I&O Press which stands for individualisim and objectivisim which is another ayn rand cult reference.

Thanks for all the info - I am a curious mind and become quite interested when someone tells me that I could have mental powers..... when I already know I do....

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 07:08 PM
My boyfriend recieved the initial letter and faxed the reply and has gotten the booklet, I haven't finished reading it yet, but ...
I firmly believe that anything or anyone that repeatedly stresses secrecy there iss something "not right" with.
If something is really legit
oops gotta go back soon

posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 02:24 PM
Thanks, Y'all, for the input on Novatech...especially Melissaissm and the note about Ayn Rand. My brother tried to force-feed me Ayn Rand when I was an adolescent, (what a load of arrogant ,self-serving crap), and I'd say he'd qualify as one of those messed-up guys you speak of.
I'm not sure how I got on their mailing list either, but I have been noticing a lot of "get-rich-quick" junk mail lately. And, just in case anybody wonders, I am registered with the Direct Mail Marketing Association's "do not mail" list, and it ain't done diddly squat about the tons of martyred trees I get in my mailbox each and every day. So much for the proper channels!

posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 11:35 AM
Hello Everyone. This is my first (second) post to ATS. I am in great admiration of all of you truth seekers out there.

Anyway I just sent of the second instalment for the Novus Tek Discovery and thought (maybe a bit too late) to do a quick research on the www. And so I landed here. I received the information booklet today and as I read it I kept on thinking who I knew that would know my hidden talents… although I do believe that everyone has a great amount of hidden potential or talents… who would know my name, address etc… Well my curiosity and faith/trust was greater than my scepticism so I decided to go for it. It cost me 138.85 and now I am waiting to get the “big book” with all the secrets….

Here are my ponderings…
Are any of you who have posted here actual members of the society?
Have you applied any of the techniques in the book?
Did you feel anything remotely close to the elevating stories in the pamphlet?

I actually felt something while and after reading the booklet… An eerie feeling of being lighter and totally absorbed in the reading (which is unusual for me…can hardly concentrate on reading a newspaper)

As I took a walk outside after reading the booklet and going to get the MO I also felt my posture had changed for the better and that I had more courage to look people in the eyes… also a somewhat unusual thing for me as I live in the hard NYC…

Over the past five years I have participated in and witnessed situations that altered my vision of this planet and the life upon it… the society, systems, governments etc. that comply with the alleged secrets in the books…. Partially a reason why I ordered it….

As I believe that we humans (well these days more like sub-humans since we were mated with aliens to create a slave race for the “gods” aka (the rulers of the world today) aka George bush Sr. and Jr. , The Rothschilds (I personally know one of the family), The Rockefellers and basically anyone with enough power (money) to control the government(s) thereby controlling us and us being the world… The new world order is alive today it is not a futuristic government… Watch “The Matrix”… It’s like watching a futuristic version of Jesus life….

Sorry got a bit of the subject…its 3 am….
Since my own experiences…. which will remain a secret for now... I sleep less, eat less and have more energy than ever before… I also haven’t been sick once since I started my “new” journey….

Well I think that’s enough for now… Love to all of you out there…

We were meant to live in abundance both in money and love.. Although
our ignorance is wanting to keep us in darkness… And the ones keeping us ignorant…

…. maybe a secret society is not so far fetched after all…I will read this book and then we’ll see….

posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 07:13 PM
This is my first post and I found the website after receiving one of these letters today from Novus tech Society. I live in New Zealand.

I recently made my first ever purchase through, my item I received in the post today with the postmark 60544 Frankfurt Allemagne.

Today I also received my letter from Novus Tech Society, with the exact same postmark. Thinking it was from Amazon I was amazed to read this rubbish. What is the link here, has anybody else ordered from Amazon and received this letter at the same time they received their goods.

Any theories?


posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 08:58 PM
I am new to the site and have not set a profile up, but soon will. I regret that I didn't find this site sooner. I also received my "Nova Tek" letter yesterday in the mail. After reading it twice, I kept an uneasy feeling about what I had read. Like some on here, my curiosity sparked me to fax the form in and see what they would send for "free".
After reading some of the postings, I know that they will not get any money out of me that I can't honestly and whole heartedly earn with this "great knowledge" they insist I must have for "free".
Without getting too personal or sounding boastful, my guides let me know right away this is not lighted path for me. I will be checking often to see what others think of this "scam". You can bet I will put my two cents worth in, after my investigation. I have to say there are so many vulnerable people in the world that live in the past when things were more honest and forthright. I am not an English major, so please excuse the grammar and spelling. Nor do I claim to be a Thanks all for reading and discussing this subject.

