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America IS becoming a 3rd world country right now...

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posted on Apr, 13 2011 @ 09:17 AM
We'll only become a third world country if we let those in DC have their way.

Until then, we'll still be number 1!
Or 2.

Number 1 if you don't count China.

posted on Apr, 13 2011 @ 10:57 AM
I don't want to say it but... living like 3rd worlders is exactly what the millionaires want. Their problem with americans is that americans have standards. They don't like that. It's better on their bank account when they go somewhere else where people don't care so much about ethics, environment, work hours, and so on. Those are just stupid details that cost money. Why stay in america and lose money when you can go elsewhere, pollute a river and overwork people and make more? Makes no sense and that's why we're contemplating lowering our standards to that of the 3rd world. We let this happen by not confronting those at the top. It's really pathetic, but on the positive side it will lower CO2 emissions and might even be good for the environment. 3rd worlders are known to have much smaller carbon footprints, but the 3rd world is known for polluting the environment (dirty rivers and coal mines and whatever) and having a lot of poverty and other issues because of low standards and lack of infrastructure and so on. But a lot of that can be blamed on first world companies going to these countries to offshore their pollution.

It's not a mistake that america lost thousands (millions?) of manufacturing jobs and in the same period of time the richest gained significant income while the middle class and poor LOST income. By going elsewhere the owners saved signficantly, while the displaced americans left behind lost significantly. What we see is a lack of international standards to make the playing field fair. There is not international government to ensure we all stay within limits. It's bordering on anarchy. At least we have smart people who're exploiting the circumstances. One day they won't be able to. But by then they'll be doing it on the moon or mars or mercury. They will just move on to some other place where they can exploit, away from prying eyes and where few if any will complain.

Some people think that this helped our relationship with china to reduce tensions and to give us leverage in negotiations. I think that's part of it. But I think it was just mostly greed. I asked my grandpa what was the biggest probelm in the world. He was 99. He said greed. I believe him. His biggest standing complaint was our debt and that in each downturn/upturn the rich bought up more of hte country. And it just got worse and worse until they owned most of it.

You don't have to be a liberal that lives inside the union world to notice this. If a man is rigging the game you should stand up in opposition unless you have something to lose. When we stop caring and stop looking for wrongdoing, that's the day they will own us.

The back and forth between left and right is only serving their interests.

Money is like addiction. The more you get the more you need it. They say that life is addiction, all you gotta do is pick your addiction and go with it. But money is particularly popular. It's not having a career that is bad for you, it's the desire for money itself as the cure-all of ills that's the viral agent that harms. It's so infecting and contagious that it's quite common. Be weary where you go. You might catch it. Icarus flew too high and burnt his wings. Does money burn, I wonder?
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posted on Apr, 13 2011 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by bluestar.ranch

We are a 3rd world nation to some European companaies, check out this article!

Who would have imagined that Sweden—of all countries—with its heavily unionized workforce, its vaunted social programs, its liberated sexual attitudes, its minimum wage of $18 per hour, and its 5 weeks of guaranteed paid vacation, would dare treat the United States the way… well, the way the United States treats Mexico?

Yet, bizarre as it sounds, that scenario is unfolding at this very moment. Based on what has occurred during the last three years at Ikea’s Danville, Virginia, manufacturing plant, it is now evident that Sweden regards the U.S. as little more than an advanced Third World nation—a geographical area capable of providing a reliable pool of low-wage workers to assemble Ikea’s furniture. They regard us the way we regard Mexico.

Also funny is that some mexicans have gone back to mexaco because there are better work oppurtunities there! At least we found a cure to our illegal immigration problem hmm?

posted on Apr, 13 2011 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by jonnywhite

just finished reading this, and felt that it echoed strongly with what you said.

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