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RT on Depleted Uranium

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posted on Apr, 13 2011 @ 04:35 AM
Very interesting story on the use of this WMD been used in Libya. Funny how America says the world would be better without Nuclear weapons.

posted on Apr, 13 2011 @ 08:33 AM
Sweet Jeesus! Ive been screaming about this ammunition for a long time, and nobody seems to give a crap.
There are also gunnery ranges withing the USA that may well be as contaminated as the highway of death in Kuwait.
Fallujah may be the case in point where there can be no arguments as to what this ammo does to people long after the battle is over......
I cannot imagine that there is any human being who finds it acceptable to pollute the ground and water for four and a half billion years thereafter just to win any particular battle.
It would be madness to subscribe to this indescriminate spraying of radioactive bullets all over the battlefields of the world.
Yet where is the humanitarian outcry?The sounds of which should carry to high heaven....everyone should know about this insanity....
The facts are stacking up irrefutably that those who are in charge are insane psychopatic personalities.
It does not matter what the majority wants any longer.The elite 1 % of the population now drive the foriegn and domestic policies for their own benefit.
The trouble is that they are all, to a man, insane.......(these people are psychopaths, and that is how they get to the positions they hold.)
They are the master manipulators of the human race.......Their agenda is completely self serving, and they care not a fig for the rest of humanity from which they sprang.
It is as if we had a race of vampires which secretly have usurped the authority of the nations over a long period of time,and are now bleeding humanity dry for their own designs.
Most of us are not included in the vision for the future of these serial killers, whose ambition is to reduce the population of the whole world drastically in the comming decades.
The use of depleted uranium munitions is a very accurate indication of the contempt which these people hold the rest of humankind.
It is time the vast majority of us stepped forward to say stop the madness, and strip these maniacs of their lethal toys.
Its time for the army to stop obeying commends to kill.
For the airforce to refuse to bomb and strafe innocents.
Time for everyone involved to simply sit down and say we wont do these atrocities in your name any longer.
If we dont, They will, in the end, destroy the world as we knew it.
I have grandchildren i feel i am letting down by my own silence.
But i am alertly awaiting the emergence of a cohesive sanely led resistance are many here...
How can we stop these obssessive psychos from destroying our earth?
Our way of life is literally being snuffed out before our eyes....dont you remember?

Where are the keepers of the earth?

posted on Apr, 13 2011 @ 10:05 AM

Originally posted by stirling
Where are the keepers of the earth?

On pedestals made of clay, reinforced only by those who use such weapons as these.

It is no secret that the mass use of depleted uranium is a genocidal weapon designed to killed generations long after the conflict ends. These weapons will forever affect these invaded regions, haltering any progression of their people if not eventually wiping them out completely.

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