[edit on 18-11-2004 by dancejunky]

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 11:12 PM
Alright. This is my first post. It's gonna be long. Brace Yourself. Basically, last year I started believing in a whole lot of weird stuff about life, love, and wealth. No one prompted me, no reading about it, just certain occurences led me to believe certain things. I also had an on and off falling out with God and my Catholic faith. Either way, it was a weird year. One drunken night in summer, I called up big daddy Carleton Sheets and his Real Estate bunk for the sheer f-- of it . I was hurting for success and money cuz I took a big hit.

Anyways, they screwed me and never sent my Carleton stuff after 27 days so I cancelled. 1 week after cancelling, the Novatech stuff came. Now, the Nova tech stuff catered right to my emotions. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I had to stop reading for a bit. everything the lady was saying was stuff I had been believing. I was believing there was a society out there running sh-- and always thought I should be asked to be a part of it (which I would decline unless I got a signing bonus). Coincidentaly, this letter proclamied it all. I send it back ASAP and I wrote "this better not be a scam" on it, as if to justify responding. I chilled out then got on this site to research. This was beginning of September, so 2 months ago. I read every thread on here back then and I was on their (novatech) site etc then hit a link that led to somehting that said "unleash the power of satan" but you couldn't get into the page anymore. Not even sure which author wrote it. I also read pages and pages of excerpts from this neo stuff and I actually found it very interesting because a lot of it correlated with what I had started believing on my own a year ago.

I'm a Catholic since birth and go to church every week, but in all honesty, i'm a bad ass with a good heart. I've done it all. Except murder n, rape and heroin. So when I see someone talk about banging every woman etc it doesnt bother me or phase me. However, for some reason I didn't really like all that I read on the neo web sites. Like, there's stuff about how we developed our own sub conscious without the help of a higher power etc... and I mean the theories are all cool EXCEPT that they don't acknowledge a higher power. It keeps saying we are the top which is bunk because we don't even know how to travel outside our solar system. Anyways, even the Cassanova stuff seemed very odd. Not bad or good, just odd how many times Cassanova was mentioned. I need to look up the proper meanings of the words "nova" and "cassa" because for some reason, I don't think it just has to do with the meaning we are all familiar with.

It's mentioned way to much to just mean a "ladies man". Or maybe i'm reading into it. SO I got my little orientation booklet and never looked at it. After reading all the posts on here I was certain it was junk and very upset by it.

Last night, I suddenly decided to read the booklet, after over 2 months. Although there's inconsistencies and some pretty lame attempts at getting you to rush, I must tell you that reading this stuff AFTER the deadline is a different feeling. I mean, the rush of "am i being scammed?" etc is all gone because it's so far past the time. Well, something has really sparked my interest in novatech now.

I WILL send my confirmation along with $140. It's two months too "late" but i'm gonna try anyways. I mean my "cycle two" is over so it shouldn't make a difference. The reason I'm going to do this, is because I'm currently in college to get another diploma/degree , i'm 24 (young), and I can honestly tell you that I've spent way more money on dumb ass college books that we use like twice in the year but are mandatory yet cant be resold because we have to mark stuff in them etc...... College books aren't cheap and I get ripped off by having to buy them. Further, someone broke into my car and took my bookbag which was a $90 schoolbag and $300 worth of college stuff, along with $200 cash (i was just running in and out of a doctors office and stuff got stolen within 15 minutes).... That was in September as well. At the time, I was pretty pissed off. But in all honesty, i'm fine now and i've lost a lot more money in my day with all the crap I've been involved with. I'm still alive, and still doing well. Heck I'm only 24 and I've been $50 000 in debt from medical bills. It all worked out. The bottom line, from someone who's been thru all i've been thru, is:

$140 isn't gonna make or break anyone. And if it is, you have a lot more serious problems to worry about. I can't believe I didn't send the $140 when I thought about it... It got stolen the next week anyways and I got nothing out of it. Chump change like that is worthless. I'm no rich dude but i've blown more money than that on a few drinks and dinner. Honestly. If it goes on to other crap like paid seminars and all that for like $1000 as one guy said, then YES, you're wasting serious coin for like a day of listening. But then again, I wish there WAS someone out there who received this letter that has that kind of money to blow. Like someone who sees $1000 the same way I see $100.... Cuz If i had that money to blow($1000), I probably would go to the seminar and if it was a bunch of hooey i'd snap! I'd snap on them right there in person. Geez I'd egg the guy or something... K i'm joking about blowing $1000, let's get back to me being serious and credible.

