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I'm not afraid to take a stand to make a change & everybody come take my hand!!!!

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posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 10:21 PM
Words of many and other things inspired this thread it is time for us to come together and make the world a better place.

Warning I did use symbols in some places to block out anything offensive!!

Every year we see natural disasters and we come to a bad place a better quote from a famous singer describes where we are:

Yeah, It's been a ride... I understand that we are in that bad place we had to go to that place to get to the new. Now some of you might still be in the dark place If you're trying to get out. We'll walk this road together, through the storm whatever might be the weather, cold or warm and just let you know that you're not alone

We come through that same road in life and every day we experience what this life around us is, what we do not see we do not get but what if the answers were all around us. We must not keep living this way in darkness and being blind for even a blind kitten can see. It is time for us to break out of this cage and see the world and spread our wings. The tasks are given and the mission are ready but it is time for you to make a choice, to fight your demons or to chose to stay behind. A key opens the lock and the lock opens the door what do you choose to do?

Not see to believe is what we do all day and not seeing is what is that destroys us and we need to stop being afraid. What we are is who we are and what we came to do is for you to find out, but along the road we took a dive into the unknown and got lost in the storm. But you are not alone there are many of us that been through the same road. It is time to become who we are and to do what we came to do. There is much to do around the world and it is time to clean up the mess before it becomes a giant dump.

Millions starve and have no home sleeping on the street while those that can help have no choice but to ignore those in need of help. Who are they to judge those unable to live like them? They are nobody they are not above us and never will be for what we do is defined by us and us alone. So what do you choose to be who you are meant to be or be someone who wakes up in the morning to say #$%@ this world!!!.

We have been free falling into the darkness all this time and when you finally land it is a long way up, but we are never alone there are those with us all along. You have what it takes to fly out and not choose to take such a long way home. Just tap your feet three times and say "THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME !!!!!" it is time to stand up for those around you. To face your demons you need to see for what they are all around you and what is their aim for this world. I my self had enough and I am so fed up for what they are doing to our home, this is our home and our place to be so it is time to put our life's back together right now to hold our ground together as 1 of many 1111111's

This illusion has gone for too long and the more we go a long with it the more of a record we build up. The longer you decide to take the higher will the count be and what this does is not fair onto those caught in this twilight zone. When you look at a mirror and see the illusion or the controlled life of the not real you what does it tell you? Well it goes something more like this

No hopes, No dreams, No future and No power!!!!

So why do many not see this?

It is because the reality of it is there they just choose not to go through the Rabbit Hole!!!!

The spoon is truly not there just like everything around you!!!!

What it means is that it is not the spoon that bends but you!!!

Yes, you may wonder how? But the reason is all around you, we are all around you and everything around you is part of the key to who you are. You and those around you are the creators of this reality there are those that control it even those that protect it. But along the way we all got lost so the control took over you and who you are, so as you see the spoon does not bend it is you who is bending the reality.

What is it that you see, eat, hear, feel and taste? Is it all not just energy?

Why do we choose not to see it?

It is because what we were told by the program which launched the sequence code into our conscience. You can not fly!!!! You can not move things with your mind!!!! You can not heal people!!! and You can not do super human things!!!!
Why do we choose to follow something that was given to us by a person? and yet follow it through your whole life. A true person is the one that follows his hopes and dreams so can not you see that the system is running and controlling your life?

This must end now and we do not fully know how the world will end but we do know how it will begin.

It will be change and awakening of the true you that will begin the new world.
The longer this realization takes the less time we have, the more time we lose the more they have to use to their advantage.

The true God is just a word for God is good then why not call it the GOOD? With religion on every corner of our life and home we do not even learn to grasp the real understanding of what it means. In many texts and books I see the referring to the Male and Female genders when the so called God is mentioned. The Alpha and Omega which mean the Male and Female, this it self transcends into understanding that there are many and not just one.

Every single religion has gotten the messages wrong and a coding is created for a specific reason. The true message of those that watch over us is love, compassion, giving and caring for those around us.

The thing is that people do not understand and grasp that a being of infinite love can not create destruction. So all those waves, plagues, sacrifices and hate could never come from a perfect being like God that is portrayed in the Bible. People need to see for what the books really are and what is given inside. Not every word is true and not every moment is what it is.

