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Atlantis located off the west cost of Ireland!

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posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by LUXUS

S&F for this fantastic post, a great piece of research and reasoning. Most of us have heard so many theories about Atlantis that after a while, the subject becomes a bit too-well trodden. You can only read so many articles and books, and see so many documentaries before yawning at the prospect of yet another theory.

However, you've brought something very exciting and refreshing. The possibility that Atlantis is off the coast of Ireland is intriguing. It surely helps explain the utter MAGICAL nature of the place. It directly connects Atlantean civilization with strong influences in Arthurian legend, a magical legend filled with magic and enchantment. Also, it connects it with Egypt. This is all even more interesting because of some secret socities/organizations are so deeply meshed with Arthurian legend and Egyptian mystery schools.

The freemasons/masons have such connections. Who knows who else has embraced the arcane mysteries of the past that are also connected with Atlantean civilization. The freemasons are extremely devoted to alignments, from what I have read and seen. Perhaps another avenue of research might involve the alignment of ancient sites like Stonehenge, Avebury, et. al., and how they might form up in a line that points to this possible location of Atlantis. In a documentary about the Knights Templar on the Smithsonian Channel, the Templars/Masons constructed a tower in which the windows created two points of a line. The trajectory of the line points geographiccally to the next Templar "clue" in North America that speaks of their arrival on the continent well before Columbus. Might there be such examples in Ireland, the UK and Europe that point to this location of Atlantis?

Having some Irish in my ancestry myself, this is even more exhilirating. Thanks for sharing!

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by LUXUS



. Thank you.

(Although I would locate "Atlantis" as a world-wide empire because all countries have their myths of submerged land)

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 10:02 AM
Does the eutimes ever put out stories that are true?

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 10:08 AM
I've always thought the key to figuring out where Atlantis existed in the world was to figure out the DNA origins of the Kings of the first "known" western civilization.

I wouldn't be surprised in the Sumerian Kings and the Babylonian kings also tested positive for the western European Gene.

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 10:11 AM
reply to post by Havick007

This is a well put together post with a lot of great information to consider. Do you feel like you're the only person with a strong theory? The fact is NOONE has proved or disproved anything here. Rather the OP has provided plenty of information for us to research and look into ourselves. Stop being a hater!

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 10:18 AM
Wow, very interesting indeed. Having Irish heritage makes it even better! Good research OP

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 10:19 AM
reply to post by LUXUS

The eutimes is a hoax website run by a white supremacist. So until you provide real proof, there is no DNA link between the Irish and Egyptian kings.

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 10:20 AM

Originally posted by Cynicaleye
Does rockall have anything to do with this? Its located in the same area as the proposed "atlantis"

Yep. The area in question is called the "Rockall Plateau."

Many of it's features were given names from...Tolkien's "Middle Earth." They include, from that wiki article: "Eriador Seamount, Rohan Seamount, Gondor Seamount, Fangorn Bank, Edoras Bank, Lorien Knoll, Isengard Ridge." Hehehe...see you can't hide anything from the geologists, and their sense of humor about it is evident, eh?

Though actually, the "Atlantis Ridge," "Atlantis Massif," "Atlantis transform fault" and "lost city hydrothermal field" are further south in the Atlantic:

The Rockall plateau is currently a bit of a hockey puck as there is oil there, and the UK, Ireland, and Iceland would all like a piece of the action obviously.

Is it THE Atlantis? Hmm who can say, but it probably was at least somewhat inhabited at various times.

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 10:36 AM
Henges, pyramids and the Celtic cross helped ancient mariners sail the world

"This magical instrument that I have discovered, hoary with age … encompasses a knowledge of the cosmos, the use and understanding of mathematics, geometry, surveying, astronomy and astrology. The secrets of this device were foundations of ancient civilisations, long before the written world."

I bet that you are on to something here !!

Good job!

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posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 10:38 AM
reply to post by Misterlondon

Ceide Fields

Ah someone else got there first.
Great post op!
I've always had a gut feeling Atlantis was in the Atlantic somewhere and close of the west of Ireland, so this rings true for me, maybe it was calling me home, grabbing my diving suit...

