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This is how John McCarthy Roll died (Tuscon Shooting)

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posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 07:57 PM
reply to post by IamAbeliever

oh, you're such an expert on physiology yet you can't see how ridiculous these gun shots are from supposedly one person with one gun. Guess what, you can't convince me that conspiracies don't exist. Try as you might. I know the truth, and you can't stop it.

Oh, and I've moved on from this point btw, I no longer think Roll actually died, as there has been no photographic evidence of a dead body.
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posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 08:20 PM

Originally posted by TheImmaculateD1
There is no conspiracy here.

Golly, thanks Wally... why are YOU The Immaculate ?

Maybe because Conspiracies don't exist, except in the deluded mind of foolish people who think that by conspiring they can advance their interests. Of course, everyone knows that this could never happen in reality, and that those Conspirators will fall flat on their face when they try to Conspire and then nothing happens, because nothing can because as The Immaculate so eloquently states:

"There is no conspiracy here."

You might want to save yourself some time and copy and paste that post into every thread at ATS because this place is filled with foolish people who actually imagine that Conspiracies could exist - fancy that !

Thanks for bringing back down to earth and explaining so logically why "There's nothing to be seen, move along !"


posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 08:58 PM

Originally posted by filosophia

oh, you're such an expert on physiology yet you can't see how ridiculous these gun shots are from supposedly one person with one gun. Guess what, you can't convince me that conspiracies don't exist. Try as you might. I know the truth, and you can't stop it.

Oh, and I've moved on from this point btw, I no longer think Roll actually died, as there has been no photographic evidence of a dead body.

Hi Filosophia,

It's good to see you back here where photo links work so people can see something without having to click on data all the time. Also it is helpful to have support from friends, especially when pushing the speculation fairly far without massive corroborating evidence to defend every inch of territory with. Some people confuse Internet discussion groups with clinical tests with laboratory test protocols. We're not here delving into forensic details, we are grasping at limbs in search of clues which might appear where we least expect them.

Some of those here would do well to read a Sherlock Holmes detective story, to learn what deductive thinking is all about. Actually some of them would do well to read just about any book, given it appears that their thoughts are teleguided by their TV sets and that their abilities for autonomous prospective thinking is quite limited. They find I have an overactive imagination, and I find that they have no imagination at all, it is atrophied as it never developed.

It's funny that I wasn't with you entirely when you set course on the hypothesis that Judge Roll wasn't even real, or at least not as he was presented. I found this plausible for the young girl Christina Green who was allegedly killed 119 days after her 9th birthday on 9/11. This Ground Zero child happened to have very improbable parents who seemed to be poorly faking grief, to be implausibly forgiving of the wicked witch of the North who took her there, plus the family pictures were all grotesquely photoshopped. Her kid brother seemed more embarassed by the whole shindig than hurt or sorrowed. It was not logical that this could have been a real family losing their spectacularly outgoing and loving daughter.

Furthermore I also found it likely that Gabrielle Giffords was not in the condition we were told. I wondered if she wasn't dead, and they were faking that she was alive, given that we weren't allowed even the slightest glimpse of her other than her husband Mark Kelly holding someone's hand, and stories about her opening her eyes and then trying to strangle him. Was she killed? Was she replaced? Was she taken in for brainwashing or reprogramming? Was she never wounded by is off in Fiji having a great time scuba diving? What's up here is beyond belief, especially that the medical staff wouldn't pass the audition as Soap Opera doctors.

Then there's the crazy story about Jared Lee Loughner, who we don't even know really existed, and if he did what traces are to be found make him out to have been framed rather than guilty as charged. There's the multiple faked mugshots, the drastically different court drawings which not only don't match the mugshots but don't even match one another. There's the presence of a rifle on the rooftop of the Safeway store. There's the conflicting testimony about what actually happened. There's the unlikely sequence of events with sheets placed over the wounded even before the paramedics had arrived. There's the presence of triage trained doctors on the scene of the shootings. There's the Cornell MK Ultra Mind Control connection of Giffords and both Suzi and Wilson Hileman, there's the framing of Jared by the Pima Community College police, there's the lockdown of the site by the FBI, there's the appearance of the "Patsy Lawyer" who defends mass killers while railroading them, there's the more than unusual court proceedings, there's the NASA connections with Giffords in charge of Aerospace in Congress, there's the Sarah Palin targeting crosshairs and her Blood Libel, there's the ritual sacrifice of Christina, and countless other inconsistencies along with absolutely not a trace of any form of evidence presented for public scrutiny.

