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UFO sighting makes Headlines in New Zealand

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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 05:33 AM
A Hawera family had a close encounter amid a spate of sightings of mystery lights speeding through Taranaki and Waikato skies.

A flaming ball dancing above Hawera left residents in stunned awe on Tuesday as it zig-zagged through the night sky, while Waikato residents are certain they saw a UFO on Saturday.

Aaron Sellwood and his family in Hawera wondered if they were seeing things when what they believe is a UFO put on a spectacular light show before speeding away. But when the strange object returned, 20 minutes later, all doubt was removed.

Mr Sellwood said he was standing on his driveway on Burns St at 8.55pm when a fireball in the sky caught his eye.

"I looked at it and could see a flamey-type object with a dark shadow on top which looked to be a pyramid shape with a round top," he said.

Mr Sellwood said he then rushed inside and grabbed his ex- partner and four children to come and have a look.

The flaming object then hovered in the sky above his neighbours' house. "It turned its flames off and it looked like it was cooling down. There was what looked like an element beneath it - a big red ring," he said.

Hawera Observatory and Astronomical Society secretary Pat Sutherland said she saw a similar event a week before.

Mrs Sutherland said a light to the north-east of Hawera danced in the sky and appeared to "zoom towards her".

"I thought it was a planet to start with because it wasn't sparkling, but then it started moving."

She said the night sky was not foreign to her and she knew when something unusual was happening.

Hawera dairy worker Graham Fraser witnessed a similar event earlier this year on January 17.

He said he was heading to work at 5.13am when he noticed a bright light in the sky just south of the Hawera subway tunnel.

"It was a beautiful clear morning, I could see Venus and what I thought was a couple of stars.

"But one of them wasn't because it started moving while I was looking at it," he said.

The South Taranaki town is proving to be a hot spot for mysterious lights as another bright orange light was spotted above the southern end of Hawera about 9.40pm on Boxing Day last year.

Ad Feedback The Airways Corporation, which monitor all New Zealand air traffic, could not shed any light on this week's mystery.

Communications manager Nikki Hawkey said their radar centre reported nothing had been logged on Tuesday night about anything unusual in the Hawera area.


North Hamilton man Adrian Kilpatrick is convinced he and his wife Kathryn saw a unidentified flying object above his Woodridge home last Saturday night.

When he first saw it, at around 6.30pm, Mr Kilpatrick, a long-time believer in UFOs, thought it was a light plane coming into land.

"But then it looked like the plane was on fire, like the engines were glowing orange," he said, adding that the object's absolute silence had made him wonder further of its origins.

He estimated the object was flying around the height a small aircraft might fly and appeared less than two kilometres north of their house.

It moved towards Hamilton from Ngaruawahia, before changing direction and zipping towards Morrinsville.

Mr Kilpatrick estimated it was visible for about three minutes.

"The people who are skeptical about UFOs haven't seen one yet. They are real," the Hamilton businessman said.

Suli Laomakei and Kelly Dixon have seen something too. The pair, employees at Te Rapa's Prolife Foods, were outside taking a cigarette break at around 11pm when they saw a "light the size of the moon" moving quickly across the night sky on March 29.

"It was very bright when it moved. Everything below it lit up," Ms Laomakei said. "It was huge, and looked like it had flames coming out of it."

Ms Laomakei, who estimated the object was only around 100m off the ground, said she was not a believer in UFOs before the sighting, but the strange light had her scratching her head. "Something was travelling through the sky that night," she said.


Auckland Stardome Observatory astronomer Dr Grant Christie said a meteor entered the atmosphere over New Zealand around 11pm on the night of March 29, lighting up the night sky.

Dr Christie estimated the fireball to be travelling around 30 and 80km above the earth, describing as one of the brightest observed fireballs above New Zealand since 1999.

As for Mr Kilpatrick's travelling light? Observatory spokesperson Gina Dellabarca said it was likely caused by the International Space Station (ISS), which is currently manned by six people and orbiting around 350 km above Earth.with the last pass at around 6pm yesterday. It is expected over New Zealand again this Saturday at about 6.30pm.

Mr Kilpatrick however remains firm that his sighting was indeed a UFO.

"Does it (the ISS) fly around 200 metres off the ground?," he asked. "It's not the same thing. Once you've seen it, you know it's real."


As I write this, a HUGE Moon Halo is visible in Aucklands night sky, I will be paying close attention to the skys over the next few days!!

Just a Heads Up for Yall!

Alos, just rememberd(kinda tipsy) whilst peeing out the back, looking up at a brilliantly clear sky(for Auckland "The Big Smoke") saw a Satelite slowly passing by...if this was the ISS they mustve been havin a wicked PArty!!!

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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 05:36 AM
I saw many news snippets today about those sightings. Shame they are in the 'Naki and not near here in PNth...always the bridesmaid me!!

And interesting that there are many independent sightings....that helps. I too will keep an eye out, toward the sky and in the Press.

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 05:42 AM
I must say these crazy lights have been seen in my Area too. When you talk to people that saw them as well, they say that they couldn't have been Chinese lanterns, too bright and travel way to haphazardly and quick, to be floating on the wind. By the way it was still the wind.
That is a link to the thread i made about similiar lights in my area.

