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NEW DATA: Jean Ederman -- CONTACT!

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posted on Jul, 26 2004 @ 05:35 PM
A Special Case of Contact

NEW DATA....Well, quite a mystery (maybe you're a fan of the Celestine Prophecies? here's a non-fiction addition to that genre....) can be found in a few channelings this year from the Arcturian channel on the Prepare4Contact Yahoo Internet discussion group....raising (for me at least) the following questions:

This would pertain to the mysterious disappearance of a Frenchman, Eric Julien (Jean Ederman, pseudonym or spiritual name). You may read some of his relevant (and brief) work in this regard where he channels a message from benevolent extra-terrestrials that normally do not get involved directly with human affairs--with the reasons why they normally don't yet now plan to:

The Referendum to Everyone from the Non-Interfering ETs

Jean Ederman also has a website that includes ET craft diagrams and a new theory of physics stating, for example, that time is a substate of space, and which goes into further detail on certain rather controversial ideas relating to his experiences (before his disappearance) regarding Contact with our ET friends.

Jean Ederman's ET Research

Some of us would now be wondering such questions as:

What's happened to Jean? Is he okay? Are the rumors right, and has he gone to an Arcturian mothership--probably for awhile? If so, what is his life like now? Is there anything that he misses about Earth? Or what might one be able to gain from leaving Earth to visit such an ET craft, if it were possible for others, as well?

Here are some answers. First, from a French website as translated by Hugh Matlock of the Yahoo Users Group Prepare4Contact:

From: "Hugh Matlock"
Date: Tue Jun 29, 2004 8:40 pm
Subject: J. Ederman and the Arcturians

Hi Everyone,

Olivier de Rouvroy has written an article about Jean Ederman for his (French language) website:

Here is an English translation.



1) J. Ederman and the Arcturians

Contrary to the rumours which accompanied his strange disappearance and which tend to discredit him, Jean Ederman alias Eric Julien could currently be on board an Arcturian vessel.

The strange disappearance of Jean Ederman

On March 12, 2004, Jean Ederman, alias Eric Julien, author of the message "Change the world! " disappeared under conditions as strange as they were mysterious. After having alerted the police and having affirmed that he was now on on board a space vessel in training to control it, his partner Eve created on the Internet a Yahoo group "meet-et-now" to answer the questions of the Net surfers. She also spoke twice at the beginning of April on the radio program "Here and Now", telling of her voyages in projection of consciousness and enumerating the reasons which have brought her certainty that Jean was indeed on board a vessel.

But the majority of the people invited to these two radio programs were little convinced by her explanations. What's more, in face of the influx of rather negative testimony from former relations of Eric Julien, some came to advance the hypothesis of a stage setting, of which the finale would be for him to to one day discretely leave his hiding-place, then announce in the media his recent return from a mission on board a space vessel, in order to present himself to the face of the world like a true demigod, a kind of Ra-2 with panache, virtually able to tap some immense sum of money with his future followers.

At the end of a few weeks, in the face of the multiplication of the overall attacks of which she had become the daily object, Eve finally preferred to close her newsgroup and to change E mail address.

As of today (June 21, 2004), neither the arguments of his detractors nor the inquiry of the police seem to have supported the least beginning of true proof of this thesis of a mental manipulation for a sectarian objective. Because certain elements related to this business remain more than disconcerting, to start with this one: the rumours according to which Jean would hide at Reunion where he would have a new banking domicile enabling him to continue to collect his allowances of unemployment insurance, emanate from the police, whose two Official Authorities are the ministry for the interior and that of the armies. However, one can perfectly conceive that the French government may find it beneficial to conceal from the general public the true nature of Jean's escapade. After all, haven't the governments of the whole world lied to us for years about the existence of Extraterrestrials and the evidence that the American and British authorities hold on their repeated visits among us and even on the collaboration of some of them with American soldiers?

It is extremely curious moreover that various people obtained "tips" on Jean Ederman easily, simply while telephoning the police. Usually, when a file is in the course of investigation, the national police are judicious not to give any information to the journalists, and especially not by telephone. When it is known that this anomaly is reproduced with the two police departments concerned, that in Berry and that of Reunion, that becomes extremely suspect! Unless? the instruction actually comes from much higher, with the intention to disseminate false information to open a firewall on the case so as to embarrass Jean Ederman.

One can moreover put these rumours in parallel, a confidence made by Eve to one of her close relations, according to whom two days after Jean's departure, helicopters and many army vehicles raked the surroundings of her house. They obviously sought something and not someone. And this something, is perhaps quite simply the fingerprint left by the magnetic tracer come to seek Jean to lead him on board of one of the many space vessels currently stationed on the periphery of our planetary system.

Some know what has happened, others believe it, others still would like to know, but for the vast majority of us, the mystery thus remains complete!