That makes for a lot. Then you get the startling resemblance of numerous of these people with notorious historical figures or even with one another, as has been described at length in other threads. Yet there are those who would have us believe that all is well in the land of Oz and that we must wait for Glinda the good witch of the South to come and save us from untold worries which are too much for our pretty little heads. So yes, I am starting to side with you in thinking that maybe Judge Roll didn't actually exist. His professional history can easily have been falsified, as is done routinely for just about any intelligence operative or covert agent sent underground as a mole in even the most mundane missions. So doing so for Judge Roll wouldn't be hard at all.

I'll vote with you that JUDGE ROLL NEVER EXISTED in reality, but was posited in order to fulfill some other purpose which is yet to be ascertained. I will not conclude that he did exist until we have some investigative trail based upon something other than here-say from intelligence operatives such as a notorious MI6 war correspondent who was formerly in the French Foreign Legion. He is to date our only reference for Judge Roll really having been married to a woman called Maureen and having 3 sons and 5 grandchildren. True? Fabrication? Who can know - not us and without such knowledge we cannot know whether he actually ever even lived, much less whether he actually did die.


posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 08:54 AM
reply to post by Getsmart

Some things on my wish list:

1. A Pima County Arizona autopsy report not related to the Tucson, Shootings, to compare with the reports from the shootings to see if they were done properly.

2. Some indication that John Roll existed before all of this.

The only thing we can be certain of is 'they lie.' It is easy to understand, just take the opposite of what they say: so if they say Loughner did it, he didn't. If Giffords was shot in the head, she wasn't. If Roll was killed, he wasn't. But what's harder to believe is, what if they were lying 110%?

So if they say Loughner did it, there is no Loughner. If they say Roll died, there is no Roll. If they say Giffords was shot in the head, there is no Giffords.

This is too hard for most people to comprehend or believe because they already have an emotional attachment to the person. Gabrielle Giffords was the attractive congresswoman who was shot in the face by a lunatic with political motivation. Millions of people BELIEVED, millions of people felt for Giffords, millions of people cried for the 9 year old girl, millions of people watched in hope and prayer for Giffords' recovery, millions of people now want gun legislation to stop this kind of horror.

And yet, was any of it true? So, maybe it's a stretch for Roll to be Hitler's son, but it's plausible that they would morph Hitler's face to represent a real person; just like how they photoshopped the mugshots to make Loughner look more evil, perhaps no one really looks the way the nation saw him to look (except maybe Glenn Beck), yet millions of people saw that smirk and knew the face of evil.

Regardless of proof millions of people believed it existed. But for how long? That is the scary part. Most do not research as much as you or me, but some keep it in their memories for a long time. It seeps in subconsciously, another collateral damage caused by the psych war, or maybe this is all intentional, to brain wash us slowly with a web of lies. Real war involves occasional collateral damage of civilians, but a psy-ops war intentionall targets civilians but says it is collateral damage.

Their need to remain moral at all times (by constantly saying the official story is the truth) is an indication that they may not be part of the conspiracy, only stuck in the web of lies. A general on the fight knows what evil is, and most likely knows it is being caused by his hands, but he has orders, and he must convince the majors and colonels that the war is 'the good fight.' It's like they brainwash themselves with saying they are doing the 'right thing'. The republican party is the 'right' party, so convinced they are that they do good things that their evil is an almost unstoppable and undying force.

Except it's not moral, it's not the truth. It barely makes sense. Anything that falls outside of the possibility of the official story is called a 'conspiracy theory' and a fabrication, and the psy-op goes deeper, with the followers swallowing more and more of the lies by convincing themselves the truth is the fabrication.

But what happens once we wake up? We are no longer controlled by their lies, but we become like the truth tellers in the Plato's allegory of the cave: we can no longer see into the darkness, we no longer believe the lies, and so we become ostracized by the ignorant masses.

To which I accept that role, why should I join them? I was already there. I'm just waiting for them to join me above the lies and distortions.

posted on Feb, 11 2012 @ 02:49 AM
Whoa, whoa, whoa. I too think this shooting was partially staged but what evidence is there for Roll being a fabricated person? I'd be interested to hear it

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