The reason after reading this orientation booklet after so long, am I choosing to buy the big book which they hopefully still send me (which if they did would look really bad on their part considering my "window" was closed 2 months ago) is because I must say:

Maybe the learning to be rich and "control" people blah blah blah techniques aren't right in front of our eyes. I read the thing carefully and it says things like "it will enter your subconscious etc"........ Well here's the thing; these dudes are pretty friggin smart and smart writers. Even the "dumb" mistakes they make are still smart. Mistakes like the barcodes on a "personal" letter, the codes on corners of paper, the small inconsitencies of stories, the 100 different pen names, and basically all the other "mistakes" which allow us to see this as a "scam".

But let me ask this: What if they DONT want a certain level of smart, perceptive people around their society? I'm trying to think like I was them. (I'm pretty good at thinking like big bad business-----it's my curse)

I mean, they send a letter that's pretty personal looking and they go to some extras like first class mail, but they leave some "mistakes" not obvious to the less than intelligent eye. THAT's who the target market is. If you are on here reading this, the target market probably ISNT you. I think people on here tend to underestimate how stupid people really are. Answering a letter and paying a few bucks for a book promising riches is 1000000 times smarter than the things i've seen and heard people do.

So as I was saying, most normal wise people wouldn't send money in 3 days time. SO, When they (novatech) receive any payments, they know they don't gotta worry about any future problems and they probably sell your name to 100 other different marketing things. I mean , Even Carleton Sheets sold your name. My dad's been in real estate for 25 years and damn successful, however buying Zero down with absolutely no credit and crap just doesn't happen for most folks. So even when guys like Carelton Sheets get's your name for a free trial, they are like "wow, we got a live one. A live sucker." Then they sell your name to everyone. So either way, you just made him money without spending a penny. Trust me, I'm a semi semi semi semi HARDLY working actor, and when I get a cheque for a commerical I shoot, I get a list of every market it hit, how many viewers etc.... If i'm getting paid like $10 000 for a non-speaking role on some measley Dell commercial, then how much you think Dell spends on the ad? I mean there's like 8 actors, so we're already at $80 000, then paying for the ad slots which can go up to millions.

SO just think: If Carleton Sheets or whatever else you apply for like credit or whatever, sell your info, you are one of maybe millions they've sold. One million Novatech direct hits with "personalized" letters probably makes Carelton Sheets like several hundred thousand just for the names he provided!!! How else would companies like Nova Tech advertise? They DO have the money to advertise on TV im SURE but is that really the medium for their materials to be promoted????


I've always learned to study how a succesful person does things, and it will rub off. Look at how they write their letters. Let's be honest, that's some of the craftiest general writing ever. It caters to every basic human need and emotion. It fulfils every human desire. Go look up the 6 basic desires of humans. The letter fulfils every one of them. They are hip to the fact that we all base most of opinions watching people more famous than us and trusting people more famous than us. (cmon, dont tell me Michael Jordan never had you wearing Hanes). The only honest to God downfall in the entire thing which I don't think is on purpose (well i have a theory on it but forget it) is the rush. If they were just a bit more crafty, they could have given like a "30 day to respond" type of thing. 30 days doesn't seem very pushy and people (like you smarter folks) would probably believe it a lot more.

After the letter comes the booklet. That thing is crafty as F---k too. The writing is just excellent, from a marketing point of view. To tell you the truth, while reading it, I could feel the dudes winking at me. I could feel them saying "Buddy, YOU actually get what we're doing here. Most people don't. Just pay attention and watch how the pros do it."

I got more out of those 2 pieces of literature than like a full marketing program in college. That's why I want the big book. No matter what his motives are, someone brilliant wrote it and I admire brilliance. I'm the type of guy who roots for Deneiro's character in HEAT, or for Scarface, or for the guys in Oceans 11. Were they the bad guys? Sure. But boy were they crafty. I think people generally don't know how to read (comprehend fully, not just know the words) and learn, which is why you can have 30 kids in a class taught the same thing and only 2 will REALLY, and I mean REALLY get it.