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posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 10:51 AM
reply to post by LUXUS

Nice thread, I've always been fascinated with Atlantis and your thread gave me a few new ideas and view points that I had previously not seen, thanks for that. I always enjoy more pieces of the puzzle to ponder about.

I dream with a day when diving teams will find this place, then again, if it is real, I'm sure the elite diving teams know all about it.

Real or not we can't state yet, but it sure would string a lot dots together, a lot.

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 11:11 AM
Whether actual or factual or just total bunk the OP gives us some good reading material and that is king to us old farts with nothing to do.
It stimulates thought and that is also a good thing.
Do not be afraid of moving slowly but of standing still. - Chinese proverb.
Keeps the wheels turning. S&F

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 11:19 AM
This is an interesting thread, and much of the information in it certainly does deserve attention (including my initial post

However the idea that the ancient Khemetians were "white Europeans" (if this is what anyone is implying here), or anything of the sort, is absurd.

I'm not saying that the Khemetians were necessarily always purely what racist profane scholars like to term "sub-Saharan Africans", or better said that I'm not saying that the Khemetians were necessarily always purely Meroitic Africans.

And I'm also not saying that there is absolutely no genetic connection between the ancient Khemetians and the Irish somehow (edit: see my next post with quotes from Godfrey Higgins).

Nevertheless, the Khemetians and their Shekemu (Kings) were certainly not ever completely "white Europeans" (excluding perhaps (in a way) the Greek period, which is another topic) by any means.

The ancient Khemetians would have looked more like the Tarot Arcanum which I currently have as my avatar (and most likely even a little more melanated than that, on average), and would most definitely have had to "sit at the back of the bus" were they to be walking amongst the United States of America during the early 1950's.

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posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 11:24 AM

Originally posted by shagreen heart
the message decoded from this:

ufo encounter speaks about the same islands. check it out

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I immediatly thought of Hy Brazil also. The following map shows this island was south west
of the Irish coast while the OP shows a map with the island north west of Ireland closed to Iceland.

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 11:27 AM

Originally posted by righteyered
The eutimes is a hoax website run by a white supremacist. So until you provide real proof, there is no DNA link between the Irish and Egyptian kings.

There's none coming because it hasn't officially been released yet; people are jumping the gun. Hawass etc know Tut's Y chromosome haplogroup...but they aren't telling. They do definitely know it though, they studied the Y chromosomes to establish a link between a mummy thought to be Ahkenaten, Tut's probable father, and Tut.

Except there is this video "King Tut unwrapped" made by the Discovery channel which may have accidentally or "accidentally" revealed it.

The first video has some overlays to make the claim about R1b, the 2nd video is just "King Tut Unwrapped" on the Discovery website. I actually can't get the one on the Discovery site to play, but you can see that it exists at least as it's still labeled.

When they film the screens of the computers doing the paternity analysis, you can supposedly see the names of some of the markers they were using, and the claim is they go with R1b. So first, you'd have to agree with what they say the names of the markers are, and it's kind of hard to tell. Then you'd have to know enough about this stuff to decide whether you can confidently agree with the assessment that those markers definitely go with R1b or whatever.

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 11:28 AM
Great thread! I noticed when i fired up google earth to check this area out, i found something else interesting you folks might want to check out. Not sure what this object is, i don't think it's a glitch, i think it may be some kind of an object, building or boat. There are also a lot of straight lines around the area which suggests possible road(s) leading to this object. Zoom in to the following coordinates to see this:

59deg 35'35.03"N
13deg 40'39.30"W

Any ideas what this might be!! Worth a dive maybe?

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posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 11:30 AM
The Druid and Mason Godfrey Higgins, whose writings were often cited by Theosophists John Yarker 97°, H.P. Blavatsky 12°, and Manly P. Hall 33°:

(Note: Here Godfrey Higgins must be referring to pre-Gautama-Shakyamuni Buddhas)

Anacalypsis: an attempt to draw aside the veil of the Saitic Isis ..., Volume 1 By Godfrey Higgins

In my Essay on The Celtic Druids, I have shewn, that a great nation called Celtæ, of whom the Druids were the priests, spread themselves almost over the whole earth, and are to be traced in their rude gigantic monuments from India to the extremities of Britain. Who these can have been but the early individuals of the black nation of whom we have been treating I know not, and in this opinion I am not singular. The learned Maurice says, "Cuthites, i. e. Celts, built the great temples in India and Britain, and excavated the caves of the former."* And the learned Mathematician, Reuben Burrow, has no hesitation in pronouncing Stonehenge to be a temple of the black, curly-headed Buddha.
Knights Templar or Templar Knights

…It is an emblem which has no antitype but itself. I consider this eight-pointed red cross as decisive evidence, that Buddhism, Manichæism, and Templism, were identical: that is, Manichæism as far as Manichæism consisted of Gnosticism, for the principle of both were the same, though in later times, in some instances, they diverged as from a common centre, as they became corrupted....

