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Detroit SWAT with tank raids mother because she protected her child from harmful medication

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posted on Apr, 27 2012 @ 11:50 PM

Originally posted by Jomina
Sounds like a situation I could very easily find myself in.

My son is severely autistic, and was put on Risperdal to treat it. It did not treat it. It made him much, much worse.

We took him off of it, and he has been better ever since.

That medication is one seriously zombifying drug.

Ultimately, we went against the psychologists wishes, because they wanted him to remain on it. We absolutely refuse to do so.

Not only that but risperdal also stops girls from menstruating. I know, my daughter was on it for 2 years with autistic behavioral problems and we couldn't find out why she hadn't started her menses even though the pediatrician said she should have already had it. They were going to send her to an endocrinologist to find out what was going on. Eventually during one of her ER psych stays (after weeks and weeks of off and on visits and them increasing the risperdal making her worse), I requested they take her off of it and find out WHAT was going on. Within a week, she started her menses. I did some research on risperdal and found that's what caused the delay. Now, if it delays it and prevents it from starting, what else is it doing to our kids?

posted on Apr, 28 2012 @ 12:52 AM

Originally posted by Amaterasu

Originally posted by LargeFries
reply to post by Vitchilo

Go see for yourself on medical websites, when you have finished reading every thing posted here on ATS. Medical websites, large ones, will have a section for Mental Health, broken into sub-sets. Read some of those posts. People that have mental illness that have full intentions of bringing children into the world post questions all the time. My guess is they think their family line is so grand that the world would suffer if they didn't bring more mental defectives into your society. To me this defies logical thinking - - - all the more reason that sane people should be making sure these births do not occur. Stop producing mentally ill babies and doctors can stop prescribing mental health medications.

Um... Who gets to decide who is "mentally ill?" Who gets to decide what "sane" is? Whose right is it to take reproductive rights from others?

I personally believe in very, very extreme cases a parent should be able to decide a child's reproductive right. I say this because my daughter is autistic. She's mentally 5 years old. She's physically 16, but looks 26. Unfortunately she can't be put on birth control because of a clotting disorder her father has, as well as many, many other members of his family. But I can't sterilize my daughter because it's illegal to sterilize the mentally retarded. But if someone takes advantage of her and she ends up pregnant, guess who raises the child? She can't. She refuses to shower, flush, or brush her teeth. She won't be the one changing diapers. Sure, the baby will be cute like a dolly to her. But what happens when she gets violent? First thing she goes after is the weakest in the room. This is a dilemma a lot of us special needs parents are in. If anyone has solutions, I'm willing to listen. I am scared cr@pless for her quite honestly.

posted on Apr, 28 2012 @ 01:13 AM

Originally posted by NewEmpire816
heres a good way to put a stop to all of this...Dont put your child on any Meds!!! (unless its really needed due to some medical issues obviously) kids are supposed to be hyper full of energy and yes rebelious at times, its in their nature, its nobodys fault but the parents that they cant control their kids and resort to putting them on these drugs which have horrible effects. Just look at most medicine they put on TV the side effects are worse then what the drug is treating in most cases, i dont really trust anything chemically made, i rarely use any medication even when i'm sick.

I was forced to. My daughter's missing part of her brain and it literally keeps her awake....all night long. Ever since she was a baby. I'd go NUTS praying she'd take a nap, something anything. We just never knew what the issue was until she was 3. They found out by an MRI. Her pediatric neurologist put her on clonidine nightly. Oh my God, what a Godsend! Sleep. Blessed, blessed sleep! She's 16 now and has been on clonidine for 13 years, with a brief 2 months off last year and this year where she kept everyone in the house awake because she wanted someone to play with her. When you've been up all day long, taken her to every park you can think of, played video games with her and movies, eventually YOU want to go to bed because you are so mentally exhausted. Her new psych doctor put her back on clonidine but it wasn't enough. I asked about adding melatonin, thinking maybe her brain wasn't making enough. He agreed that was fine and she's slept fine ever since.

I've had good, and bad experiences with my meds, myself. I suffer from a chronic pain condition and neuropathy. At one point I was put on neurontin for pain. It's a seizure med I later learned. It caused my tongue to swell insanely and I couldn't swallow. The doctor took me off of it. Because of the condition, I often don't sleep. I get maybe a few hours a day, if that. I was put on Ambien in the past and suffered horrific hallucinations. After bouncing from sleep med to sleep med, I was finally put on trazadone. Add to that a small dose of melatonin and now I sleep fine, but not conked to the world.

Some meds you need, and you have to take. BUT, I think there should be more caution in getting some of these meds approved. Unless you're like the woman on YouTube with breast cancer and dying immediately, they should do a HECK of a lot more research about the medication, it's side effects, it's benefits, and please, no more "off-uses" of medication by doctors. If it's approved by the FDA for seizures, use it for seizures. It's crazy what they push through nowadays.
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posted on Apr, 28 2012 @ 02:06 AM

Originally posted by ThirdEyeofHorus
As a people, we have allowed the State to dictate everything to us. This is what they want, to control everything centrally and seize our children when we don't kow tow to their insane policies and horrid drugs and so on. Once the child is 18 the parent will have zero say in anything. HIPAA laws prevent a parent from having any say, even if that person is bakeracted and cannot act on his/her own cognition. It is ostensibly to keep the kids safe from evil parents. But here is the diabolical part, it is designed to give control to the State and usurp parental authority. I am 100 % certain that this is the kind of control Obama wanted when he said at the Saddleback forum that parents abusing their kids was one of the worst things that needed fixing. Since he also believes that it is the responsibility of the State to dictate when the child should learn about sex, ie they should bring sex ed to kindergarteners, that is an indication of the level to which Obama and his buddies believe the State should trump parental authority. Of course there are incidences where a child's life well being is at stake, but the State is assuming that all these drugs are best for the child, and also this transfers authority from the parents to even the medical establishment. And then there is the case of the school which does not allow kids to bring their own lunches. It is all in the same vein of things. Perhaps its just in the interest of not being liable in case some kid brings peanut butter and shares it with the kid who's allergic. Or is that all just the sick reasoning they use to implement more and more State control?

I'm going through trouble with the Baker Act and my daughter right now. She's moderately retarded and is mentally 5. She attacked a kid at school because he sat in her imaginary friend's chair. She's 16. Right now she's being housed in adult psych ward with service veterans and even the social worker there said it's not the right place for her. She witnesses things no child should witness. Even better, she's in PA with her father and I'm in NC. Half the time when I call I get told they can't give me information about her because no one signed a release for HIPA. Ok, well tell my husband to sign the release. They tell me he can't do it. It's the patient who decides whom to give information to. That's all well and good for adults, but she's mentally FIVE and cannot decide this for herself because she lives in imaginary world. One day she understands you somewhat, the next she's telling you about the dragons she sent to your house to cause a tornado and did I capture the X-Men jet yet because she wants to capture all their powers and destroy the Earth so we can live on a rocket ship. Oh yeah. I said it. I love my daughter to death. If I could give her a magic pill to make her brain grow back and make her relatively normal, I'd do it in a heartbeat! But I can't. So how is it she's going to make her medical decisions? She takes advice from a cartoon character she made her imaginary friend 11 YEARS ago. *shakes head over absurdness* Even better the pysch hospital will probably release her because she behaved in there, so therefore she's not a threat. But just like I had down here, my husband can't get residential placement for her, and if the hospital does send her home, his GF will move out and he'll have no one to watch her, causing him to lose his job, then his apartment making her effectively homeless. THIS is how we treat those who are different from us. Trust me, I've been fighting the fight for 16 years. I just want it to be over.

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