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Gerald Celente Loses It (and rightly so) - When This Man Acts Like This It Means - WAKE UP!!!!

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posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 12:23 PM
reply to post by predator0187


posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 12:25 PM
reply to post by MAC269

Follow the example of Mahatma Gandhi if you really want change, he drove the British insane.

that was when the british people generally still believed in things like god and morality.
today, he'd make it about 1 month......if he was lucky. not even long enough to have
his first starvation protest or gather a noteworthy following of his ideas.
and what or who do we have to thank for this "evolutionary" step in viewing the value and
sanctity of life? no idea, but whatever it is, can't be good.

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 12:37 PM

Originally posted by AdamsMurmur
"Three witches of Macbeth." Haha. Right on.

He's absolutely right though, of course. People are too afraid to be radical when the situation calls for it. Can't just sit there and wait for the criminals to turn good, it won't happen. You gotta go out there and stop them before they take everything.
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Exactly. That is why nothing will ever change until there is complete and total collapse, and people, ALL people, are FORCED to deal with it.

All you can do is prepare yourself, your family, and your loved ones for the worst. Don't rely on the government to take care of you when it hits the fan.

You will be completely on your own.

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 12:41 PM
reply to post by Common Scarecrow

Actually we won't be on our own, I will wager we going to see a lot of compassion. Will it be chaotic for a short period, of course it will, but people of like minds need to help each other.

What we won't see is any type of government structure we now understand, it will be totally different. I personally believe that people will empower themselves, instead of giving their power to only a collective few.

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posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 12:56 PM
reply to post by Common Scarecrow

People are too afraid to be radical when the situation calls for it.

1) because people, generally, are peaceable.
2) because the older you get, the less likely you are to want to just pitch out everything you've worked for, in favor of living in a cardboard box, while the situation fixes itself
3) because radical and family don't have much in common (why do you think most revolutionaries are childless and tend to be below the age of 40?)
4) because revolutions kill just as many innocent people as not
5) because radical behavior is, at the end of the day, a loss of self control

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posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 01:06 PM
reply to post by coolottie

Theoretically, it is illegal.

But a state that doesnt respect articles in its own constitution and in practice punishes those who "break their laws", ie; tax evasion, can do what it wants.

People who want to become martyrs can go ahead and do so. I sure as hell will not.

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 01:19 PM
LOL i agree with him but he is just doing more finger pointing with out putting out any facts on the table. to me he came off telling everybody to grow up wile acting like a kid himself. next issue i have is him stating stop paying tax. would he like to enlighten us to how to not pay? we all dont work for GE.. we already know there are problems. we need to know how or what to do to FIX the problems. with realistic answers. its like saying to avoid a earth quake live on the moon. this is the part where we need to quit finger pointing and just get this problem FIXED and then move on. but we need real answers. what can I do? any forms to fill out? protests to be active in? phone calls i can make? letters maybe? anything? so to me the video was a useless rant. if anything a video like this would hurt the cause. who wants to fallow somebody with no answers and just has a finger pointing. this is y we cant get anything done anymore we to busy pointing fingers.

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 01:38 PM
Truth. Much truth in this, for our government runs on a corrupt system a corrupt society.
However, we must not focus on our faults.
We must not put negitive energy out into the Universe, for that will surely be reflected back upon us.
We must put forth, into motion, positive thoughts. Yes the world is falling apart. Yes our politicians are absolutely irresponsible creatures... Sheer incompitence and ignorance can not be defined by sex. Male or female, it is all in the perspective of the individual.
When watching these YouTube videos, take the knowledge. Take the truth. But keep at peace with the world that is around you, however crazy and immoral it may be. You can only control yourself.
Keep optimistic, these things WILL change. For the better of all mankind.
For they must.
This thing that we call never and the things that we say can not be fixed... If you say you can not, you can't. If you say it won't then it won't.
We must always see the light. We must have faith that things WILL be fixed. We CAN do this and things WILL get better.
Hope. We must never let our hope flee from us, it is what gets us through the light and especially the dark.