...The doctrines to which I have alluded above, are visible every where in the curious mystical figures always seen upon the monuments of the Templars, in the fishes bound together by the tails, on the tombs of Italy—in the astrological emblems on many churches, such as the Zodiacs on the floor of the church of St. Irenæus at Lyons, and on a church at York, and Notre Dame at Paris, and Bacchus or the God IHS filling the wine-cask, formerly on the floor of the church of St. Denis. Again, in the round churches of the Templars, in imitation of the round church at Jerusalem, probably built by them in the Circlar or Cyclar or Gilgal form in allusion to various recondite subjects which I flatter myself I need not now point out to my reader, and in the monograms IHS and CH in thousands of places. In these mysteries, not only the Cardinals, but the heads and chapters of all the orders of knighthood, and of all the old orders of Monks, were more or less implicated; and from that part of them more intimately connected with the ancient doctrines of Ionism, arose a profound devotion of all orders of knighthood to the fair sex and the mother of God. That the Gnostic doctrines named above, that is, that Christianity was only a species, or an uncorrupted or reformed kind, of Paganism, were secretly held by the Cardinals in the Vatican, I can scarcely doubt, and I think I shall prove it by and by; and their refusal to believe Mohamed to be the Paraclete is easily accounted for....



Page 51

… but I shall, in the course of this work, produce a number of extraordinary facts, which will be quite sufficient to prove, that a black race, in very early times, had more influence over the affairs of the world than has been lately suspected; and I think I shall shew, by some striking circumstances yet existing, that the effects of this influence have not entirely passed away.

It was the opinion of Sir William Jones, that a great nation of Blacks* formely possessed the dominion of Asia, and held the seat of empire at Sidon. These must have been the people called by Mr. Maurice Cu#es or Cuthites, described in Genesis; and the opinion that they were Blacks is corroborated by the translators of the Pentateuch, called the Seventy, constantly rendering the word Cush by Ethiopia. …

Of this nation we have no account; but it must have flourished after the deluge. … If I succeed in collecting a sufficient number to carry conviction to an impartial mind, the empire must be allowed to have existed.

The religion of Buddha, of India, is well known to have been very ancient. In the most ancient temples scattered throughout Asia, where his worship is yet continued, he is found black as jet, with the flat face, thick lips, and curly hair of the Negro. Several statues of him may be met with the East-India Company. There are two exemplars of him brooding on the face of the deep, upon a coiled serpent. To what time are we to allot this Negro ? He will be proved to have been prior to Cristna. He must have been prior to or contemporaneous with the black empire, supposed by Sir William Jones to have flourished at Sidon. The religion of this Negro God is found, by the ruins of his temples and other circumstances, to have been spread over an immense extent of country, even to the remotest parts of Britain, and to have been professed by devotees inconceivably numerous. …

Page 53

The circumstance of the translators of the Septuagint version of the Pentateuch having rendered the word Cush by the word Ethiopia, is a very decisive proof that the theory of two Ethiopias is well founded. Let the translators have been who they may, it is totally impossible to believe that they could be so ignorant as to suppose that the African Ethiopia could border on the Euphrates, or that the Cu#es could be African Ethiopia.

Page 54

Eusebius* states the Ethiopians to have come and settled in Egypt, in the time of Amenophis. According to this account, as well as to the account given by Philostratus,** there was no such country as Ethiopia beyond Egypt until this invasion. According to Eusebius these people came from the river Indus, and planted themselves to the south of Egypt, in the country called from them Ethiopia. The circumstances named by Eusebius that they came from the Indus, at all events, implies that they came from the East, and not from the South, and would induce a person to suspect them as having crossed the Red Sea from Arabia; …
* In Chron. ad Num. 402.