I been reading up on here again, and at first I thought some of you really got it. I thought some of you were purposely trying to deter people from getting the materials.... but now I see that some people are just paranoid and/or embarrassed that they "fell" for it. $140 isn't "falling" for anything, it's making a damn pathetic purchase. And any purchase where you get a physical, long term item is usually not too bad. At least you have something to show for it. But every one of you who are on here because you were curious about the letter, don't act like you weren' t that into it and you were just 100% convinced it was bs from the get go----cuz you weren't. You wouldn't need this site if you truly were 100% anti-novatech. You'd just toss it immediately and not say another word like i do credit apps. Like me, you needed the opinions and experiences of other people to guide you.

My experience can't really be used as a proper guide because I did what everyone else did. I looked on here and decided it (the letter) was crap then i ignored it (the booklet). But now, I think if you are one of those new people to get it, you might as well go for the book. Anything more like the seminars, I wouldnt do it. But $140 bucks is's less than nothing.

I'm currently studying my booklet. It's genius. Hell, maybe i'll save you the $140 bucks afterall.... I think the gist of all the nonesense that the book will likely have and the ideas etc.... all boil down to 1 thing: CONTROL.

Total, and complete control of every one of your actions and everything around you. Mind control? ha, maybe. but not the way you're probably thinking. See how they have all of us talking on here or wondering if they are real or getting mad or annoyed or telling people its a big scam or emailing them or responding, or sending them useless letters like the Colonel did???? THAT, my friends, is CONTROL. Googling their name, finding nothing, getting frustrated until you end up here hearing 100 people talk about them; thats control. Being able to make a lot of people feel special and gifted and brilliant for even only the first 10 seconds of reading their letter: that's Control. And to tell you the truth that's mind control which leads to controling people's actions. A better word is Manipulation. Control and manipulation are automatically asociated as bad, but to all of you who want to be all rich and get girls.......they actually DID give you the secret in those stories. Not the stories themselves, but if you were reading carefully and between the lines one of the stories was telling you to watch yourself as you read. Try it. Take note of your reactions. Think of how different peope you know would react to it if they'd received it the same way as you. Then, think to yourself, "If i were the one trying to do what these guys are doing, how would I rephrase this for Timmy ? Or paul?"

If you can master that, then yes you probably will become a power player because that's how it is. Novatech was just a coincedence with me because I got to this understanding on my own. But it is valuable I think. IF I get the book, no I WONT consider myself a memebr of secret society because first off, if i was gonna be in any organization i'd lead it or get a hefty bonus for joining it, and 2, I HATE clubs and organizations and crap aside from sports teams. People always want to belong to something and end up becoming cult followers to people. Follow the Friggin Yankees or Red Sox... At least those curses are real!

If you are succeptible to being a weak cult follower, then NO I'd say dont buy the book. Because then you'll probably fall for all the Satanic? Crap and things i've heard are in there. (mind you, this is just what someone posted, it may or may not be satanic crap---people ezzagerate) The last thing we need is another cult. But just try to get something out of it. I'm sure it's just great writing of some smart dudes views and some off the wall stuff that migth be fun and insightful.

So to answer that question, no I'm not a memeber of nova tech nor do I care for them, but I give credit where credit's due and these guys know how to cause a stir and manipulate things to their advantage. You people need to step up. Learn the friggin code. If you get hustled by someone and it was a good hustle, don't cry, shake their hand! Be competitive, and if someone outsmarts you, give them props. They deserve it.

So if I spend my $140 and It was all some "scam"..... then "WOW" time to sue right???? NOT!!!!!!! $140 for something isnt a scam! Even if it's a $2 pokeman toy! I dont get the scam part. Some moron (sorry bud, but you basically are) said people should sue them...You think they never thought of that? That's why they say EXACTLY what they are giving you. I mean they say "WE ARE GIVING YOU A 1054 PAGE BOOK FULL OF SECRETS for $140.00"

And as someone said, in 2 weeks, you get the book. Hold on here. Wait a sec....... where are you gonna tell a judge the scam was in all of that?

Has anybody on here ever scammed someody or been scammed in the past? If you have done either, then you'll see how these people don't know the meaning of the word scam. Before anyone gets angry about my insults to their lack of criminal knowlege, WATCH THE MOVIE "Matchstick Men" with Nicolas Cage....... The stuff they do on there, THOSE are scams..... taking people's money and giving them absolutely nothing in return is a scam. Faking a lottery winning to get someones info and bilking their bank account is a scam. Saying you're a Carbon Monoxide tester to scope out some old mans house and robbing him blind when he goes to the market is a scam.

