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Scientific PROOF of Teleportation, telekinesis and channeling!!!

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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 12:04 AM
If you know anything, you'd know that Brian Greene is a genius. I've read his book 'The Elegant Universe' three times and love it. Look it up if you want to UNDERSTAND what he's talking about:

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 12:56 AM
Interesting stuff for considerations especially around the biophotons, toroids
and subquantum particles but everything is compilated with mathematical
formulas and it cannot explain the levitation for example. The results of Gariaev
can be found in many other twisted theories.

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 04:30 AM
just compare two titles:

the first is the title of this thread:
"scientific PROOF of teleportation, telekinesis and channeling!!!"

the second is the title of the paper the OP links to and uses to make the claim in the title
"New Resonant Bivacuum Mediated Interaction, as a Possible Explanation of Psi Phenomena"

Get it?
Where is the PROOF? A "possible explanation" isn't PROOF.

I'm very open minded, willing to consider the most crazy ideas. Just don't use the discourse of science if that idea has nothing to do with science.

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 06:44 AM
This may not be much. But what if to understand this, you need to forget all you know about math, and start anew?

I recognize some of the pdf, I remember one night I began writing a formula based on balance. 50/50 I called this new math, or spiritual math.

Φ = balance= splits in two
It is a theory I made that there was more than one universe. Alex collier's theory actually made me feel like this was true, about the 12 density's. When you think about it further Φ= 0 split in two. Dividing by zero maybe?
Think of an atom. How energy came from splitting it.

one thing you need to look at is how the pdf mentions the negative energy and positive energy and how the balance things around.

A key way to understand this pdf, would be balance. 50/50

This is very interesting. I think If i devote a few months time I can understand it. I recommend you guys to do the same. The reason why it's a hypothesis it's because there are missing gaps.

What if you mix in your emotions, and meditate? Or feel love? Love is balance, love=God or Source.

I find it odd that this information got leaked out. I think the powers that be released this on purpose so that we figure it out for them. Clever tactic imo. But because they probably have hate in their hearts, they may never fully understand the concept of this. It requires Love +positive balance between mind body and soul.

Without balance nothing can exist for balance=God=the source. The heart of the universe.

tell me what you feel when looking at this image. Listen to your intuition

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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 07:06 AM

Originally posted by traditionaldrummer

Originally posted by SaturnFX
If remote viewing is possible (research to date I would call inconclusive), then that tears down one obstacle in thinking about energy or perception being locked within your being...that opens the door for other possibilities to consider.

Agreed. And when such things can be demonstrated to actually exist we can explore those new opened doors.

open mind

How open? If I claimed pixies lived in my underwear drawer, and only mine because I was Napoleon, and I can't prove or demonstrate any of it..... would this be worthy of serious investigation? Would you pride your open mind on thinking such a thing possible?

sheesh are we still argueing about this womble ...ingo swann said there are some 180 sensory
systems in the human (I suspect many more) ,really kids , I so happy we 're engaded in lucid discourse
however I need to move forward in my intell and use of these phenomena... CRV SRV and normal
vanilla RV and merkaba strategies are highly effective
crv manual download
home page with tons of #

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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 06:09 PM
wow you two have really taken up about 3 pgs of the thread

reply to post by traditionaldrummer

reply to post by SaturnFX

traditionaldrummer: you need to define your terms re magical thinking, as it seems other posters claim that it's a euphemism for wrong/false is on the money.

SaturnFX: y'know dude for a bit i got confused with all the back and forth and thought you were the OP

i'm thinking you are correct in thinking that science is a religion for TD and others , perhaps the term orthodoxy would be a better fit.

magical thinking is not a "belief" it is a paradigm:

Paradigm Shifts and Aeonics

an excerpt for those who can't/won't follow the link

Paradigm Shifts and Aeonics
by Peter Carroll
All the philosophies, creeds, dogmas and beliefs that humanity has evolved are variants of three great paradigms, the Transcendental, the Materialist and the Magical. In no human culture has any one of these paradigms been completely distinct from the others. For example in our own culture at the time of writing the Transcendental and Magical paradigms are frequently confused together.

