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Information On The NovaTech Society.

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posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 06:36 PM

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 02:11 AM
I can't believe these guys are still at it.........only the names have changed to protect the innocent! Yeah right. Thanks for warnings. You know I was seriously thinking about buying this book cause the introduction letter, really tugs at the emotional strings.
Yes, I am dirt poor and I do think I should be doing something more productive in my life. but a lot of people would fall into this category.
The one thing I did get for free though was that the introduction letter really did make feel least NOW I'm not a sucker.I'm glad I found this website, so I can pay my electricity bill.Cheers!

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posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 09:19 PM
I am very glad I found this place. I recently recieved the initial letter signed by Kirstin Hart on the day that the fax was due. It was very surreal because it spoke of some of the things I used to do and some skills that I have been told that I had, so I wrote a note on the invite and sent it back. I still can't believe that this came in first class mail. That is what is really confusing me. I didn't know scammers would waste their money sending things first class.
But that is beside the point. After I sent the initial reply, they sent me back the packet of stories and a note telling me that they understood that I would be late sending the initial request but that they sensed something important in me so i should send them $139.95 by March 7th to get my package. I smelt scam then so I haven't sent them money but this is getting very weird. After the initial request being denied, Kirstin sent me a letter telling me how disappointed she was and that I still had time to send my money. I didn't and monday I got a letter from an "anonymous celebrity" who is supposed to be my mentor. I was looking the guy up and couldn't find anything so I started searching for info on this secret society. Which brought me here. What exactly is going on? Did everybody get this "celebrity mentor" guy?

posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 06:55 PM
Yes, I received the secret celebrity mentor letter today and have just tossed it in the trash...PLEASE don't fall for this scam. I have searched and found the same nonsense under different names all over the internet. Keep your money, don't make these people any richer than they already are.
Good Luck!

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 06:08 AM
Ordinary people will only flounder in life until they discover Neo-Tech.

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 08:26 AM
I haven't had time to read all the posts so I don't know if someone has already posted these.

Kirsten Hart

Rip Off Report

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 02:48 PM
Hey everyone, this is my first post on the ATS website here. I ran into this website about 5 months ago regarding this topic about Neo-Tech and all that stuff. I actually got a letter from these guys as well around last December. Like you guys did, I faxed the letter to tell them that I wanted my free Orientation booklet.

Come on, it's free right? Why not get it?

Anyway, after I sent it in I did a little Google search about these "secret society" people. After looking through 5 or 8 websites (it's been so long I forget how many links I clicked on) I found this thread regard the Nova Tech or Neo Tech Society. I read through the first couple of pages of this thread and at first I thought that these people were just a bunch of scam artists and junk. I've actually been scammed in the past so I started to feel a bit anxious after I read some of the stuff on this thread about them. It's also the reason why I did a Google search. In this day and age, a little skepticism goes a long way and Google is your friend.
But I digress, after thinking about whether or not to get their little "manuscript" I decided that should pay for it anyway. You know, just to read what was inside this book because I'm the curious type and hate to miss out on mysterious stuff. But who wouldn't be curious after reading their 7 page letter.

I decided that after I did a little more digging into these people that I would come back to this thread and report what I've found to other people on this thread who are also wondering who these people are, but are afraid of them being a scam. So, here's what's happened so far. The first book is a phonebook-sized 571 page book called "The Nouveau Tech Package of Inside Secrets" and cost me $139.95. There's also a second 851 page book I bought for $99.50 called "The Nouveau Tech Package of Inner-Circle Secrets." Finally, I bought their third book that's 1162 pages a few weeks ago that's also for $99.50 called "The Nouveau Tech Package of Miss Annabelle's Secrets". For the dimensions of the book it is (WxLxH) 8 1/4 x10 7/8x1 3/4 In. If you were looking at the left page of the book the text is about 1 3/4 In. from the left edge of the book, 1 13/16 In. from bottom edge, 1 1/2 In. away from the the top edge, and 1 5/8 In. away from the spine of the book. The measurements look the same for the 2nd and 3rd book too. For the extra blank space between the edge of the book and the text I'm not sure if they printed it that way just so that it would protect the text from dirt creeping in from the sides or to keep the text from being unreadable as a result of accidentally tearing part of a page from the book.

