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Wisconsin Race Jolted By Uncounted Ballots

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posted on Apr, 7 2011 @ 10:27 PM
Wisconsin court race jolted by uncounted ballot find

Something smells mighty fishy in Wisconsin.

In a shocking race which by all appearances was a referendum upon recently elected Governor Walker (R), things went a bit “wacky” when thousands of “uncounted” ballots showed up in Waukesha County, a Republican stronghold.

Officials in Waukesha County on Thursday said a final review of paperwork and records from a closely watched Wisconsin Supreme Court election uncovered thousands of uncounted votes, a potentially stunning development that could upend the contest.

Unofficial returns on Wednesday gave the union-backed challenger, JoAnne Kloppenburg, a narrow 204-vote statewide lead over Republican David Prosser.

Now, why would I refer to a Wisconsin Supreme Court race as being so important? Because before the controversy surrounding newly-elected Governor Walker’s union-busting venture the union-backed candidate had virtually ZERO chance of beating the conservative incumbent. A snowball in the hottest place you can possibly imagine had a better chance than she did. After Walker’s shenanigans, suddenly that little snowball actually could make a run of it.

Make a run of it?

Lo, and behold, the union-backed Kloppenburg appeared to have bested the conservative incumbent Prosser.

Wait! Now from Reuters, reposted on Raw Story, we find out that over 7500 votes in a Republican stronghold somehow were not counted. Kloppenburg’s lead just so happened to stand at 204 votes before this story came out with 100% precincts reporting.

Now seriously folks. Does this sound like total B.S., or is it just me? Please read some juicy tidbits from…

Check this quote from the National Review Online, a conservative website, reposted on…

Prior to the election, Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus was heavily criticized for her decision to keep the county results on an antiquated personal computer, rather than upgrade to a new data system being utilized statewide. Nickolaus cited security concerns for keeping the data herself - yet when she reported the data, it did not include the City of Brookfield, whose residents cast nearly 14,000 votes.

So, with all this talk on ATS about rigged elections. With all this discussion about Governor Walker and his radical ideology, union-busting tactics and Koch brothers connections. With all this reputation riding on the line…..

Honestly, what do you think?

If I were a gambling man, and I am, I’d cry foul on this horse race.

posted on Apr, 7 2011 @ 10:35 PM

Questions were immediately raised about the new announcement. As Schneider wrote, prior to the election, Nickolaus "was heavily criticized for her decision to keep the county results on an antiquated personal computer, rather than upgrade to a new data system being utilized statewide."

Added Schneider: "Nickolaus cited security concerns for keeping the data herself -- yet when she reported the data, it did not include the City of Brookfield, whose residents cast nearly 14,000 votes."

The Waukesha County Board also heavily criticized the clerk after she brushed aside their recommendations for improving election security. At one point during a hearing in January, board chairman Jim Dwyer grew exasperated with Nickolaus and said, "There really is nothing funny about this, Kathy. Don't sit there and grin when I'm explaining what this is about."

UPDATE: 9:17 p.m. -- For 13 years, Nickolaus worked for the Wisconsin State Assembly Republican Caucus as a data analyst and computer specialist. She resigned in May 2002. [AP, 6/3/02]

From 1989-1994, Prosser served as Minority Leader. From 1995-1996, he was Speaker. Nickolaus was a staff member during this time. As Wisconsin State Journal reporter Mary Spicuzza noted on Twitter, "Kathy Nickolaus worked for Assembly Republican Caucus when Prosser was Speaker. Caucus is controlled by speaker, so he is her former boss."

UPDATE: 9:45 p.m. -- The Wisconsin State Journal reports:

In 2001, Nickolaus was granted immunity to testify about her role as a computer analyst for the Assembly Republican Caucus, then under investigation -- along with the Senate Republican Caucus and the Democratic caucuses for both houses -- for using state resources to secretly run campaigns.

Nickolaus, a seven-year employee of the ARC, headed up an effort to develop a computer program that averaged the performance of Republicans in statewide races by ward.

There is a something going on.

posted on Apr, 7 2011 @ 10:48 PM
Walker is no more radical than the Union leaders. Both sides are bought and paid for by out of state players. I love the protesting atmosphere here in Madison, but I think a large portion of it is from those who don't understand both sides. Instead of comprimise, they hurt people. Both sides.

As for Brookfield? 14,000 votes simply can't just jump out of nowhere. If an election was stolen, it would have to be far more subversive. You can go there and actually ask people who they voted for. Every vote will be counted. Wisconsin Democrats just refuse to believe that there is a silent (slim) majority. Recounts are totally fine, but the will of the people should always be respected. It has not been in Wisconsin. Al Franken won his election in Minnesota after 3 judges carefully considered all aspects of it. I feel like democracy is served. If it takes that level of scrutiny to prove it to you in Wisconsin - that method is available to WI democrats.

I think the conspiracy lies in the media and school conditioning of the people. The parties are carefully divided to fit neatly a 50% profile of people who vote. Human group behavior is easy to manipulate. The parties themselves are designed to spit us right down the middle. Only one thing is certain in the system. The people always lose.

posted on Apr, 7 2011 @ 10:52 PM
According to the OP's linked blog and news articles that it leads to, the clerk not only moved the election results to HER OWN COMPUTER, but she also strongly resisted a recommendation to institute stronger internal controls by not requiring employees to log on with their own name and password?

It just all sounds so fishy...oh, and she is also a data analyst and computer specialist.

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