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Invasion Is Here.... thousands UFOs NASA Footage

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posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 09:07 PM
reply to post by coolottie

hahaha. Where did i attack you

I simply said, you have given me no reason to believe you... so why should i?

Im more then entitled to voice my perspective, whether you like it or not

If the fact that your the only one who thinks an alien invsion is happening is somehow offensive to you, then maybe you should rethink your argument

Showing videos of people who believe in UFO's, and make public statements to that fact, has nothing to do with this proposed "alien invasion" you seem to think is happening right now.

I believe in life outside earth as much as anyone on here, but i try to be realistic and rational when approaching the issue. "Invasion Is Here.... thousands UFOs NASA Footage" is sensational, and the evidence is more of the same.

Im not trying to offend you, but i wont pull any punches. I call BS, and see no reason to believe you, even in spite of your frantic ranting and replies to the contrary. And i expect that every other rational person on this board feels the same way.

That is all

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 09:19 PM
reply to post by weedwhacker
Damn do you pick out every little mistake your wife makes and just go on on on on and on about it. Ok so that has got me down to about 12 new videos with 2 old ones, I think the Tuson one had only one ufo so that is not an invasion any, Ha Ha. You haven't commented on the one the Russians are arming missiles to shoot them down. I thought that would be the one to get you rilied up. Now we need to focus on the Positive not the Negative. I love astronomy and go through all the UFO sites every night looking for Asteriods, I wrote a book about it but you better go quick to read it, I am not keeping the website. Free to read no ads. It was the work of the new field Astroarchaeology that helped me prove that the earth was knocked off its axis in 2354 BC, by 7 asteroid they came in the tail of a huge comet. Oh and this comet comes around about every 4,470 years give or take a few, You can do the math. Then the government inacted all info about asteroids or comets impacting the earth as "Classified" about April 2009. The big bad bullies of the FBI stole it. Dr. Barry Warmkessel saved the first 3 chapters and you can find them here,

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 09:55 PM
reply to post by coolottie

I just wanted to try to wake you up to the fact that you are spiralling out of control.

The post this is in "Reply" to is probably full of more.....just step back, chill and consider. You are smart enough to do that......time is not critical, right now.

Stop being so afraid......there is NO need to fear anything....that has caused you unnecessary distress. And angst.

IF you are in the U.S. I assume you are) log on to and find the latest episode of the ABC TV series "Modern Family" Made me LOL, LOL, LOL.......

(SORRY, for those not in the USA reading this....seems "Hulu" won't work outside the US.....unless yo are clever enough to "hack" it??? LOL!!)

Hulu Episode Show Page menu for "Modern Family"

Here....the actual url for the latest episode (limited time, free view before you have to subscribe to "Huluplus".....about $7/month fee):

Latest "Modern Family" episode.

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 11:10 PM
reply to post by weedwhacker
Weedy, I am not afraid of anything, but I am use to being treated with respect. I am not even afraid of the little gray creatures, that would probably scare the living hell out of you. They are here to help us and they are doing a fantastic job. If you ever looked at most of the NASA videos showing the Earth with lightening storms you will see those little white buggers drawing energy from the energy of the lightening. This is not just something that just popped in my head. I was told that this was going to happen many years ago. There has been no one within forty mile of the Sukurajima Volcano in 2 weeks now. You didn't see any road workers or anyone else but 5 people when St, Helens went off. One road crew worker before the evac did get burned. Now as smart as you are do you think with it blowing like it is they would not evac. For 2 months now my compass has read North as Northeast, now it read 2 clicks West of East. Thread "Compasses going Crazy", And if you think the Village disappearing in China was a first you wrong. Read this, I was the Cyber, TIME TRAVELER
Feb. 2000.

I am sure you have heard about this time machine thing on the internet to do with mirrors etc, Disinfo
I have been taken back to the year before I was even born. This happened in White Sands, NM right out of Cloud Croft. In 1985. The reason for the name of a Classified Project to be called "Looking Through the Looking Glass" Has nothing at all to even do with some kind of Time Machine. It had to do with someone that can go from one dimension to another. [How ?? Never can't Tell, or I would have to Kill You] LOL. There is no machine here on Earth that can open Vortex, Dimensions, or Portals. And I am not at liberty to talk about that. But what I can tell you. The Military Intelligence, of United States, Austrialia, United Kingdom, and Canada; in such a kind sweet way, call me, "Alice"

If you can find the Movie: "What the Bleep, went down The Rabbit Hole" They didn't explain the the Movie Theater, But if you ever watch it I will tell you. Dr. Moto's water experiment is in the movie, and on ATS a thread was posted asking everyone to send love to the radiate water in Japan.