One would be in all cases quite wrong to seek to minimize the extraordinary dimension of Eric Julien which perhaps makes him an ideal support for the experimentation of our space brothers. Don't forget he is the author of the article entitled "the greatest discovery of all times" in which he exposes with brilliance the theory of 3d time to variable density, its application to antigravity and the movement of UFOS in space by fields of modified times, as well as the quantum theory of conversion of space into time and conversely by the means of time quantas, without forgetting their multiple applications to the level of telepathy, of the voyages through time, of the control of supra-luminous technologies.

And if Jean were really on board a space vessel? And if he had been selected among billions of other humans to learn how to control it,simply because he has an exceptional faculty of concentration? These are two questions which deserve more than ever to be asked. Don't forget that Jean already had a diploma as a civil aviation pilot, which he had moreover landed with a disconcerting facility.

If he acknowledged that his disappearance is trickery, a media stunt, it will be of course a great disappointment for us all, but that will not remove anything from the power of the message "Change the world". Because perhaps if the way in which he said to have received this text were invented, the beauty and the force of the message itself do not belong to him but return to its inspirer who is certainly, as for him, a large Being of Light assigned to the Ascension of humanity.

In the absence of proof in one direction or another, he is in any case an extraordinary Arcturian channel, likely to raise our reflexion and our consciousness vis-a-vis this enthralling debate.

OdR [Olivier de Rouvroy] June 2004

2) Revelations of the Arcturians in connection with Jean Ederman

[What follows is an excerpt from the 22 May 2004 Prepare4Contact Arcturian Channel (which was originally in English). The French version takes some liberties with the text, but retains the essential meaning. Here is the English original.]

... It's one such eddy we wish to speak to you about tonight. That eddy is Jean Ederman, the pilot we have discussed previously. He is still with us, and many have wondered why he doesn't return to your sphere, to your dimension. Well, he has been teaching us quite a few things. He was initially in training as a pilot of one of our vessels, and now he is teaching us. We are learning much about the capabilities of the human mind and human spirit, and we'd like to keep him a bit longer to do this. At the same time, we realize that his return to your plane would have a beneficial effect, and so we must play this by ear, take each day as it comes.

One of the things that we have found, as we work with him, is the depth of the human potential. The depth of the human spirit when it's properly nourished, when it has a proper context for evolution and for growth. No doubt Jean is a special human being, but we see this potential in all of you. You must realize by now that the dimension, that the environment, in which you live and in which you must operate is not ideal, is not entirely wholesome.

Think for a moment what your life would be like if you were fully supported, if all your needs were met. How then would you invest your life energy? You don't have a need to earn money. You don't have a need to care for others who require your assistance. You have freedom of your time. You have an abundance of teachers and information at your disposal. In that environment what would you do? How would you choose to grow, what would you explore? This choice of how to grow will be upon you shortly, as the gates open, as the doors open to the new systems all around you. You will find an abundance of information and an abundance of choice. Many of the things that concern you today will be things of the past. But you will have new issues to contend with, and one of them is simply this: an overwhelming amount of information and choice. Unless and until you develop your own internal guidance system, your own internal means of finding what's truly important to you, you will feel adrift and perhaps even less happy in the new environment. And this is not just a caution for you personally but for all those you know, because when many face uncertainty at the same time, there can be other eddies, other effects, that arise in the societal mind. So while new freedoms and new opportunities can be beneficial for some, as a whole the system may take a turn for the worse, simply because of the confusion and the fear. So we would like to start with a simple exercise to have you decide what comes next for you.

Start by imagining yourself on a spacecraft. Decorate it in any way you wish. This will be your room on the spacecraft and you have the technology to set the colors of the walls around you, to set the configuration of the chair and the bed, so you can create an environment that's just to your liking. And there are technologies there that seem fairly magical. You have viewports that allow you to view any particular scene you wish, any place on any planet. You have a music system that is out of this world. You have an aromatherapy console. And you have what's best described as a 'dressing room mirror' where you can change your own appearance to be to your liking.

So now as you sit in this room and you are looking at the cosmetics and the tools at your disposal, look into your face and look into your eyes. Take a moment and tell yourself honestly if you like what you see... Now take another moment and if there's anything at all that you don't like, reach down onto the counter and pick up the appropriate tool and make the change. Erase any blemish, erase any memory... Configure yourself for your new role, give yourself that smile you've always wanted, those eyes and eyelashes that you've dreamed of. Give yourself the hairstyle and then the clothes... Now take a breath and look into the mirror again. Do you see a difference? Look into your eyes again. Can you distinguish what is changed from what is not changed? Can you distinguish your essence from your exterior?

Now focus on your essence, that which is constant no matter what you change in your appearance, in your history, in your personality. Now notice its quality, its quality of deep presence, its quality of attentiveness, its quality of universal love. This is all you really are.

