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Jeff "The UFO Guy" Peckman's Denver mayoral race a mockery?

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posted on Apr, 13 2011 @ 05:44 AM

Praised by rivals, 'UFO Guy' fights for relevance in Denver mayor's race
I think this is interesting. I did an ATS search for his name, and found it in Aliens from several years ago - but now it seems he might be of interest to the Political News forum as well.

He makes me think of Jesse Ventura - who people are seriously considering for VP of USA; and is already a governor. Why is Peckman being ridiculed??

Does anyone know much about the other candidates? I only just now heard of this gentleman, so I have no opinion on whether he's a nutjob, a debunker, a whistle-blower, or a wayseer. But I do find it rather conspiratorial that he is being ridiculed for his beliefs AND the fact that he has no money, and that the Denver Post is supposedly tilting the field. Look at the last few lines of this op-ed piece:

Perhaps it's easy for rivals to respect Peckman's answers when they know it's unlikely the public is really listening to them -- or to the questions he's asking now. Turns out, Jeff Peckman's no joke. The joke is just on him.

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