Deep Gov Search "Down the Rabbit Hole" d&q=Project+Looking+Glass&c=u0&c=u2&c=u7&c=u8&c=u1&c=u5&c=u6&c=u3&c=j1&c=d3&c=d4&c=d7&c=d6&c=d8&c=da&c=t3&c=c1&c=t1&c=a0&c=n0&c=s0&c=b0&c=e3&c=c0&c=r0 &c=m0&c=w0&submit.x=15&submit.y=11

Weedy, If you have never read "Looking Through the Looking Glass" By Louis Caroll
There was a movie and the book is on google.

Do I think I am smarter than anyone else, No Special, No. Everyone on this Planet is so special, and so Needed now, and so Loved. Wish, I could get the World to know that and feel that. With my dumb little thread I just wanted them not to be afraid, If you can come up with about 200,000 alien life forms coming, [well really they are all ready here] to Earth. How would you have worded it. I do not want people being so terrorified thay jump off the roof. Everywhere else in the world people are dealing with it and have for a long time. People in the US have trouble thinking beyond, what is on TV tonight, and making their next car payment. So, Dumbed Down, they do good just to handle that. Being Dyslexic, this had taken me almost 2 hours, Nite.

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 11:43 PM
reply to post by Aeons
If 10,000 ufos came to earth, what would you call it. [to help us] never said to kill us. There are people that posted threads on here saying, Yellowstone 8.8 mag earthquake. Pole Shift March 15th. Deadly Vortex, Comet Elinin to cause a pole shift. Now that is fear mongering. I did a thead on Elinin, ""Asteroid the size of a VW."" No one raised a damn word or posted a thread condemning them. Can't type in Caps, even if you are blind and disabled. But can call you a Bitch, Douche Bag, etc. If a man would have posted that thread no one would have said #. And the ones raising hell go on the thread "Deadly Vortex" being all nice and condoning, If there is a Vortex, it has never killed anyone. But that is ok " That was a man that started that Thread" Just more discrimination against the handicap and women..;;;

The motto of ATS is 'Deny Ignorance'. Two very simple words with simple meanings, yet when combined, a most powerful paradigm is established. How is ignorance denied? Information. Where does information come from? People. Who can you trust? No one! So what can you do? It's simple. If you can't trust anybody, perhaps you can trust everybody! ATS is where you go to put an ear to the ground. It is a most valuable resource. It is a growing global community of freethinking, open-minded people who share a sense of urgency about current events and their effects on the future of mankind. It is the denial of ignorance that binds us together.

Well it is not Free Thinking anymore, it is Not Open-minded anymore. "Share a sense of urgency about current events" Hell, no, Can't have a thread that has any sense of urgency. Thousands of UFOs showing up all over the planet, no to kill attack, destroy, never said that. "Their effect on the future of Mankind" was positive. "Denial of Ignorance," Pertains to rather you are a male or female, if you or trusted or not. Smilie little demon, laughing, demeaning little faces. No positive faces at all. They are only used to hurt and humiliate. Either make people live up to the MOTTO, but no you will ban me, and put this terrorible, Face that Jumps OUT AT YOU, almost giving you a stroke or heartattack to the point you have to medicate for it.

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 11:56 PM
reply to post by coolottie

Just one person to another Coolottie : just consider stepping back from ATS and the whole thing for a bit to cool down and regroup. Nothing to do with UFOs, aliens, or any other subject here... your responses sound barely rational sometimes and you have been frantically responding to everything ( some things that have not even been said) for a while now. In the past few days it seems to have gotten worse.

Again, just as one person to another, something is amiss with you and its evident in your behavior here recently. I hate to think that youre having issues that even you may not recognize and it not being called to your attention. I dont want to ridicule you or be condescending, I just want to let you know we should all sincerely care for one another and if we see a friend we think may be in trouble, we should at least say something. Im saying something to you as a concerned friend.

To every one else.. shame on you. Its pretty evident there is an issue here and it reflects on your character when you push or provoke folks who may be having a hard time for whatever reason.

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 12:51 AM
reply to post by Advantage
So I am to be the Bad Guy. The one to stay off ATS. Why don't you just take the UFO topic off your site since it can't be proven to anyone on this sites satisfaction. That probably goes for about 95% of all the threads ever posted on here. So you condon members of ATS sensoring and making policy to other members. Read about me at the bottom.

There's ranting, there's debating, and then there's just being a bitch.

Huh? Are you referring to me using the word bitch? You must have me mistaken for someone who's here to make friends. I'm here to read interesting, thought provoking articles and chip in my 2 cents when I feel it's appropriate. I'm not here to be mislead.