A man once said that “History is written by the victors and all you need is a pool of blood to rewrite history.” So if it is simple as that how do we then truly know what history really is and why must we dwell on the past of our fathers and their fathers? Because we think it is important and yet there are parts of us that know its just a moment in time.

Now if everything is energy and we intake it also produce it then why do we not manipulate it? Most reasons are the programming we usually went through from kindergarten through to end of College. So it sticks with us for at least 13-15 years of our life and after this we are too busy to question it all because we are caught up in financial slavery.

Everything in our life is part of a big lesson and it is all infinite so the understanding of it all is simple to grasp. Nothing truly ends and the universe never wastes a thing everything is simply transformed to something greater.

What is truly infinity? Is it not an endless process of life and growth through out the construct of the Universe, yet what is known to us is still only a tip of the iceberg that is floating within us and around us without a melting point in life. The limitations that are set around us are mere constructs of our own understanding and thoughts that merge together to build what we wish to see. So do we truly produce a known time and space around us that gives us that very thing which we deserve to know also feel, but… there are some of what limitations set to us by the environment that we truly occupy within our own surroundings.

The universe is known to contain no limits within it self nor does it end due to the known factors of the general star populations within each galaxy, then within the universe there are other galaxies as well that produce more planets as within them selves. Now this is known to be a endless point of growth and expansion around the galaxies also the universe it self. Still only much is known about each individual galaxy and planet that is around us, yet what we do not see is the link between each living thing that occupies the planet Earth it self. As humanity and the general classes of occupations that we are in we always face an interesting factor in life. To what seems to be an endless possibility of experiences and life long lessons we record without our own brain into our memories.

Each brain cell acts as an information gatherer within our bodies and gives us the opportunity, which allows us to understand also view every experience from a different angle through out the time of our life. Which makes the situation much more interesting to understand through what we know. But…… What is truly the link between each human or living things on this planet with the Universe? Well I believe a stunning picture that would blow your mind would be the best way of putting the link together.

Now is that truly not something so familiar yet all around us in both animals, plants and within us as well. As you see the above picture that is a construct of a brain cell and the amazing similarity between it also the universe that we occupy. Yet the familiar phrase of a well knowledgeable question comes to our mind “All the answers are within you” and still we do not fully understand the similarity also most importantly the link between who we truly are. Such theories are considered to be so complex to understand and yet it is the most simple explanation that can be put forth to everything. The same law is applied by many great minds regarding this situation it is known as Occam Razor law "the simplest explanation is more likely the correct one". Which is why entitled to the situation it would not be completely wrong to say that we are part of the universe and it is all around us.

This very understanding can explain many things that happen within ones life and in the world surrounding them. After such understanding how can one truly not question the reason of life and its all creation that is within it. Which is why we can understand if we are part of the Universe and we are surrounded by it would it be not rational to even consider that we can create things that we wish to see happen. As of this very situation it has been known through out many spiritually advanced individuals to be known as the law of manifestation also attraction. Where an individual is able to put forth a set of a desire that can help the world or make a miracle happen. So this acts as a vibrational frequency that is known to act through out us and the world around us.

Thus this effect is seen around us and can bring forth the understanding of what karma truly is, let us say you do something bad to some one and you put forth the vibrational frequency from you onto them. Which is then effects part of them that acts as the part of the Universe so would it not be the same situation happening to you but in a different form. Due to the main reason that you are part of the same Universe which then utilizes the same frequency of the negative intent back to you. The phrase of “What goes around comes back around” plays a quiet major role in the situation of what many people call karma , yet what we all do not realize is that this is a normal general part of life that of which many can experience. Now this is why we always feel the effect of the so called Karma several times in our life and what at times seems as it does not effect us at all it truly also fully does.

Lets look now at another possibility if so much is truly linked together and what we are occupying is a Universe, yet at the same time we have part of the Universe within our selves. Is it not possible that there are multiple Universes? and the one we are within is merely a building block of infinite others that is contained within a box of its own. So the situation is now more ever growing and expanding to grasp the understanding of what truly is the universe, now this can be shown within a simple image that can show us the reasoning behind this theory.

