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Information On The NovaTech Society.

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posted on Jan, 22 2011 @ 10:26 PM
reply to post by justmeohlala

The difference is that this "Secret Society" wants $135.00 from me before I get their book. I'm sorry, but no book is worth that much unless it creates gold or something.

posted on Jul, 16 2011 @ 02:18 AM
Wow shake and bake Ricky Bobby! Scam?! What Scam?! My life has improved almost unbelievably since reading all 3 beginning Heirloom Books. How does a normal kid with an effed up life and irrational, dishonest way of thinking spiraling into nothingness again and again headed to a career path of a politician ( the headed to a career of a politician part was a joke but makes you think huh? lol) turn his life around and become a rational honest thinker and learn how to improve his life in every area like he always knew he could do and live the life he was always meant to live honestly and happily and seemingly out of nowhere and suddenly? He can see through to what is , he can see through illusions, manipulations, and dishonesties. How in the world could he do such a thing? With a solid foundation of Honesty and how did he learn the tools to stay honest with himself and improve his life so dramatically?. Well by reading the literature. Just here to say it gave me the tools to improve my quality of life, have a great day people. And of course, as to the erroneous and envious philosophies going on in here I am not here to provoke you or strike a discussion with you just here to let people know that you dont have to believe everything or every word everyone says or have their exact beliefs and that you can actually learn from somebody a great deal (that can benefit your life) without tearing them down especially for making certain breakthroughs in their lives. Those breakthroughs may have not been achieved by you or may not be achievable but it is up to you to choose what is going to benefit your life and which in turn makes this world a better place and make it the life you've always wanted and knew you could live. The source of all real power is honesty, expand on that and realize it. Dont evade it. I enjoyed the literature it maybe a little wordy for some but I thoroughly enjoyed them, maybe I read them under the right circumstances or timing, or environment, not sure but I have reread them a few times so it must be the person. If you are not willing to cross some lines in your current belief system to learn new things that will benefit you and expand to gain new knowledge then these books are not for you. I didnt say you had to change your beliefs, but these books will make you solidify your beliefs even more, strengthen them or teach you something you didnt already know about so be open minded about it. Whether you default on those honesties is your choice. Later

posted on Jul, 16 2011 @ 02:26 AM
Also the price is understandably painful in these times its almost a whole tank of gas for a week good grief we are getting burnt on gas huh
? Anyway, I was strapped for cash too before I got the literature , it was hard scraping cash together so I understand the frustrations, their are alternative sources to get the literature like Amazon offers them affordably. If you like what you read then you can always pursue the membership if you want from then. But this is only in regards to people who posted on the price, just trying to be helpful. I know I know. I will say the things I learned probably saved alot of time wasting in my life so, I would have to lean towards they are well worth the price probably alot more to me personally but hopefully the costs decrease over time. Just depends on how much you value your time I guess and if you could use some answers the book provides. If not its all good to , its not the end of the world. Later
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posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 12:25 AM
Yeah I know this is way late, but I received a similar invitation in the mail and wanted to do a little fact-searching. I happened upon this site, realized how cool it looked & decided to join

Before I say anything else: about the Colonel...yes, his bad grammar (and even worse, his) spelling IS off-putting, BUT he could very well be a Colonel ANYWAY... I dated a retired (high rank) Marine. His spelling/written grammar was such schiott, I *secretly* wondered how he even got ADMITTED IN, let alone promoted
He COULD have endured "dain bramage" while on the field, the same might be said for this "Colonel" but since he's AF, it's nowhere near as likely as when in land-based, down&dirty branches like USMC. How many people have YOU met whom you determine is a real shmuck, may not even be as smart as you or works as hard as you do, yet "somehow" you get passed over a promotion in favor of THAT guy?? Or you see that same person get all the "ins" just because of nepotism or simply just having the "right" association. Doesn't it confound you? Frustrate you to all hell? Well, that may be the case here. That was one reason why I dropped out of college: I realized the (proliferation of the) existence of the dichotomy known as COLLEGE-EDUCATED MORONS! Just because someone can memorize the right answers and retain the contents of certain books does NOT make them smart! OR mature for that matter! Plenty of college-educated morons out there (even professors), too many of them. It drove me mad
and I quit. And also, I happened upon a news article years ago on how the Army has increased it's weight limit requirements and LOWERED their intellectual ones...even accepting illegals for enlistment under the promise of a path to citizenship...Are they THAT hard up? Wow
Goes to show you who they let in these days. But whether or not he really is a colonel is arbitrary to me. He didn't even have that much information to offer, only "secret societies DO exist" and suggested the possibility that the one in question may be too and to not be so quick to judge. He alludes to his dad's promotions as a result of some secret society hocus-pocus...maybe the same is true for him?