But these poeple are nice enough to actually give you exactly wha tthey say they will?!?!?! (novatech) Geez, back in LA when my first personal manager had me give her power of attourney and bilked me for $9000 years ago was what I call a scam. But believe it or not, she was so damn smart that even when the police and union got involved I didn't stand a chance. We talk nowadays, believe it or not. Every few months we chat on the phone and I still remeber what she told me years ago after the police investigation: "$9000 seems like a lot of money. But remeber, you only did 1 audition 2 days 'work' for it, and you're young. Don't see it as you losing $9000 because you never even saw the money. See it as you got paid a lifetime worth of knowledge for your first acting gig. The way I see it, no one will ever pull a fast one over you in your life......I think I earned my $9000 and look over the contract............ you GAVE it to me"

Donald Trump's friend just lost $50 million by giving his girlfriend power of attourney and we're talking about a 70 year old guy worth $500 million. (The Dons Friend).... So he obviously had never been scammed in his life to learn from it, much like most of you. So please don't desecrate the word "scam".

For God sake, I still can't get over this $140 thing. I mean, by reading the first several posts, i thought it was a scam but when I read 3 times by 3 different people that they ACTUALLY come thru give you the book?!? I mean people, if they actually give it to you........ didnt you read the dudes post...he hated it so he demanded his money back. He got it back in 6 weeks. So if anything, he SAVED $140 he would have otherwise blown on smack (i'm not insulting you bud, it's just an example), he RECEIVED the promised material, he HATED the material, he sent it back, he then went on with his life and forgot about it...never having a wonder "what if?".

Then, just as he was hurting for a 6 pack and a loose whore,, he suddenly received a letter in the mail with $140 refund from Novatech! He spent $125, and still had enough left over for smack and some Starbust candy! WOW! 8 weeks ago, he would have blown the money the same way....

How can you lose?
So if anyone is reading this as one of their first things on here, stop. wait. read what other people have to say, then read what i have to say. then you can see that my view is the wisest. Well, there some good ones like the dancechick. In my opinion, of course. Cuz lets be real, before you're life is over you ARE going to try some dumbass get rich quick scheme. (have you really lived until you have?hahhaha) At least this way you can study these dudes and see how smooth their operation is and learn how to use their techniques, none of which they describe directly, to your advantage.

k im done with this...


this is just a little LONG rant thing i'd like to share as well. Believe it or not, some people ACTUALLY believe what they write. Some people actually mean extremely well and they would like to share certain things with people to help them. take this post... I actually went thru all that and actually am trying to help people have peace of mind about things and teach them a thing or 2 like the fact that losing a few dollars isn't the end of the world; let alone spending a few. But no matter what, there's people that say thing slike "he probably works for novatech or is a member or someother junk"....... see, as Colonel stated earlier, lack of trust is huge. But i dont see it as trust, because frankly, i dont trust anybody, but i'm not insecure. The majority of the things i read on this post was insecurity. I mean, someone going off and telling the colonel that he wasnt a colonel is just dumb. He said he was colonel, SO HE IS A COLONEL as far as you're concerned. I mean, I dont trust a soul on this planet but some dude online telling me he's a colonel at 33 doesn't effect me in any way, so why not give him that benefit of the doubt? If he is some 55 yr old obese shut in who want to feel better about himslef and calls himself colonel, then let him be a colonel! the only reason i could see someone attacking him was because they are jealous that they are nothing. I keep noticing even the psychic chick on another thread.... everyone hated on her and went nuts.... she was very intelligent, never said dumb things, so if she believes she s psychic, let it be.....i checked the mason thing and a guy said he slike 33 degree mason...i dont even know what the hell a mason is but i take it thats an extremeyl hard thing to attain.... but if the guy IS a 33rd deg mason, it shouldnt affect your life. If he ISNT it shouldnt affect your life. So if he SAYS he is, then let him be! I'm aware this site is to uncover frauds etc....... and yes it probably is bad if some non-member of something claims to be to give them bad name etc.... but, there is a proper way to approach the credibility issue.

take for example, the fact that i said i get acting parts once in a while... if i said anything that bothered someone in my post, they'd be like "yeah, and ebonical's a fake actor who probably a geek who watches porn all day"...Rather than being like "hey you're a moron......... i think your views are stupid........but anyways what shows have you been on and where could i find info on you"..................

That shows that it's actually a trust issue and not some weird mental complex people on the internet have where if someone says they are something any where near interesting or they have done something anywhere near interesting, some otehr dude with no life just cant take it. The jealousy burns in their soul.