Coolottie is a trigger happy eccentric, nothing more. You only have to look to see she needed three separate replies to reply to my one post and that's not something someone who is thinking things through does. I've been here long enough to have a pretty good grasp of the rubbish she & others write on here. Some people's posts I skip immediately because I'm well aware they write nothing but crap. I came to this thread to agree with the OP, and then realised my reply was going to fall underneath someone who made a thread with the title the OP is arguing against - and so reading her cockamamie replies inspired me to tell her to chill the heck out.

If I feel the things I'm reading are being written poorly or the person is just a bit of a douche who can't keep their mouth shut and thinks the world needs to listen to their opinionated tripe - I will make note of that in my replies.

Can people stop posting things like 'MASSIVE ALIEN INVASION FLEET' etc when most of the objects are obviously ice or space debris, with a few perculiar objects present. It doesn't do anything for the cause to exagerate footage all the time like this video -

We who are serious, all know for a fact that most things in this topic are pure unadulterated crap. The original purpose of ATS was to separate fact from fiction, not to spread falsehoods. Hence the motto "Deny Ignorance".

The motto of ATS is 'Deny Ignorance'. Two very simple words with simple meanings, yet when combined, a most powerful paradigm is established. How is ignorance denied? Information. Where does information come from? People. Who can you trust? No one! So what can you do? It's simple. If you can't trust anybody, perhaps you can trust everybody! ATS is where you go to put an ear to the ground. It is a most valuable resource. It is a growing global community of freethinking, open-minded people who share a sense of urgency about current events and their effects on the future of mankind. It is the denial of ignorance that binds us together.

Your so right, lets keep the forum for real investigations, Ufo's that have at least half a chance of being proven

"It was a NASA Video taken with a UV = Ultraviolet Camera, The things in the video can not even be seen with the naked eye. "

Just hold out until mid 2012, then you can all get your jollies off. In fact, you might even be ushered on board for a little ride... Mars need moms, after all... Muahahahaha... sad but true.

The whole thing reminds of some story I remember. Something about a boy and a wolf and maybe some sheep or something.. can't quite remember right now.

And if these people want t believe that a whole load of ive is really some UFO star fleet, well thats unfortunate and I would rather that they look into it more. A different way of approaching it would gain more of the publics attention. Instead the public continue to think we're all a load of crazies becauseof people jumping to to most extreme conclusion each time instead of loooking for the most likely one,

You are paranoid and have spent far too much time on ATS, this is meant to be about denying ignorance, yet there you are, embracing theories without evidence.

This is the video he posted from my thread

The thread he posted about my thread

This is My Thread

Please Read.

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 01:08 AM
reply to post by coolottie

With respect coolottie, that is not what I read in Advantages message. I agree with her that you seem frenetic right now, desperate even. Please dont take this personally, as like I said to you yesterday, you have passion about the subject and thats a great thing. But sometimes you do need to take a step back and look at it from the I do that often and am amazed at how I see myself in a different light!
I will take a look at the site you mentioned in a recent post...the one where you are the time traveller.
Hope you have a good day with lots of sunshine.

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 01:18 AM
reply to post by annella

Well while you are at it, look at the post I just replied to. Advantage I would rather you read that first.

I didn't know she was a Mod at first.

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 01:36 AM
reply to post by annella

Well, you both sound very condesending, and pretty much, saying I am a complete mentally deranged. Well you better find a doctor to prove that. What you are doing is just giving them more to throw in my face.
Some one sent me a U2U saying that they can't post for taking up for themselves.

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 01:59 AM
............ tbh with u ................. i see vids like this and think....................... space junk through inferred ?
i wish there was aliens ....... sadly i remember my days sittingout every chance i got to try find 1 ............. wow that was 9 months ago....

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 02:00 AM

(from Cooloitte)
the Birds here in Arkansas died from gas escaping from the ground because of the Well Fracking etc.

Hope you're not serious. The swarm of mass animal deaths around the world were mostly inconclusive. The ones in Arkansas were said to have died from sudden internal trauma/hemorrhaging (sounds like HAARP).

This is a video > all the ones you posted in this topic as far as quality & officialness goes. I think you should take a look & use this as reference next time. I think you would personally like the radio interview that starts at 8:30, too.

Advantage is a chick? Hey, Advantage, go on a date with me. Give me a chance to woo you?

PS I'm an extraterrestrial & former genesis scientist (terraforming & bestowing life onto worlds) that was forsaken on this planet as punishment. We were Sumerian colonists (who your primitive ancestors worshiped as Gods/Annunaki) from the Aldebaran system (as the Vril society & Nazi party discovered during WWII). My departmental duties consisted of carrying out chimera experimentation 4k~ stellar cycles ago (e.g. Minotaur, Anubis, Maahes, etc.). Unfortunately, 4k Earth years was only a few years where I was hiding due to gravitational effects on time. I was captured & abandoned here where I'm kept under constant psychometric radar. Why was I punished on this rat nest of a planet with you psychically foul monkeys? I believe your "Terra papers" have the answer to that (having a part in causing the "Great Flood").