Peace and love be onto you all,


posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 02:00 PM
The only way that the "stop paying taxes" idea would even have a chance of working is if large corporations all got together and stopped paying payroll taxes, then small businesses like myself would follow suit. One or two businesses doing it - they'd come down hard on them and shut them down. If everyone did it - the IRS would be out manned and overwhelmed. Sure, they'd pick a few to go after to make examples of, and who knows where that would go.

Bottom line - since we live in a corporate fascist state, do you really think large corps would greenlight that idea?

It's going to continue down this road until it devolves into gun battles between police and groups of armed patriots, old skool style, I'm afraid. Just my opinion, I hope I'm wrong.

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 02:03 PM
During the last few years I slowly awoke to our goverments agenda.
Below are samples of writing from a book Ive been working on.
Be kind even if you dont like or agree remember these are my views and not that of anyone assosiated with ATS OR ANYONE ASSOCIATED TO NWO GOVERMENT.

Why should we be controlled and manipulated for greed and power at the hands of a few. If we all sat still and said leave it to the people in charge and I’ll get on with my job and family, then were would we be. No one has no purpose nobody should be left behind in this future. Every country every person you were born and exist and this is all we need our power is in numbers and that scares these people. So stand up for your rights and others around you regardless of race or religion your brothers and sisters need to be on alert for mankind is being controlled and their war began before we were even born our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers were manipulated by private banks ran by groups of very powerful family’s and this is still the case today they keep secret’s, they disguised there motives by laws they choose when there is war and were there is not. They funded both sides of world war 1&2. Like a gambler making sure they had something on both black and red just in case of bad luck knowing that whoever prevailed they would cash in anyway, they sold the weapons the fuel and worst of all our ancestors life’s and souls all for greed but they don’t care about our deaths for them it just business. But lets not forget that for ever gamble they took they had to make sure the (house/media) covered the (green 0/mass public) and they sure have been covering up, its like there’s no cover up because they’ve honed there skills for hundreds of years they put the control method’s in place before the poor could understand what was going on. Think about all the wonderful things that you posses T.V/cable, internet, home/mobile phone, radio, news papers/magazines. Imagine the cost of production the cost of purchase for these to be in the majority of peoples life’s all that money to control peoples choices when there are millions dying because of poverty every year.

They control media so we all live our life’s the way they want they corrupt our nature by glorifying the death of soldiers and showing us images of terrorists doing inhumane acts of violence and inciting hatred to others they tell tales of horror in our own streets where every man could be a predator , they tell us story’s about us killing the planet they encourage racism every time they invade a country under the pretence that they are liberating the people of that country when in truth they are manipulating there own nations by encouraging there illusion of pride and patriotism in there great country for trying to save these poor people from the inhumane conditions they say that they are living under. When in reality they are killing innocent life’s on both sides for there own wealth and greed, wars are carried out by the very people they control the poor, every day soldiers of the world are recruited, trained and armed for these events why. Is there ever going to be a world without war when the elites want more power and wealth the answer is no because without war there is no more excuses for all the horrible things that they make people do. They do these things so that you live in fear glad they are there to save us. TV’s littered with nothing but material views being expressed to the masses through adverts and entertainment shaping there sheep into a perfect little pet consuming what they want removed from stock as if by magic, shelf’s are filled and empted then re-stocked until the end of the day then the whole process starts all over again just like the sun always comes up after the dark we will rise from our beds and begin there processing again day by day until we die. We live in a world of tomorrows garbage, ask yourself who’s fault it is ours or there’ s. Nothing we have in our position will ever match the value of life and that’s free no advert needed to sell me that, no politician no law no bank gave us this

Now I realize the truth that the whole world is a prison and that the public are inmates we can see no bars and no shackles when we look but only because they are invisible they only exist because of the system put them there around us all to stop us from seeing the truth. When we are being manipulated by the elite for there profits even at the cost of our losses be it material or human they do not care and the proof is every were we are just blinded by there illusions. They wear there suits like a soldier wears his camouflage they use there wealth, power and education as there weapons of mass destruction like a soldier would use his education wealth and artillery to punish the enemy.

They have convinced us all that were so dumb and that there so smart and that’s why they have such an important role in controlling our lives we all believe that voting for this person a stranger will benefit us all. We think we know who we are voting for when the majority don’t even know there own neighbours our sense of community is disappearing all over the world we connect with the people we see on T.V we know more about celebrity’s and politicians than we do our own neighbours this is because they encourage us all to be scared of the very people who we live amongst when in reality they are the ones who are taking the children away from family’s they are the ones making the orders to kill millions of innocents.