Another issue that seems to come up in every thread is religion.... i hate discussing too much religion but the botton line is that i notice everytime certain people see the words sex, or power or u name it, they get all scared and say "masons are satanic" or "novatech is satanic" etc.....this is one of the big reasons i think religion is hilariously weird. (even though i hypocritcally go to church every sunday) . it seems all the Christian religions have people spooked. heck , even i used to be scared..... I'll say this honestly, if someone gave me the book of Satan today (if that even exists), i'd probably read thru a bunch of stories (is that what would be in the book of satan?) when i was bored. I wouldnt read the whole thing cuz in 24 years i havent even read the entire bible. Close, but not all. My point is, that even if a book wa swritten by satan himself, it's just a book. The only thing that could harm you is yourself. Your own mind. The book isnt gonna jump at you and stab you with a pitchfork.

I once said this to one of my friends and hes like "oh no, bless your soul, you need Jesus, You need to go to confession right away for having satanic interests"

I'm like wtf? I mean if anything that should disarm all the negative power we think the devil has.. i mean, my religion teacher in gr 12 told me that he had run ins with die hard devil worshippers who knew every scripture in the bible(the regular holy bible), knew how our church proceedings went, knew how our teachings went and used that stuff to try to turn people into devil worshippers.. ..... To all you obsessed and paranoid fellow people of God, you can probably even learn from these devil worshipers...they obviously aren't afraid of us and our materials, so IF WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS, WHY ARE WE ACTING ALL AFRAID OF THEIRS??????????? Last time I checked, the good guys always win in the very very end. Even when I go for bad guys in movies, the good guy wins, so grow some balls.

to the people that get freaked out, let me guess "metallica and ac/dc played backwards are chants to the devil", right? Nelly's song "hot in here" reprsents and evil bordello of hells vips? th eMovie Little Nicky is not suitable for a respectable Christian to watch? hahahahahahaaha
these are quotes, i've actually heard these things said on national television by activist groups....

get a life..... everybody's "gotta" always belong to a group with a mission....geez

bottom line is with all the evil speculations people make about someones intention,s they have to get crafty for you to listen..... I mean the same bastards complain, but if Novatech had written an honest letter, no one would respec tthe honesty. I can imagine it. A Real letter...... a letter like:
"hello, we dont know you but we received your name from Carleton Sheets or wherever. Basically someone sold us your name. We figure you're interested in getting rich and making money and we figure you arent rich. So, if you use our tactics on control you might be able to do better. Actually, I have alll these ancient theories i've been reseaching for like 30 years, and believe it or not i'm rich off them. I, like other dudes you respect like Tony Robbins, have sold like millions of dollars worth of my seminars and books, but only a small percentage of people actually got rich off it. Honestly, I AM TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE RICH. If more people got rich after my program, then I would make a f---kload more money based off their testimony. The thing is, mr. bulk reader who I don't know, most people are stupid. Honestly. I mean when I got in this biz i figured I could walk someone thru getting rich but to tell you the truth, if I gave one million dollars start up money to 90% of the population, and all they had to do was stay rich, 90% of even those people with the 1 million seed money would still go broke and fail. Yes, i'm saying that they would blow it all and lose it all. So reader, you can understand that i've basically lost all hope. But considering i've spent 30 years dedicating my life to this, i figure i'll still keep teaching at a price. I mean, a college proffessor teaches you crap and charges for it and most have only put in half the time i have. I figure maybe one or two in every hundred might grasp something.