So yea, I probably wasted $338.95 altogether (without shipping and handling costs) for all three of these books, but the main reason I bought these books was so that I could shed some light on these people for you guys in this thread. That and the fact my curiosity got the best of me. lol.

But in any case, they also have a website that I got a free subscription to as a result of buying the books for one year. That means it'll last until April of 2010. How I got in was that 3 weeks after I received the letter in the mail for my 3rd book I faxed in my order on March 30 or so and got the last book a week later. And now today, I got the letter for the URL of the "secret" website, put in my last name and zip code, and BAM I was in. They then sent me my username and password for the first video I'm supposed to look at this month that is split into 4 parts. There are 12 videos total, each video for each month for a year. However, after one month passes I'll be unable to view the video for the previous month. So if it's July I won't be able to see the one in May. However, I'm going to use the Download Helper Addon for Mozilla and download EVERYTHING. I will then upload them on Megaupload as I slowly gather all of them and then I'll post the links here.

This post is getting pretty long so read on to the next post.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 03:18 PM
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posted on May, 8 2009 @ 10:53 PM
Thank you for doing all that. I must say, the mystery has been thrilling. I'm also a college student so I opted to pay for textbooks over these books but some of the letters I have received have been really pushy. My most recent one told me that I could have the 1st book for a fourth of the price and view the website for free for a year. It was tempting but I'm glad I didn't. This thing is so obviously a scam.

Is Mark Hamilton the celebrity mentioned in all the letters? Really?

posted on May, 11 2009 @ 08:34 PM
reply to post by Majic

Hello, Majic.
I am relatively new here. Is it still possible to respond to you in this thread even though it was created like 5 years ago? I have neotech's first , second, and third books. It's around 4000 pages of literature all together and it neatly lays out what they are all about. I stopped reading the last volume when I read a part that says " replace all gideon bibles in hotel rooms with neotech literature" as one of their objectives. I'm not religious, I'm more atheist than anyting. These people play on everyone's sense of mysticism in order to sell literature that they claim is non-mystical and then after putting all their ideas into your mind they ask you to join their religion. I'm not kidding. They openly say they are starting a new religion. You may write me if you would like to know more. They claim to be atheists and yet they want to start a religion. Hypocrisy of that sort makes me smolder.
It ruins all the ideas they have which are actually good.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 02:58 AM
Just wanted to post that the Society of Secrets (Not Neo-tech or NovaTech anymore) started a movement in the United States back in June or so. However, there are a couple of websites that I have found to be enlightening:



I hope that I'm not breaking any rules in posting those links. The articles that are available on actually do a nice job summarizing the main ideas of Frank R. Wallace (pen name of Dr. Wallace Ward, 1932–2006), Aristotle, Mark Hamilton (pen name of Wallace Ward, Jr.), Eric Savage, Ayn Rand, Leonard Peikoff, and Nathaniel Branden. These are the people that the writer attributes his inspiration from. I highly, HIGHLY, urge anyone who reads this to check out these websites. Your future depends on it. I'm not kidding, if you don't read those websites you may never know the truth until it is too late.

I may have stumbled upon this website upon learning about Neo-Tech and had the agenda of putting up PDF's of the books I bought, but the task would take too long for me to do. However, I think the above links will do a better job at communicating the basic ideas that were in those books I have read. Remember, we must break out our irrational and dishonest thinking if we are to survive in the next 10 years. Whether you decide to visit the above web pages I posted is up to you. Everyone is in control of their own futures. It is not the government, not your family, not your friends, not "God", it is all you. As long as people keep shirking off responsibilty and blame other for their actions they will never advance through life and will remain LOSERS!

That is all I have to say. Good luck.

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posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 11:15 AM
Its Funny most of you who are posting hasn't even read the meterial's or you have & assume its Crap . I've read & do read alot of Books about The Law Of Attracting & Positive Thinking Authors like Robert Collier , Wallace D. wattles , Prentice Mulford have the same meterial's written in their books about The Law Of Attraction & using your mind to think Positive & bring good things into your life , It takes A person like myself who has Read many Books about the same thing To actually Understand what Neo-Tech Booklets mean & the Secrets it has , the 2300 year Secret is nothing but The LawOf Attraction , Learning to use your mind to Prosper & receive what you truely want in Life & thats exactly what Neo-Tech booklets are trying to tell you If you go & Buy Books by The Authors I just named & buy the Book "THE SECRET" they all talk about this 2300 year old Secret
Ohhh & God-Man thats in The Neo-tech Book INNER CIRLCE SECRETS Can be Found in Author Robert Colliers Book "The Wisdom of Robert Collier" .