In the coming weeks and years you'll encounter beings and this is what they'll see. They'll see your essence. They won't know your history, they won't notice your appearance. They'll relate to you from your essence. So it's important for you to make friends with your own essence, to get to know it.

Note: The last sentence of this section of the channel has been replaced by two sentences at the end of French version. The original sentence was

That way you can understand the social system out here, how beings treat other beings when they come from essence.

The French version has:

It is in this manner that you will be able to find the key of certain mysteries. You will see who you are, you will see who we are and you will understand what Jean did among us.

3) TX11 starship data report on John Ederman, 7-27-04 channeled by Kara Kincannon on her forum Source of Light:

1. Jean Ederman is very real and authentic and on Arcturian ships in training for his bringing forth the new patterning technolgies of space travel and flight navigation thru dimensions of time, and out of time, etc.

2. Jean will bring the proof of this reality. It is much simpler than Earth technologies.

3. Jean was not abducted at all and is very safe and enjoying his ride with the Arcturian civilization.

4. This is Jean and wife and daughters' Earth mission to do here. They have been ridiculed and have much courage of heart to do this mission. They will bring the proof here very soon.

5. Jean and family are protected at all times as you are in your free will choice to be.

6. Trust and know this is a real experience and all will reveal itself to you. Feel this in your heart and follow, not your 3d or 4d mind sets of duality. Move, shift and experience with Jean and all your cosmic family.

Commander UR, of Star Ship TX11

4) French Media Reaction

The TV/radio webcast station NSEO in France had promoted Eric Julien, publishing his texts and interviewing him as Jean Ederman, along with his companion Eve. Since July, the program "Ici & Maintenant!" (Here and Now!) has retreated and recanted to the French government version of events behind his ET contact-related disappearance. Translated from the French Radio Station:

"Before reading [the radio interview transcript] know that Jean Ederman, the one who circulated this text ("Decide Whether We Should Show Up!"), disappeared in March and his companion made known to us that he is now in pilot training of a vessel, and yet the reality would be more down-to-earth and precisely a lie on the meeting--where this person went to be reunited with his family as early as the month of April. Maybe in some dreams and astral projections--maybe the same meeting several times--with a crew of Brothers and Sisters of Space."

__________________________________________________ ______

5) Jean's View of a New Experiential Physics

A few final words, translated from a posting by Jean Ederman on a French discussion forum "They hide it all from us", on August 30, 2003, on the topic of time travelling.

Jean answers a question on whether the concept of 3D time interfered with the classical or modern notions of causality. Jean explains how sequences of events come about from ideas that belong to higher temporal densities, and cannot be interfered with. However, for those who can travel in time densities--"time travelers"--ordinary cause and effect become known as nearly one and the same, and travelling into greater time densities thus proceeds toward the actually experienced present moment. The result:

"Our own ideas, thoughts and convictions that ultimately create our reality, are what time travellers bring to bear on influencing the course of things. I leave it up to you to reflect on such a phenomenon's impact with (space-)time warps.

"I will close with an interpretation all my own of the notion of grace, that could have an esoteric meaning that goes beyond the 'remission of sins:' there is a 'place' (or space-times with a high temporal density) where the causality of karma disappears for there is no longer any cause or effect but a 'state.'"

[edit on 6-8-2004 by Collin]

posted on Jul, 27 2004 @ 08:11 AM
This has "cult" written all over it. I admit I didn't read the entire articles, but it sounds loopy to me.

posted on Aug, 6 2004 @ 01:24 AM
Well in my opinion you don't have to be in a cult to get a UFO to land, and to take off in it, for that matter...! What do others think?

To prepare yourself mentally for an ET contact? or just timidly speculating, cyberchatting, skimming through this type of a post and flaming those with broader perspectives that the human mind is capable of. Beyond this particular civilization--being only one, and one that does not handle its own planet or its fellow citizens, let alone conceive of, let alone begin to recognize any beside itself--while there may well be infinite others besides that could be real helpfull and educational to this world?

You may just have to get over yourself, where you take control of your own destiny and appoint you the fearless king of the universe, open, creative, and loving towards embracing the benevolent ETs. Who may be beings like us who just happen to be years ahead in some ways, developed loving ones that is and not just the technologically advanced, the ones who try to leave us alone--like we leave ants alone at a picnic--that is until the ants start to run all over!

Why hide from humankind's evolution ??

[edit on 6-8-2004 by Collin]

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 01:22 AM
When I was reading the message first time (yesterday), I was in tears. This was after I have been watching complete series of 'UFO files' on youtube, recorded from History channel. Which was about 3 days after I have started researching UFO on internet to kill boredom.
The possibility of genuine origin of the message and the first time described the Earth situation in very real colors changed my life a little.
I have experienced something wonderful.

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