Hell, i'll be straight out with you. I'm charging you $140 bucks for this book. I hate promoting refunds because i'm not a complete dumbass, but i'm sure you realize that in this world if you don't like non-perishable items and even 80% of perishable items, you can return them within reasonable time for just about any reason. I'm sure you realize that even a house or a timeshare can be refunded in 7-10 days, minus a deposit or 2 in some cases. I'm sure you realize that since you have half a brain I hope. So just note that i'm gonna start sending fake peronalized letters to other people. Other people need to be enticed to do things because if i tell them str8 out the way im tellig you, they aren't interested. See, People a f--=ing morons which is the reason we, as advertisers approach things this way. They say the consumer has gotten smarter. This isn't true. we, as big business decide when we want to make consumers think they are smarter. See, we'll sell them fat ass foods for years, then, when the timing is right we'll burn OURSELVES and get someone to spill the beans about our bad products. However, we have healthy products we've had since the beginning. the other companies copied our fatty foods so we waited until our sales went down before we ratted ourselves out. Then, we launched better foods for the "smart" consumers and took all the business back. Sure the competitors will follow, but we already have even healthy crap for the "evolved" consumer later on....So you see, reader. You've seen that i'm charging $140 so you are likely going to throw this away. But at the end of the day, i'll still be rich and you'll still be a moron. Ya moron. Sorry, it's just that I honestly could show you how to make more money and get a better life. People are acting all innocent when I talk about being a ladies man and how to have lot of sex with lots of different girls. See, I would rather see people live happily married but the truth is that all these jack offs are out there spending millions of dollars trying to get laid. I might as well tell these dumbasses how to actually improve the odds of getting laid. I had to write stories about ugly geek sgetting laid based off sheer personality and confidence. But, most guys will suddenly get all shy when i talk about sex as if its not what they think of 24/7. So reader, eventually you're gonna give your money to Tony Robbins, to Trump, to Sheets, to Kiyosaki, heck you'll probably give it to miss cleo the psychic. And when you fail at every one of those endeavors you'll blame the teachers. It's not their fault you're a moron. Actually reader, what people don't realize is that even Amway works and makes people rich . Yes, AMWAY. Even Primerica. Even just about every pyramid as well. they actually work. But you gotta be 100% brainwashed, you gotta learn and work the system taught precisely, and be willing to isolate everyone and probably live in misery for a while unless your happy with losing everyone except your organization friends. But let's be real, if your skill is plumbing, dont be trying to open up a painting business to make money. That's why people fail at all those get rich endeavors.......They are all a hustle, but it's a question of which one is right for you? Thanks for your time reader. I'll be waiting for the money for the book and I want it in 3 days. If not, F---- you!.... Basically all I'm saying to the other folk out there by making them act quick is: if they are gonna dick me around and not make me my money now, then get lost, i have no time for your dumb questions and concerns.

Oh yeah , blah blah blah can't wait to meet you. You better be a hot chick cause i'm hurtin for poon. My 37 girls are boring me and I want fresh poon. If you're a guy, then take note of how I asked for the sale.

ya Moron.


It's funny about the teachers thing. I'm in college right now again and im in this algebra class and I got 42% on my entrance exam for algebra. Well, my average is 101% right now and my lowest test mark was 97% and highest was 103% (they give bonus questions/assignements)................. 2 othr people have A's and the rest of the entire class is plain out failing. They ALL blame the teacher and bitch about him everyday but they do no homework, talk in class like highschoolers, and dont practice for tests......the morons..if a teacher can teach a reject pathetic weak math illeterate like me have more than a perfect grade, than i just dont see how he's a horrid teacher.... his review on rate my teacher is horrific and he's quitting next term cuz he's sick of the bitching. I now see where adults got this whole mentality of blaming other peopel cuz they suck at making money. If you suck at making money you suck at it. oh well, pay attention when they tell you how to make it........geez i'm no brad pitt and i've earned myself like $100, NOT because i'm an average/decent actor, but because I read a Napoleon Hill book calle d"how to think and grow rich" when I was like 18 and it taught me how to earn no matter how pathetic i am at soemthing.... i lost my touch over the past year and forked over all my money to unfortunate debts that werent my fault in any shape or form, but now at least i know i can do it. And that's the problem with a lot of look for every reason to make somehting a fraud or scam because you just dont believe enough in yourself to believe you can do it or maybe your too lazy or content to do all the crap you gotta do. I know how that feels. I know I could never sell amway and be succesfull cuz i think buying groceries direct from soemone is a retarded hassle. my beliefs dont match the business.

even the guys that own this site cant give you all these goodies for free without someone giving them some bread to advertise or feature things.... i'll bet if this turned into a paid site lots of you would be like "what a scam this turned out to be"... always want seomthing for absolutely NOTHING and even when it's given to you, you abuse it.

make the connection............


"His first shall be his last, his last shall be his first" (post-----------unless theres a really good reply

NOTE to moderators, you guys obviously have my info and all that in case some wise ass says i'm part of some organization..

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posted on Nov, 24 2004 @ 01:20 AM
I registered just to say this.

You know how they say you have to respond by a certain day, otherwise it will be too late? Well, after I bought the first installment (yeah...) I realized it was a scam and got the letter for the second installment a few weeks later. It said I needed to respond by the end of the week. They must make it so soon so you don't have time to think about it, you are compelled to spontaneously blow a wad on their book. So, I didn't send anything back. Figured I was done with them. A few weeks later, I got the same letter advertising installment two, with a different deadline. And I'll bet money that in a few weeks I get another letter with a different deadline...unless they give up on me.