So NO its not A Scam Or A Cult Its the Same Exact Meterial's Written years ago by Authors like Wallace , Roberts ,& Prentice .

posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 11:29 AM
So If you've read books about Postive Thinking & The Law Of Attraction & Understand It & use it , NEO-THECH Books are like A Fly in the butter milk
its not hard to fingure out what The 2300 year old secret their refering is
& its not hard to Figure out what God-Man is neither in the Neo-tech Large Booklet .

I have The 2 Books & as soon as I read the Word " 2300 year old secret" I went back & read Mr. Robert Collier & The Secret Books & Figured out that In The NEO-TECH BOOK is talking about The Law Of Attraction & changing that way you think .

go to amazon & type up The Authors I have Told you all about Buy A few of them Set down one day & read them & then Buy Books by Neo-tech & read them & go back & read Other Books by The Authors All of it is the same thing , I will say that The way NEO-Tech Books are written many who unlike myself who has never read or heard about the Law Of attraction Their way of Writting Can easily go over ones head & they can easily think NEO-Tech is Crap or A Cult especially if you have not read other books before reading NEO-TECH Books.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 02:55 PM
i just wanna say thx u ats for saving me 139$ your posts have helped me deside not to buy this scam if i didn't look this stuff up i whould have spent money i don't have thx u thx u

posted on Jun, 10 2010 @ 10:17 AM
There's a new movement by the Neo-Tech called the Twelve Visions Party. There's a Facebook group that's been up for awhile now. I can't really explain it that well, but the website below has some audio files from Mark Hamilton himself (William Wallace, Jr.). I understand that people think the Neo-Tech books are a scam (I thought so too), but at least look at the websites below and do the research yourself to really see if it's a scam. They are not referral links or any internet crap like that, I'm simply giving other people information on websites that I've come across regarding Neo-Tech.

Twelve Visions Party Websites

The Prime Law
FAQ for Twelve Visions Party
Official Twelve Visions Party Website
TVP Facebook Group

Neothink (Neo-Tech) Websites

Official Society of Secrets Website (Neo-Tech)
Neo-Tech Testimonials
Neo-Tech Website 1
Neo-Tech Website 2

Oh yea, be sure to look up The Zeigeist Movement and The Venus Project. All the links that I have posted in this post will help you understand why we must become a Resource Based Economy rather than a Monetary Economy and why the hurtful rule of man must end.

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posted on Jun, 10 2010 @ 10:32 PM
So... I went ahead and checked out the websites that DSEXPERT posted because I was curious to know how somebody so skeptical could change his story so quickly.

This year I have learned a lot of the ways people trick you into believing something and this stuff is all classic trickery. There is no evidence to back this stuff up. It is all stories the likes of which seem poorly constructed and rather goofy. I know they want to scare you into wanting what they want but this is a crappy way to do it. I would be way more impressed with statistics or cited studies. Theories are fun but they are still just theories.

On a side note, I decided that if I was going to get wrapped into this I was going to need to speak to a person from the organization so I wrote Kristin with the inquiry to do just that. She quickly wrote back telling me that that was an impossibility so i wrote her a reply with a list of questions I wanted answered. I never heard back. What kind of organization won't even answer a few questions?

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 01:32 AM
reply to post by ladyvampirica

Good idea with trying to contact Kristin. I think they haven't gotten back to you because they probably get lots of emails with questions from people everywhere. Like everyone else, they're out to make money and if answering your question doesn't give them some kind of compensation then they're not going to waste their time with us. It's just how the world works right now, although I'm really hoping the economy crashes around the world and everything falls into chaos for awhile just so that we can abandon this crummy system we call cash.

Anyway, the reason why I changed my opinion of these guys within a couple months is that the information I read in their books seemed to make more sense than anything I've ever heard. Not everyone will believe what they have to say due to the multitude of beliefs out there, but I'm just sick of being stuck in my social rut and so I guess I'm more vulnerable to lies. I will admit that I used to be extremely naive a couple years ago and you have every right to continue to doubt that any of the above organizations I linked to are just full of themselves. Thing is though, because I'm such a naive person I tend to trust what people say a little too much. I'm getting better at not being naive by giving myself a healthy dose of skepticism, but I'm just looking for the truth. I think everyone who's read this thread is also looking for that unbaised truth as well. Part of me wants to believe that what these guys have to say is the sincere truth and that they want to help others, but another part of me is suspicious about what they say really works or not. I'm just sick of how there are rich people out there that just want to make us their economic slaves and the theories described in their books was something that made a lot of sense to me and I accepted it.