PPS just joking, but maybe not. Guess we'll never know....
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posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 02:13 AM
reply to post by TheLegend

While I look at that you can go read this. No one even knew about the Gas Well Fracking and Injection Wells until I joined ATS. Where the birds died, is where there had been 600 earthquake in the 3 months before. In many earthquakes, like in Chile, it release gas through the ground, the gas goes straight up into the air, the birds get enough gas to make them pass out or get so disoriented they fall out of the sky, Hence the reason to take birds down in coal mines, if gas if released and the bird dies time to get out of there.
I live here in Arkansas. Because of this post that was posted after mine, That have stopped the injection wells, Susan on this thread has done a great job going to the Capitol and I told her I would go with her anytime.

Thank you for the information.

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 02:19 AM
This is the kind of ignorant shiiiiii t we have to put up with. And it is not just me.
They get the OPs so angry and upset we get in trouble, and nothing done.

............ tbh with u ................. i see vids like this and think....................... space junk through inferred ?

i wish there was aliens ....... sadly i remember my days sittingout every chance i got to try find 1 ............. wow that was 9 months ago....

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 02:28 AM
reply to post by coolottie

Hey, you have to relax and accept everyone is entitled to an opinion (unfortunately, sometimes). You can't stay here & get upset at each person for expressing themselves, it's just stressful.

You should also accept that those who state there's no such thing as UFOs or extraterrestrials (when there's millions of sightings, videos, cover ups, etc.) are being infinitely more absurd than those that claim the inverse. Statistically I believe the latest 2011 estimate for "Alien Earths" in this 1 galaxy was 2 billion. Keep in mind there's hundreds of billions of galaxies too.

I'm a very old being that's just offering words of advice here that you may take at your own discretion.

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posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 02:35 AM
Now I am just posting something on my Thread, [ Not "Spiraling out of control ]
If you can't make an adult comment.... don't

This will be an ongoing thread, if anyone is really interested. According to the last CNN pole 90% believe in ET.
So I guess that makes all the sane people in a minority. And I am a night owl is why I am still up.

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 02:44 AM
reply to post by coolottie

First video was a common optical illusion. The clouds were low & moving quickly which gave the impression the stars were UFOs. This actually happens a lot & it's most easily noticed when comparing an object below the clouds (e.g. the trees) with the "UFO" to notice there's no movement in anything other than the clouds.

The 2nd video is good. The enhanced photos around 7mins are definitely bioengineered greys.

Here's a documentary you'd like.
Part 3 (the previous 2 parts are not worth the time)

Part 4
At 2:00 is an actual ET on very clear (& highly classified) film. If you continue watching this + the next parts you will see that former NATO commander & other experts agree on the film's authenticity. Enjoy.
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posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 03:00 AM
I know that this video is not recent it has been on Youtube for a while, But it is one of the most research and documented cases of recent time. This is an ongoing event and is going to be to the point that denying it will not be easy.

April 15 2011

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 03:22 AM
I have been looking for this Video of Compilation of UFO from 1950 to 1990
This was recently posted on Youtube April 9, 2011 Because technology has reached the point that a 10 year old can make a ufo video look real, But in 1950, 60, 70 This technology was not that advance at least to the public. The videos today that are the real thing are not much different than the ones filmed years ago, it is a long video. The comparison is important, because it helps in indentifiying how they look today.

Thank you and Nite

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 07:23 AM
reply to post by TheLegend

Part 4
At 2:00

Hey!! That's the (infamous) "Victor". I am certain there exist ATS threads about him......

.....anyway....@1:00 in Part 4....he STOLE my allusion!!! I came up with differences in intellectual capacity comparisons, years ago.....I used the "You can't teach a cat calculus" example. (He said "dog", but my point is valid....household pet genus notwithstanding.....).

What a cynical (fatherless child), "Victor" is.....

(Of relating *possible* intellectual differences between us, and any potential ETs --- presuming that they A) exist at all, and B) are actually 'visiting'.....I also use the analogy that, to them, we may look like the five year olds on the playground, with loaded guns in hand. Alluding to our weapons and technology, compared to our less-than-evolved emotional and logical state, as yet.....Does that make me a cynical bastard too???)

Question: In the "alien interview tape" segment.....the acronym "DNI" that "Dept. of Naval Intelligence"?

( I know....I could check the ATS threads....will search, but this new "ATS search feature is a pain to use, now....

Just wondering....if you know the iconic computer game "MYST", and its sequels.....the species that the stories revolve around are called the "D'Ni"....Just FYI, thought it was an interesting coincidence.....


OK...I bit the bullet and "searched", some ATS threads on the "alien interview":

was alien interview real or a hoax?

More on the "search" page....

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