They put very strict and soon deadlines on the payments to make you react spontaneously and spend money without having time to talk about it or think about it.

The first installment was good advice but not worth the money or time, and it is certainly not life-changing. And I've taken several sick days since I read it.

Thank you.

posted on Nov, 24 2004 @ 11:11 AM
Hi, I too have received one of the Novus Tek letters. Unfortunately for them I recognised it as the same rubbish they sent to my father about 20 years ago - its amazing they have been scamming folk for that long and are still getting away with it.
They promised a lot to my dad, who was nobody's mug, and clearly failed to deliver because he didn't get rich, didn't get any scientific knowledge or power etc.
One thing he did get was cancer. He's now dead. So at least he lost weight.
Let's get these sad Novus Tek/Nova Tech/Neo Tech folk closed down.

posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 05:21 AM
Well, a few days ago, I too got a letter. As soon as I did, I knew it was a scam form about paragraph two. anyone who knew of my special talents would not use the phrase "I swore on the bible" I may be a Christian but i'm not one who bereaves in swearing on a text that's a little outdated. They spoke of my talents and I figured ok, well if they know then lets put them to the test.

I sent a reply to the PO box, with my own little note, explaining that I had played someone to watch the PO box and follow anyone who opened it to their location. Giving me their direct address, I also google'd the fax, and address came up with a few interesting things that I forwarded to my contactors... i also told them bascially what i have below.. i didnt save the letter although i should have...

you see I own 2 very large online games, and a site for online game admins, and anyone who knows anything about online game communities is players do anything for a few ingame bonuses.
so I have placed a rather large bounty on my game for further information in regards to these people, As soon as I get it ill use it to how I see fit. Its funny how things can be spun back at you when you mess with the wrong people.

IF indeed they are a legit society then they will be happy to gain skills such as mine, if they are just a scam. I have 600,000 game members, some with some very very awesome computer skills all wanting upgraded game accounts. You try scam me, Ill make sure they will regret it one way or another.

I also will be posting information I gather here.

In the past we have taken down two adaware sites so a little secret society scam cant be to hard in comparison. If they want to screw with me, thats fine, but I got one heck of a large e-mail listing.

posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 09:37 PM
Hey there warsome. I am anxious to see how they respond to your reply. Please keep us posted

posted on Dec, 15 2004 @ 07:57 PM
TextNew to this! But "The Society" is at it again! Rec'd my invitation today and of course googled it. Found this site. Looked up return address on letter under and it is to a mailbox store! Are these people for real! LOL

posted on Dec, 21 2004 @ 09:33 AM
I also received that letter, the one in which absolutely free is in boldface and mentioned repeatedly throughout the letter. They were right about my intuitive powers - I sensed scam and greed.

From what I gather it's obviously a business/cult. Secret societies do not behave in this way -- mailing out their secret texts in installment plans, asking for credit card numbers.

Their guru/leader Dr Frank Wallace seems like a delusional sociopath--who really believes in his "secret knowlege". He's unconsciously, or consciously hoodwinked vulnerable individuals to fork over their cash for his lengthy tome. But knowlege from books is always limited by the realm of thought from which it came -- and thought is always old, repeated. Thought is never life changing because it exists within the realm of the known.

So reading a book will never unleash secret powers, at most it will give you something to think about and to begin your own self enquiry.

The bottom line is money -- it always is! Secret knowlege, sacred texts, enlightenment, self-realisation if it has a price, you can be sure it's a scam! Also be careful of certain posters in this thread who could be from nova tech pretending to have received the letter and writing endless posts about it.

posted on Dec, 27 2004 @ 09:43 AM

posted on Dec, 30 2004 @ 08:21 PM

In the USAF? Thats like being a den mother in the boy scouts. Still wet behind the ears? when was the last time you handled a firearm? let alone a rifle. Now you are talking about secret societies on a web site? You better put back your daddy's bird back before he comes looking for it.
OK then, i guess secret socities can exist. The Neo-tech stuff is obvious crap. But dont you have some supplies to order? The BX isnt going fill that order with a forged NCO's signature. OMG this is too easy. Col. @ 33? Are we enjoying the comedy ladies?

Wait Colonel in the USAF = LCPL in the Corps right?

CPL get me my slippers and pipe, double time!!!!!!

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