Transcendental philosophies are basically religious and manifest in a spectrum stretching from the fringes of primitive spiritism through pagan polytheism to the monotheism of the Judaeo-Christian- Islamic traditions and the theoretical non-theistic systems of Buddhism and Taoism. In each case it is believed that some form of consciousness or spirit created and maintains the universe and that humans, other living organisms, contain some fragment of this consciousness or spirit which underlies the veil or illusion of matter. The essence of Transcendentalism is belief in spiritual beings greater than oneself or states of spiritual being superior to that which currently one enjoys. Earthly life is frequently seen merely as a form of dialoque between oneself and one's deity or deities, or perhaps some impersonal form of higher force. The material world is a theatre for the spirit or soul or consciousness that created it. Spirit is the ultimate reality to the transcendentalist.

In the Materialist paradigm the universe is believed to consist fundamentally and entirely of matter. Energy is but a form of matter and together they subtend space and time within which all change occurs strictly on the basis of cause and effect. Human behaviour is reducible to biology, biology is reducible to chemistry, chemistry is reducible to physics and physics is reducible to mathematics. Mind and consciousness are thus merely electrochemical events in the brain and spirit is a word without objective content. The causes of some events are likely to remain obscure perhaps indefinitely, but there is an underlying faith that sufficient material cause must exist for any event. All human acts can be categorized as serving some biological need or as expressions of previously applied conditioning or merely as malfunction. The goal of materialist who eschews suicide is the pursuit of personal satisfaction including altruistic satisfactions if desired.

The main difficulty in recognizing and describing the pure Magical Paradigm is that of insufficient vocabulary. Magical philosophy is only recently recovering from a heavy adulteration with transcendental theory. The word aether will be used to describe the fundamental reality of the magical paradigm. It is more or less equivalent to the idea of Mana used in oceanic shamanism. Aether in materialistic descriptions is information which structures matter and which all matter is capable of emitting and receiving. In transcendental terms aether is a sort of 'life force' present in some degree in all things. It carries both knowledge about events and the ability to influence similar or sympathetic events. Events either arise spontaneously out of themselves or are encouraged to follow certain paths by influence of patterns in the aether. As all things have an aetheric part they can be considered to be alive in some sense. Thus all things happen by magic, the large scale features of the universe have a very strong aetheric pattern which makes them fairly predictable but difficult to influence by the aetheric patterns created by thought. Magicians see themselves as participating in nature. Transcendentalists like to think they are somehow above it. Materialists like to try and manipulate it.

according to Aeonics we are returning to the magical paradigm which is in ascent with the transcendental/religious paradigm in descent, the materialist/scientific paradigm will be around awhile longer..
google Chaos Magical Theory for more info.

OP flag but no star for the deceptive title which is now threatened with being derailed by nit-pickers

this is a proposal/working hypothesis will study carefully

reply to post by NorkiSpaceDuck

magical thinking or the future of space travel?

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 10:20 PM
reply to post by tigpoppa

You clearly did not read the paper sigh more bigoted orthodox right wing rhetoric

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 01:51 PM
erm yea i am a huge believer in our superhuman abilities
there is much about the nature of energy we do knot know about
i loved keely's research into sympathetic vibratory physics will post
some files soon on my board also riech orgone zpe scalar waves
you name it I'm on it ..thanx for the really nice replies

chat and stuff aIl you need all link keely was supercool
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posted on Jul, 5 2011 @ 02:07 AM
reply to post by Slevinq

Unfortunately teleportation through time is non existant. In order for it to be possible every nanosecond of every moment in time would have to exist in a partition of time for an eternity. If you sneeze, in order to go back in time and visit you sneezing, all matter, moisture from the sneeze, sound, light, etc would have to exist in sequence for an eternity in order for you to go back time and again to visit your sneeze.

posted on Feb, 3 2013 @ 06:42 PM

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posted on Oct, 18 2013 @ 03:27 PM

posted on Oct, 18 2013 @ 06:13 PM


Originally posted by tigpoppa
reply to post by Slevinq

There is nothing scientific about this paper. In fact it is just theory with no empirical evidence to support the wild claims. Looks like just another crackpot with a typewriter and too much time on their hands too me. Then again I am a scienctist and would have shredded his paper and his reputation.

