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Atlantis located off the west cost of Ireland!

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posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 03:19 PM
reply to post by LUXUS

maybe it will get ireland out of the euro lol anyone for handouts...

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 03:25 PM
OP, you do realize that this map you included in your post comes from an article from EU Times, right?

The same guys who claimed there was a gorilla on Mars, no? Schorcha Faal anyone?

Other than that, interesting read nevertheless, although my personal opinion is that this is not Atlantis, you've written and arguemented your thread very well. Maybe you should put less credibility to the DNA map in further discussion, though.

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 03:28 PM
Well, interesting thread, but there really is little to no evidence supporting many of the claims made in this thread (OP) about Atlantis, so it's really still conjecture at this point. Particularly the mention of Excalibur, the Holy Grail, etc... coming from Atlantis. A lot of people don't even believe the Holy Grail was even an actual cup - read Holy Blood, Holy Grail or The Da Vinci Code.

One of the very few sources of info on Atlantis and its history I have researched was the Edgar Cayce readings. Now if you believe him or not, I'll leave entirely up to you. He did say that at one time the continent of Atlantis stretched from off the southern east coast of what is now North America (e.g. Florida/Bahamas) all the way up to what is now the west coast area of Ireland. So it is possible that Atlantis was once off the west coast of Ireland, but this part of Atlantis (the majority of it) was above water over 50,000 years ago according to Cayce.

Most of the legends about Atlantis probably come from what was later just the remains of the continent of Atlantis, an island called Poseidia. This was what Plato described at a much later time - e.g. the three ringed island of Atlantis or Poseidia.

Also, Cayce said that the land of Og was the plateaus of the area around what is today known as New Mexico and the surrounding areas. So Atlantis was never called the land of Og, according to Cayce.

Threads like this can be very fun and good entertainment, but without much evidence to back it up, it's really just that - entertainment, for those who find it so. I would be very cautious what you actually accept as real in threads such as this. Unless you don't want to know the real truth about such things.

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 03:28 PM
There is speculation that Atlantis was just a description of the lost continent of the Americas. According to the Hopi indians there are 4 worlds of creation the last 3 destroyed we destroyed by fire, ice, and water. They describe the 3rd world having cities of lights and flying shields. Destroyed by water. Atlantis america.

This video is called. The new Atlantis. Must see, mind blower.

Google Video Link

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posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 03:36 PM
reply to post by coolottie

Very interesting. Thank you for the references.

Extraterrestrials (who would come from many different Planets) are said to utilize the Jinn Science (related to the Fourth Dimension) in order to travel through space.

Such phenomena are written about in the books Cosmic Ships, The Yellow Book, and Gazing at the Mystery.

"Obviously, the Tuatha Dé Danann are a great Jinn people, prototype of the indefatigable traveler, “the errant Jew.”

Samael Aun Weor always said that the Extraterrestrials are friendly (and very Enlightened, no less), because the great Cosmic Law does not allow malevolent creatures to reach other Planets.

The Jinn Science is taught to be achievable by any human as well.


"It is stated in Greek mythology that the Cyclops were children of Neptune, children of Poseidon; because the Cyclopean eye is related with the pineal gland. Poseidon-Neptune controls the pineal gland. The Cyclops are the ones who take the cerebral spinal system, the central nervous system"

"So the bull was a symbol in Atlantis of how the initiate has to control his animal forces by activating the pineal gland. It comes into my mind this very moment this king Minos from Greece, according to mythology. He promised to the god Poseidon that if Poseidon assists him and protects him, he will offer a bull as a sacrifice; and the god Poseidon approved and gave him a white bull that he created from the foam of the ocean. Poseidon also, according to mythology, created other animals with the foam of the ocean, like horses. It is a symbol of course."

The Lokas and Talas of the Vedas, are related to the regions of the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life as seen in the following image:

The Omnipenetrating Ray of Okidanokh

"The world of Atziluth is ruled by three Sephiroth: Kether, Chokmah, Binah. Within that world the different Lokas or Talas are unfolding:

"Every kabbalistic world has ten Sephiroth, which are predominated by the Sephiroth related with that world. So in the case of the world of Atziluth, the Sephiroth that predominate are Kether, Chokmah, and Binah. Now, listen carefully: Atziluth is not unmanifested but manifested Atala."

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posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 03:39 PM
Amazing! I have been watching documentaries for years now, and watched them spend billions of dollars a year trying to find it. However, I do agree with others that there is not enough evidence here for me to believe that it is the real Atlantis. But I will give you a S & F because it is interesting and I have been interested in them finding Atlantis myself!

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 03:52 PM
Very interesting post. I had heard a little about Tir Nan Og, but never that much about it. Whether or not it is the same civilization as Atlantis is hard for me to see. Regardless though, it is a very interesting idea that is being proposed here and I am highly interested in what would be found if we explored this area of the ocean.

S&F as well!

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 03:52 PM
Very well done and informative thread i enjoyed every minute of reading it thank you i love anything about the ancients

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 03:55 PM
I don't want to take anything away from your thread i am really interested and intrigued by what you brought forward and i enjoy it
I believe it has much validity to what you present.

Do you also think maybe if you look at some of the maps ever drawn of Atlantis and it being in the middle of the Atlantic.? Do you think Atlantis might actually be Greenland? and the adventures the vikings took there maybe they were closely related to the Irish Race etc (Reddish Hair) And they had stuff in Green land but now its all covered in Ice? Or we just haven't found it yet Just look at Green land and see how big that continent is imagine the possibilities!.

What i say sorta goes against somethings because Greenland may have been permanatly Glaciated back then but who knows!.