I don't doubt the existence of secret societies, I just doubt whether or not this "organization" IS. While they MAY have good information to teach, I've seen one deception after another from this company (whatever name it is they CHOOSE to call themselves THIS YEAR), lead-ons, overpromising, underdelivering and WAY overcharging LOL. I just uncovered a secret to their "10 second miracle": you will NOT find it in the initial book they sell you because it's simply not there! It's something they upsell you with LATER when your brain has been thoroughly washed enough from the initial book they're selling lol. You can clearly put together what they're alluding to when you read what I found (better hurry before someone rats this out and the page gets taken down lol): :that the initial 140$ book makes you a "level 1" member...and that "level 2" (whatever the hell THAT means...or COSTS :lol
is where they REALLY reveal what they promised to share with you hundreds of dollars ago. If you think the 140$ is a steep sacrifice, you aint' seen nothing until you read the above link...I can't imagine how many zeroes are at the end of those "levels"

Does this mean that I believe they have nothing to offer? Not necessarily. It seems to me that this is yet another unfortunate case of worthy information sold (or should I say extorted) by unworthy people, who subscribe to unworthy practices on gaining money. Have you seen a book sold by the same author on how to make a living simply playing poker? You can find it on amazon. It teaches you essentially how to be a hustler and how to detect who's an easy mark to ruthlessly prey upon until they've got no money left. If you're even a little bit Randian, you might think "well, it may SEEM like I'm a heartless crook taking advantage of someone else, but this person is a (or is EXPECTED to be) a responsible well-informed grown-up, not a child...and I didn't have my hand up their butt like a puppeteer, they DECIDED to proceed. It's merely the financial equivalent of natural selection." Objectivism vs. ethics. Well, that's another topic lol. The point WAS...if he can think that way about preying upon ez mark poker players, who's to say he doesn't (secretly) feel the same about those who feel hopeless & desperate enough to try ANYTHING to improve their lives? He DOES believe in "unrestricted capitalism". Apparently he sure is CAPITALIZING on the desperate and feels unrestricted by social responsibility or ethics (those who have read his inital neo-tech book will already know THAT). Not saying the info is crap, just caveat emptor when it comes to the seller is all....
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posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 12:42 AM
So, it seems this "secret society", just judging by their business practices alone, appears about as greedy and corrupt as the public organizations/institutions they allege to "free" us from... IMO the writer really shot himself in the foot with the poker book. You can't help but draw a parallel between his poker playing practices and how he runs this "secret society" and how he might view US? As the same the ripe ez marks he writes about in his poker book?

posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 06:41 PM
Well, I got my invite today. As I waded through the 55 pages of hype and hyperbole, I kept asking myself why a "10 second secret" would require 2300 pages to explain. Also, it seems that the 5 different stories (that sounded like they were written by the same person) all had the over-priced book GIVEN to them. No one in the stories had to fork out $140 bucks.
All the appeals to my vanity, greed and desperation were for naught. I only check my mail box once a week and it seems my cycle 2 had passed days earlier. Such a shame I won't be able to get my copy "at any price". The "Secret Society Members Only" sounds exactly like the old NovaTech letters I got 10 years ago. Apparently I was in "cycle 2" then as well.
Alas, I'm destined to be a broke, unpopular, unloved schmuck for the rest of my days. Luckily, I still have ATS.

posted on Apr, 17 2016 @ 10:51 PM
Back in 2009, I moved to Albuquerque. Up until that point I had no utilities in my name. I never trusted banks so deal strictly with cash or prepaid Visa Cards. I received the intro letter that was very enticing. My long term girlfriend at the time is a very sensitive woman. Like paranormally sensitive. I showed her the initial letter. She immediately felt a strange but strong essence from the pages. She was excited to get the Manuscript. I paid the 135.00 and it was promptly delivered to me. After it arrived, Stephanie (the ex) Said that it felt like the book was trying to communicate with her. That it had a tremendous power throughout it and it scared her. She wanted me to return the book. I reluctantly adhered to her wishes. It cost me nothing to send it back and they swiftly refunded the money to my card. The funny thing is that I never actually sent it back to them. I hid it. It was stashed away for two week. Steph kept saying that she still felt the energy associated with said book. She started thinking it was a mistake to send it back. So I lied and said I would call and see if I can get it back. I told her they said yes and a few days letter acted like it came back. So technically I got the book for free. The instructions were very specific. Read the book, cover to cover. Do not skip sections. Something about the way it had its sentences structured was supposed to subconsciously rewire the way your synapses fire, leading to all that was promised. They also said that once I finished this book, they would contact me again. I did not listen. I skipped sections, never finished reading it... even though it was full of interesting information/knowledge. Sure much is common sense, but common sense isn't common as I am sure we all know.

posted on Aug, 9 2019 @ 07:38 AM
a reply to: Locoman8

I bought several of the books and foud them to be out of this world .If

able to comprehend. In-depth world they have created it's kind of amazing technology with out any components it's 👽 for sure there's no # way there controls of the universe but it's true slice through this world like it's Swiss cheese they are every signal ever created protective they are even at ending planet. They are the possible. From before ever existed they explain god this planet was.created. Trust me don't let simple font fool you and there liturgical books they are secret society for a reason. I been member for four years track you from anywhere on this planet without a mobile device they actually explain its old technology we are so far behind it makes you.sick.

I have lost my mind they implant something in your head like technology without a device I wish I had.the time to explain. But you would not understand. I know for fact you would say your crazy.

posted on Aug, 17 2019 @ 10:15 PM
Those looking for the true identity of novatech, neotech, novotech....

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