Our family’s our neighbours our armies are the majority and power is in numbers our power is our life and there’s is money and when the soldiers and the people around the world stand together there money is useless unless they have the control of life there will be no war and no poverty without puppets the masters will fall there can be only one winner us. Take of the invisible shackles and link them together show the power of togetherness and only then shall we be free. The invisible prison is in your mind and when we are free from this only then will mankind know peace.

Money is the cause of nearly all crimes either directly or indirectly, it creates poverty and starvation it’s the reason wars are started and country’s are robbed of everything the banks see as valuable and its all a game that goes on and on and the elite thrive on it because the longer this game goes the higher there accounts and power rise, just like the poor people around the worlds dead bodies rise, in the last hundred years there have been millions of deaths and for everyone nothing no change no solution in a world were we all ask for world peace ask yourself why we kill for the few. I say no more put down the very weapons that have been made for us to kill our fellow brothers and sisters and build the schools and hospitals make the world a better place don’t stand under there elite ideology no more. Look at the very sign that defines them the pyramid with the eye at the top or the all seeing eye but lets remember that the foundations are the most important part of any structure and without it the pyramid would fall and when we take there eye from the top. Know that our struggle will be far easier than there’s, our reign of peace can be achieved in days and months it will not be years, decades and centuries like the war that they have waged on all of us. Just like they done on sep 11th to all those innocents and fooled us into believing that the Muslim world were responsible. Lets plant the charges at the feet of these elite and watch them crumble to the ground and watch as they beg for forgiveness and order, but there cries will not be heard by our ears because we are no longer there’s to order we will be free from there grip and the only voice we will here is the voice of reason, peace and love. A coward dies once and a hero lives forever.

Try imagine a family like your own living when our earliest ancestors were on this planet surviving by using all that is supplied by mother nature for day to day living. A simple life with no machines no politics no banks or science a primitive existence with only instinct and wit to survive. In these times man knew to reproduce and also the importance that there new life would live beyond there own. So early mankind understood the basics, they knew about birth, death and everything else needed for the survival of there seed. Like time travelling our ancestors have survived through the ages by passing on there seed and egg in order for new life to flourish and continue to travel through time and space and this process leads us to now PRESENT TIME. ‘You’re Life is free, a gift it is yours to own‘. Your life is not money it cannot be put in a bank but it is more valuable than all riches in the world. No man should be enslaved for profit and gains for others that are corrupt and seek to play games on us all.

Life is not a choir we should all cherish every breath and every felling inside us that makes us human. Take a breath and listen to the feeling that’s in your heart and know that you are alive and that you can make a change. If you believe in god or you believe in science it shouldn’t matter we are all connected because we live this is why we should stand up and be counted not as money but as people regardless of beliefs we should all know that were at war and its not with an enemy that’s hiding in the shadows it with the people who own us and control us right in front of our faces the federal banks and weapons makers it doesn’t matter if your in the army, police or any other government job you have a right to have a proper and fair world for all you should know what’s going on you people are smart you know what’s right and what’s not no matter what sins you have committed as a person it will never be as bad as what your government has made or enforced upon you because the banks command them to. Make a stand and tell the people the truth.

If war and poverty exist its because they the money men want it we live in an age were man has the resources to build and improve to develop and create a better world for all hospitals, food, schools and energy are here in abundance for man to use. You give scientists and engineers unlimited resources and I bet they could find solutions to all of mankind’s problems imagine a world were people were encouraged to advance and progress not sit still and wait were everyone has a place in society our education system would continue to improve unlike now. These politicians say its because of balance that only so much can be done excuses, excuses. But there’s billions of people on this planet if we take control of the money from the private sector as well as the health and education sector then everyone is given a equal system. I don’t care what political views you have this can be done and it should be done if not for us then for our children’s children. Make a stand and be remembered as a ‘the generation of change’ for in the future people will read history books and know how we made this happen and learn from the mistakes that there ancestors made or so I hope. How sad would it be if were still here in the same position that drove me to write this in hundred years time.