As the above image shows the universe is just merely constructed to the limited understanding of what we know, yet with the known situation that is truly simply just a significant one universe. With the surrounding information around us in the world we do not tend to see the picture, due to the limitations set to us by many of those around us. So our mind just like the universe above the shown image is captured within a limited box of space confinement. Now what is beyond the box? as many people would wonder about such situation we truly know the state of mind, that Einstein and many other great minds figured of by a following phrase “Think outside the box”. Which is exactly similar to thinking beyond the limits set so the situation is more ever growing to the rational understanding of our minds. After what seems to be a simple understanding growth we are flooded with unlimited possibilities and situations where we can learn to progress beyond what is known. However, it is possible for other universes to exist which is then making us able to understand, that we are merely a small fragment of 1 in an endless process of infinite 1’s that continues to go on without any limits set to it.

This sort of situation would be a very simple explanation to a sensation known in life as De Javu , when we truly feel as if we have been here before and we did something similar to this before as well so the situation is quiet similar to us. Knowing what would happen next before it even happened creating a instant understanding of time and place within that very specific yet amazing moment. So what is truly Da Javu? Well to the general understanding it is more of a certain paradox that many experience within their life, as if a glitch within a system that plays the same image over and over again. But…. the interesting fact is that we are living out a certain part of life that we already did and to the shocking yet astonishing understanding it will keep happening endlessly.

As we stand there processing in our mind the sort of situation that is caused by the event we block out the curtail part. You already lived this day out so basic theory of the fact of infinite life, plays out the situation of that day a basic understanding of a parallel or infinite you would show a much more reasoning situation. Which is why you are merely experiencing a specific day in your life that you already have experienced, which was recorded as being important to the you which is ahead of you.
This picture shows a bit more understanding to the situation that would be rationally characterized as you being a head of you in life.

Which is why it explains of you living out a important moment that was based on an event of your self , that is merely in front of you by a day or situation that happened during a specific time frame. In our minds we are truly free of the cage and we have the tools also the given help to break out of it. Sadly it is just simply that we choose not to out of fear of the unknown.

The time is just a part of the cloak covering the canvas of the beautiful painting on it, so the curtain remains lowered until the big show begins.

But…… what is truly time? We see time as a part of our everyday life that controls our understanding of age and the universe around us. But… what if there is truly no time and what we see is just a mere illusion to the situation that we are taught sense birth to follow. Which is why in this post I am going to share some stuff regarding time and the information that is gathered within us also around us. Again take this with a grain of salt and a mere understanding that I am just here to share that is all.

Time has become our average way of life we follow time like a law and we understand it to be a law, for we age by the time we are set and yet we fear death. The instant of time around us acts as a situation a part of life that is set there for a reason, the mutual understanding of it is complex to understand yet we always try to go around it. At times we can feel time go by faster and at times we feel it drag it self a long slowing down for specific moment, this is why we at times wonder are we the controllers of our time. What if the answer to the wondering questions was always yes and that every single moment in our life happens for a reason, that there are no such things as accidents or chance to the situation given to us through out life. How does a man or woman win a lottery with 1 in a billions of people to have that ticket that is the winner. It is quiet simple it was just their specific point in life that was already planed upon the time it was needed to happen. So such things as luck, chance or accident are ruled out to the rational possibilities during the given situations.

Now in the above part we spoke of infinite you’s in different parts of time and life or given moment of time. Yet we did not cover an important fundamental fact to the situation that we live life, through different ways and scenarios that let us learn on an infinite multiple level of understanding different situations also lives. So there are infinite amounts of you on your own time line and there are infinite amounts of you on different time lines. Which is why let us take each 1 of us out of infinite 1’s that already exist and place them on each specific dot which is then ran through different scenarios of life. But… the interesting factors is that the destination of every dot is fixed but the time to reach it also the way reaching it is different, now that makes the situation much more complex resulting in a infinite amount of lessons learned in mere instants. This is better shown in the following image that can better portray the understanding of infinite time lines.

