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India growth surpass China

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posted on Apr, 12 2011 @ 10:32 PM

Indian growth rate surpass Chinese

It seems India's growth rate has surpassed China by 0.1% in 2010 according to data released by IMF. India's growth was 10.4 in 2010 and China's growth was 10.3.

This doesn't mean India will catch up to China's economy anytime soon, similarly China's high growth for the past years still hasn't surpassed the US economy and won't for a while, but it did surpass the Japanese economy to become the world's second largest behind USA.

Some extra information to judge and compare the above information against:

fast-growing major developing economies in 2010 included Brazil (7.5 per cent), Mexico (5.5 per cent) and Russia (4 per cent). Among developed countries the fastest growing major economies in 2010 were Japan (3.9 per cent), Germany (3.5 per cent), Canada (3.1 per cent) and United States (2.8 per cent). Growth was much slower in countries like France (1.5 per cent) and Italy (1.3 per cent).


It is estimated that "China is looking at a 7 per cent growth in the Twelfth Plan period (2011-15) compared with India’s 9 per cent". In that sense expect the growth rate % gap to increase between China and India, in favor of India.

Comparing Indian economy to Chinese economy

"The Economy of India is the eleventh largest in the world by nominal GDP[1] and the fourth largest by purchasing power parity (PPP)."
Economy India (Wikipedia)

"The People's Republic of China is the world's second largest economy after the United States. It is the world's fastest-growing major economy, with average growth rates of 10% for the past 30 years. China is also the largest exporter and second largest importer of goods in the world. China became the world's top manufacturer in 2011, surpassing the United States."
Economy China (Wikipedia)

In the above sense India has a lot of catching up to do. Just because India's growth rate surpassed China by 0.1% doesn't cause much worry I suspect, although it will bring more investment in.

It is interesting times, I don't know why Pakistan is even trying to play kiddie games with India instead of being nice to its neighbor and gaining the benefits, both sides really.

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