S & F MY FRIEND maybe Vimanas and the Ancient Atlantean Vs Rama WAR with Nukes was real

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 03:56 PM
Anyone seen this?

Google Ocean: Atlantis discovered off Canary Islands?

The network of criss-cross lines is 620 miles off the coast of north west Africa near the Canary Islands on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. The perfect rectangle – which is around the size of Wales – was noticed on the search giant's underwater exploration tool by an aeronautical engineer who claims it looks like an "aerial map" of a city. The underwater image can be found at the co-ordinates 31 15'15.53N 24 15'30.53W.

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 03:58 PM
reply to post by starborn

The holy grail is known to the celtic people as the cauldron of regeneration. It is not a chalice as the christians would later depict it. Actually if you look at early art depicting the grail it is shown in its correct form. In Irish legends it is from Tir na nog. It is made from red gold (today known as rose gold or Celtic gold). At the base of the cup is a dragon stone (draconite). This was highly regarded by the Irish for its ability to heal. In Scotland it is known as snake stone or "anguinum". No ordinary stone, it will float in water even if it is encased in gold. The snake is the symbol of knowledge and this stone is better known as the philosophers stone. Any liquid which is placed in the cup is tainted by the stone and thus is capable of curing all illnesses and prolonging life.
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posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 03:59 PM
Maybe north and south america are atlantis?

"Past the pillars of hercules and bigger than europe and asia combined"............

Does that not take everthing into account?

Plus we now know that ancient egypt and many native tribes of *the americas* had some form of contact due to similarities in architecture and perhaps language.

Modern science does not know their ass from a hole in the ground!

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 04:03 PM
reply to post by SecretsUnfold

Chill out, it was noticed, just goes against my gut feeling and when i read the article, i got a thought of 'wannabe's' in my head so gut feeling stays off the west coast, nothing personal ya know!

Thanks for adding your info all the same!

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 04:08 PM
reply to post by Shadow Herder

Interesting video.

The works of Manly P. Hall are excellent (as I've already implied in this thread).

It is also interesting that the following was mentioned in the video:

"The phrases uttered by the priest of Sais still resound from within the depth of the centuries:

"Alas Solon, Solon, ye Greeks are nothing but children! There is not even an Elder in Greece!"

See also:

Kabbalah of the Mayan Mysteries

"Let us now remember that submerged primeval continent named Atlantis. In the land of the Pharaohs, ancient Egypt, the priests of Sais told the great Athenian Solon that Atlantis had been destroyed nine thousand years before they had such a conversation with him.

"Our boastful modern civilization has not yet surpassed the Atlantean civilization."

"The history of the Universal Flood can be found within the traditions of all human races, and are all simply recollections of the great Atlantean catastrophe.

"All of the religious teachings from primeval America (such as the sacred cults of the Incas, Mayas, and Aztecs, as well as the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Greeks, Phoenicians, Scandinavians, Hindustanis, etc.) have Atlantean origins.

"The Gods and Goddesses cited by Homer in his Iliad and Odyssey were heroes, kings, and queens of Atlantis.

"America was geographically united with the Old World (Europe and Africa) through Atlantis. The ancient Indo-American civilizations have an Atlantean origin.

"The religions of the Egyptians, Incas, Mayas, etc. came from the religions of the Atlanteans." – Samael Aun Weor

Of course as H.P. Blavatsky and Samael Aun Weor both pointed out, the Atlanteans were a mixture of many various races.

And here's a ATS thread with a video of a Hopi Elder speaking:

Hopi Spirituality

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posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 04:14 PM

Originally posted by LUXUS
reply to post by KingLeoric

Are we forgetting the genetic testing of the Egyptian Pharaohs saying they were related to the Irish....I think we are!!

Where is the source or proof of this genetic testing saying that Pharoaohs were related to Irish. If I understand correctly ther were only emplications of this testing done, but the actual results were never released. Are you talking about Ancient Egypt, before it was known as Egypt, when It was called Kemit. Or are you talking about afterwards, during Alexandria, and Plato's visit and re interpertation of the Ancient Egyptian Order. When people talk about Egypt they tend to only go as far back as King Tut, simply because he is the most familiar. Remeber the conquorer always write his-story to best illuminate them.

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 04:23 PM
So lets see.....which Atlantis is this one... number seven?.

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 04:23 PM
reply to post by SirKnightE

SirKnightE, did you happen to read this post and this post?

If so, what is your view in regard to the there-quoted information?

The quotes from Godfrey Higgins are of particular interest to Masons.

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posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 04:26 PM

Originally posted by Blue Shift
Well, if you call the Azores "off the coast of Ireland," then I guess you'd be right. Otherwise, it doesn't fit the only description we have, which is Plato's. I don't know why people have to try to come up with all these ideas that don't fit the description.

I'll say that maybe at one time there were Atlanean outposts here and there in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and maybe even America, but the place itself is described quite clearly, and it's the Azores. We just don't have the technology yet to do a good archeological exploration of it to prove it. And after 12,000 years, it won't be easy to find even then.

Yeah, Azores is also home to an American Military Base - go figure eh? ;D

The number of monolithic structures to be found on Azores is staggering - I suggest anyone and everything takes a look on Google Earth -

one should note not only is the area located using Plato's directions, but it matches the size given by the Ancient Egyptians.

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posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 04:31 PM

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posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 04:32 PM
I knew there was more to us than alcoholism, saints, scholars and a ridiculously corrupt government.

I'm open to this theory. Does anyone know how deep one would have to go below the Faroe Islands to potentially search for artifacts?

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