As shown in the above image the destination is fixed by the bright big dot and the smaller dots act as each individual you all linked together by different time lines. However, some of those time lines split into two different links amongst the way to the destination and some split to go back this is due to the fact of learning specific lessons. We all know that the future is never set in stone due to path that is taken and when an individual changes their previously planned path he or she is then split into two scenarios. Where one followed the previous path and the other follows a new directed path by the change set in motion by a specific event in life, so the situations are endlessly changing and have infinite possibilities. Now that is why time is just a mere illusion that does not fully exist due to the splitting scenarios that play out through life, the infinite possibilities can change and act upon each specific individual differently which results in many situations that can not fully be set by time limits that we occupy in our life.

So due to this very reasoning situation we can start to understand the link between prophetic dreams, due to the limited knowledge that we are taught we are kept close minded. When we sleep our brains are more active and being universal there are able to access a different time line similar to the one we live right now, but….. most of the time we connect to the us that is in front of us or behind us in the line of life. Which can then result in the past life memory recognition or future visions of events that at times can happen, yet most of the time can be changed if we take different approach to the situation presented. This acts in the theory of Einstein the time travel which results in a worm hole which is better shown in the following image.

In the above image we see the Hyperspace being the link between the two time selves both present and future, which relates to the situation the present you falling a sleep and linking your conscience with the future or past you in a specific time or place. Resulting to the fact that you are of the same conscience but split into different parts to experience certain parts of life or any given events. So the basic time of time travel acts upon infinite possibilities regarding these situations and thus explaining any odd similarities of doing something familiar that you never did before.

So let us say that if we indeed invent a time machine that allows us to travel through out time, for example we can put this in a following form we roll a ball and every 5 we go into the future to see the ball rolling. Then let us for example do that what we will see is the surrounding area of the past us that kept travelling forward in time to witness the ball rolling. Which will then soon enough would result in the entire area filled with you rolling that ball or witnessing the ball rolling, so that would show the ability of time manipulation. However the interesting bit is that one of those many you will eventually decide to stop the ball rolling, then it would result in the past you travelling to the future to look at you and ask you why you stopped it rolling. Now that sort of scene would be completely bizarre to wrap our mind around.

This sort of situation would result in an infinite paradox where you and the future you would meet, then do something together resulting in a different motion of time. Yet at the same moment you could go back a split second before you roll the ball back in time to change your mind not to roll it. Then this results in infinite possibilities that would allow you to influence also change the discissions that you have made in the past or going to make in the future. Now this would allow you to influence time and reality it self which would again show that time is a mere illusion to the part of life that we obtain in our mind. A better explanation of this paradox would be through a following image.

As the above image shows the box would be better classified as being you and each you can influence the other you by changing ones life to influence the infinite other ones in front of you. Also it is interesting to understand that not only we have part of the universe around us, it is also that the universe is inside every living thing no matter if it is seen or unseen.

So when we worry about something like a future event that will come we merely base fear into us, what is more important to realize we already lived that event or experienced a specific situation. That already resulted in a solution so there is nothing to truly fear but the basic reasoning that we are responsible for creating this illusion that we call fear. Also the thing is people worry about too much in their life even Einstein believed in infinity and knew that when his good friend died, that he did not leave his family or loved one behind but merely rejoined them or watched over them. So even such fragile thing as death is part of the giant illusion that we consider to be life and life it self is an infinite link of learning also spiritually advancing.

As a green man once said energy is all around us it gives us strength and penetrates us, Yes. I am talking of the Force!!!!

The meaning behind the truth of Star Wars has given us much knowledge and yet many again ignored it off as a simple movie. The below video portrays the true meaning of the spirit and the system that is in our minds.

Empty your mind you must just like they say to empty your cup you must to fill it with knowledge. There is no bigger, smaller, taller or shorter it is just a perception of our view and the knowledge we were taught through our life. Why do we not fly? It is our mind, heart and spirit. We must free them before we ourself become free and light as a feather. The feather represents the true us the pure, light and caring part of us. But…. over the time we have become clouded like walking in a mist where we cannot see anything.

Everything happens for a reason, purpose or some cause. However, some things are planed and played out by those around us. So there are two forces present on this planet just like the Ying and Yang both acting upon each other trying to force one another out. A separation is about to take place but you are all given the choice to make for your self. There is still plenty of time to do what you came to do but a dead line is set.

