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Facebook group brings 1200+ Healers together for global Reiki and healing

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posted on Apr, 11 2011 @ 01:01 AM
Just want to share this group. It's called "Reiki Healing Everyday" and has truly been a beacon of light and healing. It's global with many members from the US, Australia, India, Sweden, South Africa amongst others.

There are general postings and some specified individual areas for long-term or significant posts (for various reasons).

A typical post might be please send healing to my friend's daughter Jessie because she's going into surgery tomorrow, or more serious issues such as someone in a coma. Also seen things like my house seems to have bad energy or possessions.

There are MANY Reiki Masters and various healing modalities in use here and there has been lots of success!

It is NOT a place for debate about whether Reiki is real, etc. It is a very kind happy place - if you feel compelled to disagree with Reiki feel free to do that here on ATS. If you add the group to do that you will be reported and banned.

I am a member of the group. I am not the founder or anything but a common member; I do not gain anything by promoting it.

It's a Facebook group (open to anyone) and only accessible through facebook. Add group "Reiki Healing Everyday"

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