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(Building 7) Memo Details Objections to Command Center Site (New York Times)

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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 05:55 PM
Memo Details Objections to Command Center Site

Published: January 26, 2008

From the article : The New York Police Department produced a detailed analysis in 1998 opposing plans by the city to locate its emergency command center at the World Trade Center, but the Giuliani administration overrode those objections. The command center later collapsed from damage in the Sept. 11 terrorist attack. “Seven World Trade Center is a poor choice for the site of a crucial command center for the top leadership of the City of New York,” a panel of police expe...

In the spirit of old news is still worthwhile news here is an article spelling out the decision processes made in choosing Building 7 as base for the emergency command center... nothing smoking gun about it and the article seems fair and balanced and maybe worth reading if any more is needed about 7.

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