** In vita Apollon. Tyanei.

Herodotus says, that there were two Ethiopian nations, one in India, the other in Egypt. He derived his information from the Egyptoian priests, a race of people who must have known the truth; …

Philostratus* says, that the Gymnosophists of Ethiopia, who settle near the sources of the Nile, descended from the Bramins of India, having been driven thence for the murder of their king.** This, Philostratus says, he learnt from an ancient Brahmin, called Jarchas.

* Vita Apoll. C. vi.

** Crawford, Res. Vol. II p.193.

Another ancient writer, Eustathius, also states, that the Ethiopians came from India. These concurring accounts can scarcely be doubted; and here may be discovered the mode and time also when great numbers of ancient rites and ceremonies might be imported from India into Egypt; …

Page 57

Mr. Wilsford, in his treatise on Egypt and the Nile, in the Asiatic Researches, informs us, that many very ancient statues of the God Buddha in India have crisp, curly hair, with flat noses and thick lips; and adds, "nor can it be reasonably doubted, that a race of Negroes formerly had power and pre-eminence in India."

This is confirmed by Mr. Maurice, who says, "The figures in the Hindoo caverns are of a very different character from the present race of Hindoos : their countenances are broad and full, the nose flat, and the lips, particularly the under lip, remarkably thick." …

Justin states, that the Phœnecians being obliged to leave their native country in the East, they settled first near the Assyrian Lake, which is the Persian Gulf; and Maurice says, "We find an extensive district, named Palestine, to the east of the Euphrates and Tigris. The word Palestine seems derived from Pallisthan, the seat of the Pallis or Shepherds." Palli, in India, means Shepherd.

… It is a well-known fact that our Hindoo soldiers when they arrived in Egypt, in the late war, recognized the Gods of their country in the ancient temples, particularly their God Cristna.

The striking similarity, indeed identity, of the style of architecture and the ornaments of the ancient Egyptian and Hindoo temples, Mr. Maurice has proven beyond all doubt. …

… The tribe of Cristna had a name, … which is very remarkable. Captain Wilford says, "The Yadus, his own tribe and nation, were doomed to destruction for their sins, like the descendants of YAHUDA or YUDA, which is the true pronunciation of JUDA.* …" Mr. Maurice says, "The Yadavas were the most venerable emigrants from India; they were the blameless and pious Ethiopians,** whom Homer mentions, and calls the remotest of mankind. Part of them, say the old Hindu writers, remained in this country; and hence we read of two Ethiopian nations, the Western and the Oriental. Some of them lived far to the East; and they are the Yadavas who stayed in India, while others resided far to the West."***

… Thus, in fact, the ancient system of letters of India and Ethiopia may be considered the same, notwithstanding their great distance and the intervention of so many other nations lying between them.*

* Vide Maur. Ant. Ind. Vol. IV. pp. 414-417.

Bardisanes Syrus* gives this account of the Indians : "Among the Indians and Bactrians there are many thousand men called Brachmanes. These, as well from the tradition of their fathers as from laws, neither worship images nor eat what is animate : they never drink wine or beer : they are far from all malignity, attending wholly on God." Philostratus** says, "that in his time the chief of the Brahmins was called Iarch, and Jerom contra Jovin says, the head of the Gymnosophists was called Buddas.*** Mr. Bryant says, "Nilus the Egyptian tells Apollonius Tyannæus, that the Indi of all people in the world were the most knowing, and that the Ethiopians were a colony from them, and resembled them greatly. Philostratus says, the Indi are the WISEST of all mankind. The Ethiopians are a colony from them, and they inherit the wisdom of their forefathers."****

* In Euseb. Præpar. Evang. Lib. vi. Cap. viii. ** Lib. iii. in vita Apol. Tyan.

*** Gale, Court of Gent. Book II. p.74. **** Anal. Anc. Myth. Vol. III. p.219

Gale* observes, on the authority of Philostratus, in the life of Apollonius and of Jerom,** that the philosophers of Ethiopia were called Gymnosophists, and that they received their name and philosophy from India.

* Court. Of Gent. Vol. II. p.75. ** Lib. iv. in Ezech. Cap. xiii.