Maybe someone needs to make a map up of where these lights have been seen?

Australia isn't too far from New Zealand either, could be the same lights as these were seen off the East Coast, the one that faces NZ.

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 05:44 AM
Oh I hope I see something down here in Christchurch. Our sky tonight is very cloudy. Bugger.

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 05:53 AM
Firstly I wanna say how happy I am to see some kiwis here!!
Come across 1 or two randomly b4, but all in one thread....choice bro!

@nd to be honest I was at my mates place having a few beers tonight and someone else asked me if I had heard about the UFO over the Waikato last night....

I was shocked to say the least and thought it was an elaborate joke, seeings as Ive been researching these types of Conspiracy topics as of late. Only to find it on the front page of when I got home!

If there have been any other sightings that may be in connection with this particular sighting, please, contribute!

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 05:54 AM
reply to post by Slipdig1

Hello slipdig....lets be nice to each other since we are neighbours huh?

I remember your thread about the orange seems that same colour and shape has been seen around NZ an awful lot lately. When we had the ' meteor' explode over NZ a few weeks ago many strange lights were seen in the sky that seemed unrelated and being the tiny country we are, this latest lot are making the news for sure! Very rare to read about any sightings here so its all rather exciting.

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 05:54 AM
reply to post by grindhouzer

You might find this interesting:

It will take me a while to go through hundreds of files of my own but I found a real speciality of the link between regular UFO sightings and ancient pyramids in a particular area of NZ. When I find it, I'll get you the link.

I have a particular interest of UFOs in NZ and the Antartica.
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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 06:04 AM
reply to post by bluemirage5

I dont know if your in NZ but what you just said reminded my of another thing I saw today!!
I was coming down Redoubt road towards manukau on the hill, and saw a HUGE Pyrimaid shaped mountain that looked man made, not far from manukau city,....which is a stones thorw from where I live, and I have never heard or seen of this object in my entire 26 years of living here!!!!.. myslef and other members of my family have witnessed multiple UFO sightings around this area....

am going to google map search and post an image ..

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 06:09 AM
reply to post by grindhouzer

I'm Kiwi born myself and had quite afew experiences of UFO sightings growing up there; I always knew about the ancient pyramids as a child but most laughed it off.....they do in fact exist.

You will find this piece of information rather quite interesting:

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 06:10 AM
I love how one of the experts says that one sighting was probably due to the ISS when the witness clearly said it changed direction then 'zipped off' towards another town and it was at the height of a small plane.

When will these 'experts' finally accept that sometimes ordinary, honest citizens have see extraordinary things. It's so insulting!

I hope we see more of these reports as independent movement could rule out the dreaded chinese lanterns, thanks for posting OP.

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 06:10 AM
Some amazing photos of the blue spirals over NZ:

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 06:14 AM
reply to post by grindhouzer

As I write this, the clouds in the night sky resemble that of similarity to HAARP modified clouds and a HUGE Moon Halo is visible in Aucklands night sky, I will be paying close attention to the skys over the next few days!!

I was going to write a serious reply, but you had to go and bring HAARP into it...

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 06:14 AM
reply to post by DrHammondStoat

I always had my doubts about the triangle UFOs seen in other countries:

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 06:18 AM
reply to post by Nobama

Please do, this event happend last night, plus the clouds have dissapated....I will remove that comment

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 06:28 AM
reply to post by grindhouzer

Sorry I didn't mean to sound blunt or anything, I just hate when people bring up the whole HAARP theory when it doesn't tie into the thread, but the only evidence this story has is a still shot of a red orb in the sky, so I could easily say it was faked, but that would be shallow seeing as how there's no real way of knowing. The residents could of easily claim the red dot in the picture was zig zagging and contacted the news to get alittle local fame, or it could really be a UFO showing off its maneuvering skills.
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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 06:29 AM
reply to post by grindhouzer

Sorry for double post. How close are you to where these people saw the orb? If your close enough you should really keep a eye on the sky for the next few days.

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 06:32 AM
Here's NZ's 60 Minutes that ran a feature story:

The Ngatea Mystery:

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 06:34 AM
reply to post by Slipdig1

i live in southwest florida, on the gulf of mexico. and yes count me in i saw it too! last summer in my back yard-w/astronomical bi-noculars. could not be seen with naked eye. i was with a friend. we also thought it was coming from a disc shaped object with two disc shape objects hovering near by. still wondering what the heck they were. and the electric light making iratic shapes then going straight and very long...any ideas? thanks for posting.

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 06:36 AM
I miss the sightings from the pre-90s back when people used to have sightings of actual physical crafts and not just innocuous blinking and squiggly lights.

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 06:37 AM
reply to post by Nobama

The only reason I post this is because it DID actually make national headlines, which to me, makes it more credilble than most cases.

I live in Auckland and the waikato is some Distance away, however, I also made a thread on the the comet that exploded over auckland a few weeks back, and reports of that were seen in wellington which is about a 8-9 hour drive away, so perspectivly, wherever you are (in the north island) theres a good chance youll be able to see whatever it is.

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