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Can there ever really be a true civilization?

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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 02:35 AM
Some might say or think that we live in a civilized society but they would be wrong. You dont have to scratch far below the surface to realise that society is held together by the thinest of threads.

Maybe when the Gov finaly perfects mind control and we live our lives as mindless drones we could be truely civilized. Untill then, for every child thats brought up to be an upstanding citizen. Theres another thats being abused to the point where they themselves end up deranged or twisted.

Can our wild side ever be tamed? or is our psychological make up just too complex to be mastered or to even evolve to be free from the urges and conditions which make some do things like kill.

Is it even our fault, or are we products of our environment. Just trying to deal with the crummy hands we've been dealt?

Whether you fall on the side of nature or nurture. Does either, mean that civilization is an illusion or an ideal which can never be attained?

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