Arrian says,* the inhabitants upon the Indus are in their looks and appearance not unlike the Ethiopians. Those upon the southern coast resemble them the most; for they were very black; …

* Hist. Indica, p.320.

Page 458

The use of the tonsure, by both Indian Buddhists of Tibet, and African Ethiopians, is a striking circumstance; and the prohibition of it, by Moses, as one contrivance to separate his people from their neighbours or ancestors,—as it proves that they once had it, tends to prove the original identity of the three nations. …

"The most venerable emigrants from India were the Yadavas; they were the blameless and pious Ethiopians, whom Homer mentions and calls the remotest of mankind. Part of them, say the old Hindoo writers, remained in this country, and hence we read of two Ethiopian nations, the Western and the Oriental : some of them lived far to the East, and they are the Yadavas who stayed in India; while others resided far to the West, and they the sacred race who settled on the shores of the Atlantic.[?] We are positively assured by Herodotus, that the Oriental Ethiopians were Indians, and hence we may infer, that India was known to the Greeks, in the age of Homer, by the name of Eastern Ethiopia."* "About this time," says Eusebius,** "some Ethiopians taking leave of their country upon the river Indus, came and settled in Egypt. Hence it is that Bacchus*** has been represented as the son of the river Indus. Hence arose also the notion that the Indian Dionusos was the most ancient : …" Plutarch**** tells us, that Phylarchus said, that Bacchus first brought the worship of the two Boves called Apis and Osiris, from India into Egypt. … I entertain a strong suspicion that these Boves were the horned male and female Osiris and Isis, for Apis was nothing but another name for Osiris.

* Maur. Hist. Hind. II. p.262. ** Chron. p.26

*** Philostrat. Vita Apollonii, lib. i. p.64 **** Isis et Osiris, Vol. II. p.362

Page 459

The ancients constantly called the country above the Egyptian cataracts India, and its inhabitants Indians. This is strikingly confirmatory of my hypothesis, that they came from India.* No one can suppose the Greek authors, from whom we have this account, to have made a mistake, and to have believed the country South of Thebes, was the country East of the Euphrates. It therefore follows that they must have been called Indians because they were known or believed to have come from India. …

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posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 11:31 AM

Originally posted by Danbones
there are the same amount of the fallen in both South America and in the mid east myths I read:

I think the mountain that they may have landed on is the one in the OPs island...mount Olympus..etc
They had Immortal or long life spans

The Book of Enoch notes a descent of 200 "angels" to Earth in "the days of Jarod" and references their arrival/landing as being on Mt. Hermon, which is located in a mountain range on the Lebanon-Syrian border (perhaps upon the modern-day Israeli Golan Heights). It says that they took up residence amongst the human population of the Earth, mating with them and corrupting mankind with their knowledge, teaching the human inhabitants of our Earth many “mysteries” such as metallurgy and warfare far before the appointed time for mankind to have knowledge of these things and negatively influencing human affairs because mankind was appointed to acquire certain knowledge of his own volition at a specific & certain time.

In the Bible, Og is noted as a decendent of "The Watchers," who are included in the nephilim ("the fallen ones") race.
Mt. Hermon is a mere 43 miles from Ashtaroth, which was the capital of King Og of Bashan.

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 11:32 AM
I've also noticed what appears to be maybe an ancient city in the region as well. Check out these coordinates:


very interesting indeed.

also here is another interesting structure of some kind. Definitely looks manmade, just not sure what it could be.


Wow, is all i can say. There's got to be some kind of truth to the stories.

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posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by LUXUS

Very interesting OP .

The Lia fail (the stone of destiny) this stone is the stone which is housed in the Ark of the covenant.

I haven't read the entire thread yet , and this may have been addressed already but , can you explain from where you draw the above conclusion ?

The reason I ask , is that I owned a book once that touched on the Lia Fail story . The title of the book was Judah's Scepter and Joseph's Birthright . Don't recall the name of the author at the moment , but a very fascinating read .

Also , Lia Fail , spelled backwards = Lia Fail , which was a key point in the construction of the theory proposed in the book .

ETA : The author's name is J.H. Allen , and the book is available at Amazon . It deals with the lost ten tribes of Israel and the Royal bloodline , and the guy presents a pretty convincing story .
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