It is up to you to make a choice to stand together as one race or to be separate from one another awaiting the on coming events. Choose wisely the Jar of cookies one contains a cookie the other contains a deep black hole!!! As Yoda said use the force let it guide you to the cookie and seek the truth.

Kind Regards


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Because I did use symbols like # and @ on purpose to cover the bad stuff.

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posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 10:26 PM
ive been on this journey for quite some time now.

posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 10:37 PM
Yep, that is it my friend.

Love one another.

Are you ready to throw down this Empire now young Jedi?

With Love,

Your Brother

posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 10:51 PM
A new post coming soon working on it
materials are hard to come by these days

posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 10:58 PM
great thread. peace and love brothers and sisters.

posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 11:01 PM
reply to post by HispanicPanic

Well you do not have to be cause we gonna pull ya out of the hole and clean ya up

Then we shall have some milk and cookies talking about how awesome things can truly be.

Kind Regards


posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 11:08 PM
I wish this everything in this world was one,but then we will be lonely,I wish fear wasnt in our hearts or mind,but then there would be alot of cocky people doing stupid ****,I wish I didnt have to wish,then there be no point for this thread,everything happens for a reason,...but since the world leaders cant be one doesnt mean in in the people cant unite,because without pawns there is no game,without soilders there is no army without an army there is no wars,.....why cant we all have the best of life and equal opportunities...peace and love..great thread.

posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 11:13 PM
reply to post by R3MYxISxBRUTAL

Thank you my friend the message is the right one and I wish people saw the truth that united we are one and strong. Thank you for such a strong message as well.

posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 11:18 PM
ive been in a state of depression for the last year or so. Part of it has to do with not being the true me. i know about the power of the mind and try to get myself out of the hole but for some reason its hard. one day i wake up thinking positive and the other day im on autopilot thinking negative. any suggestions or practices i can do to help me out!? I want to continue my life but im at a stand still. Its almost like im trapped and living the same day repeatedly.

posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 11:28 PM
reply to post by thegasface

First thing first every time you wake up look in the mirror and give that negative attitude a hug
Tell him that no matter what you can not take me down because I am you and you are me we are a part of each other. But it is our duty to make it a better world so lets turn that frown upside down

As Yoda said Fear is a path to the dark side.

It is absolutely true do not fear every day love it live it give it there is nothing more, every day is a gift wrapped in a giant bow. A lesson to learn and something to give like a giant school almost!!!

Do not think oh this day will be bad be more positive in it even if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Think that yes my day maybe bad but it does not have to be for others so I shall go and make another persons day a lot better.

Forest Gump once said the wisest words " Mama saidLife is Like a box of chocolates you never know what you gonna get" Well Mama was right Life is just like that full of surprises and massive chocolaty goodness but don't forget you can share around some of that tasty treat.

Stay positive my friend and everything around is part of the puzzle you just need to find the first bit what make you unique?

Kind Regards


posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 11:29 PM

Originally posted by thegasface
ive been in a state of depression for the last year or so. Part of it has to do with not being the true me. i know about the power of the mind and try to get myself out of the hole but for some reason its hard. one day i wake up thinking positive and the other day im on autopilot thinking negative. any suggestions or practices i can do to help me out!? I want to continue my life but im at a stand still. Its almost like im trapped and living the same day repeatedly.

Tell those who you love, you love them.
Show those who you love, you love them.
Love yourself and do not count the time.
Love is wealth. Spirit is mighty.
There is One You, my friend.
Be True to You.

posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 11:31 PM
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

Haven't had time to read your whole post (early Monday morning stuff)
Your energy signature is great!
Gonna read the whole deal later on and give you a real answer, but you can count me
in… We're gonna do this!

Love and respect

posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 11:34 PM
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

Thank you for your thought provoking, uplifting words.
We are the Way, the Truth, The Light.

posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 11:35 PM
I agree with almost everything you wrote so star and flag for the time, effort, and thought put into this post. It was long, but worth the read.

I watched the Bashar series on youtube the other day and received the same overall meaning as this thread and I think these main themes are extremely important and powerful.

posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 11:48 PM
The Human Mind Is A Condition Needed To Be Healed !!!!!!