Its time to find and let your views be shared with others if you think that your happy with all that’s going on and this is fine then fine but me I feel sick to know that mankind is being controlled for profit. Think about all those men, woman and children that have died in wars that have been funded by banks and private investors in the name of what they tell us is right there is no right only death in war. Soldiers are fooled into thinking there saving or liberating life’s of others, but they do this by force. The first steps a government takes against such country’s is send in the bankers to offer loans to them putting financial pressure on the country’s people. Then they issue the contracts for regeneration to there preferred clients taking the money loaned right back out of the country, this leads to a position were the so called good guys strip whole nations of wealth putting them in a position in the modern world that leads to people starving and perishing due to poverty.

Humans can improve and will given the chance and the freedom to improve imagine what the future will hold for our children. We must understand that to achieve our true potential we must preserve life and continue to pro-create, every one is born equal, we are all needed. Our current world is full of war, disease, starvation, poverty and corruption this is all man made but we are lead to believe that money, power and evil is the cause when the true cause is it is those who tell us that they want to protect our futures world leaders, banks and politician’s . The select choose this message because this is how they control the people by creating fear of others and thus creating the need for protection(army’s, bank’s, police, laws and politics).

We the public have enough people with all the skills that will be needed, its ironic that our world dictators who have been suppressing mankind for hundreds of years have given us all the tools we need. Take your computers for example designed to make work more efficient and also used to store information on nearly every person living tracing all our daily lives. We have computer experts (Hackers) who aren’t in these guys pockets who could cause whole government systems to crash in seconds bringing there party to an end all satellites, T.V and radio waves could also be infiltrated by the skills of man, the benefit of controlling technology like this would mean that instantly without any violence we could let our voices be heard for once.

Every living person today will die at some time its just the way of life our bodies can only function for so long, so we should all be ready to sacrifice how we live today as it has no purpose in the future this world of smoke and mirrors were the masked magician’s tricked us all. Making mankind kill one another and making us feel like we are doing good telling us there trying to make the world a safer place for everyone. We should have no doubt that we can do this it may take this whole generation to do it but the sacrifice is for the greater good. Our understanding of this planet and our own universe will depend on science we could make the future a place were mankind has advanced far beyond our wildest dreams.

We can create a future were history will tell a tale of a generation of struggle and a common goal. Be the generation that refused to stay down stand up and be ready for change it will come because it ours to make that is why it will happen. We shouldn’t fear the change we should embrace it like you would your own child and have dreams for it to grow this is what is needed. The answer’s to our questions will be heard by the great minds of mankind the scientist’s, engineer‘s and all others among us with the skills required to rebuild this civilization be it with hands and mind’s we are all required. The rebuilding of a whole civilization info structure would create billions of jobs in every area imagine new 100% green renewable energy this is no dream it’s a reality scientist already have the plan they just needs resources from government to get it running fact. Travel pollution can also be a thing of the past green 100% renewable fuel in all vehicles this is also possible. The whole world deserves to be equal this is our choice.

Know that when we stand the powers in charge will try to break you they will make us all public enemy, know that violence is NOT our weapon no ours is the very thing they use to control us all DEBT. We all stop paying tax bills, fuel bills all bills that don’t effect your basic survival take your money from the bank use this for any medicine your family requires to live use this also for food and water if everyone done this for just 2 or 3 months they would panic. This is because true power will be on show not the same as the power money brings. The army’s that they control are our brothers and sisters and shall not be fooled into there war on the public and I don’t say this to scare but they would try and overpower people with the very army’s and police they say are there to protect us this isn’t a lie even thought its hard to imagine our own army’s being given orders to round up there own country men and detain them they. Its been done before but if we all stand strong our army’s will know this is what mankind wants and we are who they swore to protect not banks hell bent on chaos. A world free of disease and poverty were no one starves and everyone is given the same chance. This is our only chance.

When the masses fear there governments something is terribly wrong it is the governments who should fear the masses, we all have to stand together and fight for the rights of those who cannot our future depends on us shall we just sit and watch as genocide is committed all over the globe in the name of our freedom, when really it is for nothing more than control. We can no longer wait till there is no other option, when the majority of us really on propaganda fuelled media for our information our own opinions are lost we are pumped up by the fear that they create, our hatred for others of different nationality or religion is there why do we let our equals be butchered. When do you say no more, when they come for you and your family.