Honestly though, I don't know what to believe anymore. Everyone just wants to manipulate others for their own selfish gains no matter how sugar coated in altruism they try to make it seem. I used to be a sincere Christian about a year ago, but after running into all this new information in Neo-Tech's books and everything on the internet with the bicameral mind, the law of attraction, and any questionable material you can think of has made me doubt my faith. I want to say I'm atheist now, but part of me still wants there to be some kind of all-powerful being out there. This is just my theory, but maybe we were put here on Earth by an advanced alien species and even now they're looking out for us and reveal themselves to us when the time is right. So right now I'm an agnostic leaning towards atheism. I still believe that the bicameral mind and the law of attraction theories do hold some credible weight, but I understand that these theories have not been widely accepted yet and is still under scrutiny. So I'm open to any changes in these theories and I accept criticism with open arms. Just trying to keep an open mind is all. So I hope that people continue to post on this thread as we watch the world fall further into a more dangerous place than we've ever seen in the past.

Just so you guys know, I graduate from college with a Bachelor's degree in Cinematography this May. I don't know if I'll be able to get a job what with the US economy about to collapse. I'm even more unsure about what beliefs I should trust in. It's been a struggle for me these past 4 years. Until 2006, I didn't have a 24/7 broadband connection to the internet. Since then, I've learned many things on the internet. I've become less naive, but I still have much to learn. Anyway, I appreciate the posts you guys have submitted in response to mine and I hope that everyone else who reads this finds the practical truth that they're looking for. I'll check back time to time on this thread to see if anyone else responds.

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posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 11:33 AM
Anyone read "The Funk Brother Testament: Motown Style Secrets of I & O Publishing Company" by Joshua Clayton? Among claiming to be the real author/creator of the Neo-Tech material, he also claims to have created (along with his father) something called "squack" that was seized by "The Powers That Be" as the answer to biological immortality. But he says it was only a decoy and has kept the real secret to himself.

It can be read (among his numerous other writing) at and

Also, speaking of Mark Hamilton, his daughter Manika Ward is a published author herself, writing the book "The Exciting Adventures of BOO" a collection of stories for kids. Available at Not only an author, she is also breaking into the music scene with an upcoming album. More info on Manika is available at , and Her video for her new single "Boyz R Dumb" can be watched at

posted on Dec, 20 2010 @ 04:18 AM
I recieved the "Secret Society" invitation letter in the mail about a month or two ago. Out of curiosity and the fact they labeled their matierials "FREE" I decided to see what they were about.... I mean, they said I posessed unique talents and traits and I was curious about that. So a week later I got a 56 page orientation booklet... what I thought was suppose to be a bunch of hidden secrets from the society, but it turned out to be nothing more than 5 stories from unnamed people.... funny thing is, a few of these stories are repeated in the letters that have been sent to me. Also, I recieved my first letter from my "Celebrity Mentor". Now I don't know if it's been mentioned here on this thread or not, but has anybody noticed that the mentor mentions this secret society as the "New Illuminati" or am I the only who has noticed this? I mean, if this is a conspiracy website and these letters contain the word "Illuminati" anywhere, it should be mentioned.

Anyways, I didn't send the money for a manuscript that all of these people in the stories got for free. I was told in the letters that if I didn't reply by friday of that same week the letter was recieved, I would not hear from them again. Low and behold, I have a new letter from them with another letter from my celebrity mentor and how they are extending my window of opportunity by a few weeks because I'm so special! Oh goodie!!! And more "Illuminati" mumbo-jumbo in the letter. Okay, I'm not gonna associate with a society that gives praise to Lucifer or any pagan goddesses. I'll stick with my secret society called "christianity" which gives you their secret heirloom for free by the gideons or for a few bucks at a store.

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 12:41 PM
I do not belieave in all that "scam" nominations. Before you say "scam" - get the book and read it. You can find a lot of jank books in Barnes and Noble, but you do not consider them as a scam. What is difference?
I do not see any difference.

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