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U.S. Dictating North American Air Travel Security

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posted on Apr, 12 2011 @ 01:04 PM
This is what happens when citizens are watching American Idol....the slow takeover of not one one nation, but two, three etc by TPTB.

If people don't start standing up to this, it will be too late but maybe it's already at that point.

The Canadian Govt. is just as skilled at deception, diversion and subversion as the US, and they are taking lessons daily. We see it happening all over the World with American embassies and Military bases popping up in every corner of the Globe.

Eventually, what will happen is every citizen on Earth will have to ask permission from the US to fly. The NWO is looking clearer every day. This is a plan to make sure that they know where we all are, every single minute of the day.

Increasingly, U.S. Department of Homeland Security requirements are being imposed on Canadians. There are real concerns on how civil liberties are being eroded by these new security measures. Canada has further surrendered privacy and sovereignty when it comes to air travel. In a fully integrated North American security perimeter, the U.S. would have the ultimate power to decide who is allowed to enter and who is allowed to leave.

Without much fanfare and overshadowed by Canadians heading to the polls on May 2 for the fourth election in seven years, a controversial bill that would further comply with U.S. aviation security practices became law. The measure supports plans for a North American security perimeter and illustrates how the Canadian government is more interested in appeasing U.S. interests than protecting the privacy and freedoms of its own citizens.

Canada has made many steps to harmonize airline security with U.S. programs but none has been good enough to prevent ever more draconian demands. Our severely flawed made-in-Canada ‘no fly’ list was supposed to prevent the imposition of the U.S. list on Canada. But the benchmark has moved again to the point the U.S. must issue travel permissions to Canadians.”

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