My First Video (pics with music)


We are all gods children so become someone he would be proud off

‘Free people survive on food, water, air and love all free’

‘Live for money die for nothing’

MONEY=POWER=WAR=DEATH this cycle goes on and on forever until mankind is dead.

LOVE=UNDERSTANDING=PEACE=LIFE this is what mankind should want only then can we guarantee man’s eternal existence

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 02:20 PM

Originally posted by Odessy
the problem now is that its really to late too take this advise.
So we stop paying taxes and the military has no funding. Thats not going to take back what we've already done in Libya and the Middle East. With no military, they'll attack for sure, and then what?
I don't have the answer. I mean, its enough to try and fix what going on in our country. When you add people who hate you and want to plot your destruction to the equation... well... you guys get it...
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No, Libya won't attack us if we disband the military. They would recognize that the military was disbanded in part BECAUSE of the malice attack on Libya. There would no longer be a threat and therefore be no point to any attacks. China and other powers would likely try to start expanding through military force. And if that happens we can start sending our checks for people's defense again.

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 02:25 PM
We do NOT belong in Libya . We do NOT in Iraq. We do NOT belong in Afghanistan. War breeds more war and hatred. We need to stop this insanity now. Before it is too late and we are ass deep in WW3.

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 02:28 PM
If WW3 will happen I will be sitting outside playing my guitar until someone blows my head off. I will ascend to heaven accompanied by the beautiful melodies of the magic dadgad guitar tuning. It will be a glorious moment in my history as a human being on planet earth.

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 02:30 PM
reply to post by predator0187

Pay No Taxes!!!

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 02:31 PM

Originally posted by AwakeinNM
The only way that the "stop paying taxes" idea would even have a chance of working is if large corporations all got together and stopped paying payroll taxes, then small businesses like myself would follow suit. One or two businesses doing it - they'd come down hard on them and shut them down. If everyone did it - the IRS would be out manned and overwhelmed. Sure, they'd pick a few to go after to make examples of, and who knows where that would go.

Bottom line - since we live in a corporate fascist state, do you really think large corps would greenlight that idea?

It's going to continue down this road until it devolves into gun battles between police and groups of armed patriots, old skool style, I'm afraid. Just my opinion, I hope I'm wrong.

Its a very good idea to pressure corporations into stop funding the US military. However, that money has to be re-routed toward charitable cause, or the government workers displaced will be homeless on the streets. Its important that the alternatives are laid out for government workers and people using helpful government services, BEFORE taxation is stopped. Otherwise you get mass chaos. People always are thinking about whats wrong, but thinking about whats right is actually much more important.

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by bluemooone2

Yep, and thats when they force our boys in to compulsary conscript. They'll have to put a bullet between my eyes before they try and force my sons in to their dirty wars.

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 02:34 PM
link only took 3% of the male populace to throw a wrench into the British Invasion. Unfortunately they went covert with the secret orders and invaded that way. Many sold out to the throne.

Take the mujahadeen as another example. small # can F some stuff up. I'll have to side with Jordan Maxwell and Alcoholics Anonymous....sure you are fed up and angry...but you're not done as we say in the program nor are you willing to go to any length in sufficient numbers to handle the problem. Please dont blabber about tea parties,libetarian parties, grass roots this,,write this letter, that letter,,it simply no longer works.. also PLEASE dont ask if i have a have the solution within you.

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 02:36 PM
reply to post by GreatScot

Well written !!!

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 02:38 PM
That was quite a rant, with some very strong points. Too long and scattered to comment on intelligently, however.

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 02:58 PM
THAT WAS AWESOME. But, it's too late(not celente's fault. he's been screaming this for years in one way or another). He's right about what's coming to america re: terrorism, too..I mean drop bombs on people, what do you expect? kaddafi is going to do just what the iraqi army did in '03: dance with the coalition military just enough to make it look good, fade out, and go guerilla, worldwide. arabs have learned to play israel's game, I'm sure they have their own "helpers" in quite a few places, just waiting for orders.

# just got real..
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