We all know our ones and twos then threes and fours
with the bees and the trees and the flowers

But..... The biggest trick of all do we know ourselves?

The mind is limiting to us from the all the useless junk and what not the junk food and all that we were fed during our younger years of learning.

What is fear? well many would go into a scientific terms of the meaning of the word fear. But.... what does it mean to fear something? Is it meant to be out of respect of something being bigger, stronger, greater then you?

NO!!!! it is NOT!!!!

No one is stronger then you or smarter then you because all around you are on an equal dimensional level. The thing that some people do not understand is that they value each other by material things when in fact dimensionally, spiritually and life wise they are on the same level. Sure it may not look like they are but believe me there are things that are not shown on normal cable television

p.s: I'm not talking about the glass hypnotic box we watch every day

There is no right and wrong that is part of the test people do not see the chess board well enough to realize how really the illusion has us.

Every emotion is a sequence code let me explain this better by showing you this clip from Star Wars these are some of the wisest words known:

Everything is like a giant spider web of the system that we are caught in and in order to free ourselves we must free our mind. Emotions are part of us but they are mere emotions nothing more or less some animals can control their emotions. Why can't we? It is not because we can not it is because we choose to ignore it or not to. As it is said you either do or do not there is no try because there is really no try, the thing is that if you wanna do something do it. Do not try it or do it half way then abandon it there are many connections made and many are broken. But.... it is entirely up to you to decide what you wish to do and how you want to live.

The chess game is simple and there are pawns but do not underestimate the pawns they maybe under control of the King and the loyal subjects. But.... even a pawn can take down the king if united with their brothers and sisters. Without us they are nothing and without their control over us there is no game no level no save point. Everything can be stopped with a simple phrase "I'm Not Afraid!!!!".

To still your emotions still your mind and heart feel the planet move as you move, when in fact it is the planet that is moving not you. We are like the water around us that we see, drink and swim in when it is still we can see clearly through it. But... when it is stormy we are clouded by anger of not being able to see through the water. Thus the water reflects these emotions onto us a mirror of reflection it is, so as Bruce Lee said "Be like the Water my friends" be calm and see the reflection of the real you.

Kind Regards


posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 11:53 PM
great advice guys. when ever i wake up feeling down, my goal is to make someone elses day better. maybe then i will be healed. i appreciate the help. you should definitely post more threads. there is a lot of doom and gloom on this website. i can see alot of people benefiting from this positivity.

posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 11:57 PM
Thank you all for the contributions.
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posted on Apr, 11 2011 @ 12:01 AM
Has anyone questioned is chocolate poisonous?
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posted on Apr, 11 2011 @ 12:12 AM
Guys I would like to ask you a question

Is anyone aware if the Pope is going on a trip any time soon?

Just wondering that is all

I got a feeling something is being planed for the world or for the Pope.

Gonna go get some cookies and milk

Kind Regards


p.s: stay tuned for more posts just working on them

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posted on Apr, 11 2011 @ 12:35 AM
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

It's nice to see a positive message post on ATS once in a while. I like reading about people who overcome their obstacles, exorcise their internal demons, come to conscious unification with their daemon, and just generally let their consciousness expand beyond the normal pace of living.

What I don't always like are these pop-culture references. Sure, I agree that the "Matrix" trilogy is a good guided-step into the realm of Idealism; and Yoda does have mystic sagely advice from middle Eastern esotericism I still think these examples are lacking.

Instead of using pop-culture references on "freeing the mind and spirit", work out a method, test it out, and once you've freed your own mind help people step-by-step to do it themselves. The Walking, the Pace of Yu, Tai Chi, the ceremony of the Holy Guardian Angel, the Whirling Dervish: these are all steps people have taken to actively transmit their consciousness to higher, and higher levels.

If you're really calling for people to "climb the tree", and reach the godhead, freeing themselves, be a leader, not an AV guy. Teach people, show them the way. Walk with them and learn with them as you both head towards the collective destination.

They're all waiting for you over there
The Bulls, the Bears, and the Birds
Assuming of course that you can avoid
The Dogs, the Goats, and the Serpents

~ Scribe

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