Can you give us some idea of your education level? Since you are a scientist and all.

as for the author of the paper.

Alexander Kaivarainen, Ph D, Doctor of Science in Physics and Biophysics


[1989] - Doctor of Science in Physics & Mathematics (D. Sc.).
Specialization: ‘biophysics’. Scientific and Technical Association of USSR Academy of Science, Leningrad, USSR.

Title of dissertation: ‘Large-scale dynamics of proteins and their interaction with aqueous medium’.

[1981] - Academic senior researcher in molecular biology.
USSR Academy of Science, Moscow;

[1974] - Ph.D. in Biophysics.
Institute of Biophysics, USSR Academy of Science, Moscow-Pushino, USSR.
Title of dissertation: ‘Investigation of hemoglobin and immunoglobulins by means of spin-label method’.



The Academy of Science is a pretty impressive institution with 55,000 researchers
in multiple fact, it's an OUTSTANDING academic system that has
contributed WORLD-CLASS work in many physics-related disciplines.

That said, this paper is an EXPLORATORY dissertation on the POSSIBLE real-world effects
of energy field activities that are in the realms of Quantum Chromodynamics and
Quantum Mechanics which touch upon Superstring theory, M-Branes Theory and
Vacuum Fluctuations which COULD explain the WHY and HOW of the SOLIDITY
of the world as we see it at macro-scales AND the WHY and HOW of information transfer
(i.e. Quantum Particle Spin-State and Positional Data) that INSTANTANEOUSLY moves from
one-point in Space-time to another NO MATTER THE DISTANCE (see Einstein's Spooky Action
at a Distance conjectures!).

On a PRACTICAL basis, I am reading into this paper that this universe is "BITS and BYTES" of
information that gets transferred from one-point to another via bursts of Planck-scale
energy which MAY impart INFORMATION (of any sort!) to upper-level macroscale particles
that humans would have access to and thus interpret either in our minds or via sensitive
scientific instruments. The paper contains no SPECIFIC testable or quantifiable PROOF
of quantum communications but rather is a pointer to specific areas of vacuum fluctuation
theory that may POWER the process of imparting and moving information through SPACE-TIME.

It a good starting point as ONE POSSIBLE CAUSE of ESP...but not the only one!

posted on Oct, 18 2013 @ 06:31 PM

reply to post by Slevinq

Unfortunately teleportation through time is non existant. In order for it to be possible every nanosecond of every moment in time would have to exist in a partition of time for an eternity. If you sneeze, in order to go back in time and visit you sneezing, all matter, moisture from the sneeze, sound, light, etc would have to exist in sequence for an eternity in order for you to go back time and again to visit your sneeze.

SOME have posited EXACTLY that our universe is EXACTLY what you have stated.

Think of our universe as a SAVED VIDEO FILE which has ALWAYS been there as some
pre-recorded movie or TV show!

It's just being played back on a gigantic Universe-scale DVD or Blu-Ray player.

So in essence, me and you are nothing but part of a giant 3D-XYZ video file which can be started,
stopped, rewound, replayed and scanned forwards/backwards to ANY point in time as desired.
The BASE information was permanently recorded to a massive "Universe-scale Disc" but like
ANY video file, you can change the speed of playback, the colour-balance of the video
image and its look using a universe-scale "Video Proc-Amp". And if WE ARE nothing but
"information" (i.e. The Matrix) then YES we CAN go back in time and examine EVERY
sneeze you did just by launching ANOTHER localized "Video Player" to view and if desired,
CHANGE or EDIT of the current or OTEHR SAVED universe-scale video file during playback!

And to bring in the Multiverse Theory, think of OUR universe as nothing more than
one giant video file copy that has minor (OR MAJOR!) edits/changes/re-colouring done
which makes it DIFFERENT than the next copy of the 3D Universe-scale video file.

The key issues NOW then become WHERE IS and WHICH ONE is the FIRST Universe-scale Video File?
How many COPIES are there? What Type of Video Player is PLAYING BACK our Universe?


Oh yeah? How long is the Movie? and What happens when the ETERNAL Viewer
finally finishes Watching our movie and Eject this UNIVERSE DVD disc from the player?

That's my metaphorical answer to some questions I have regarding our universe!

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