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13 insurgents killed in Iraq

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posted on Jul, 25 2004 @ 10:05 AM
Yet again another soldier killed where my brother is stationed and no word from him. So again.. we wait. I pray every night for all of those soldiers over there, but I must admit I pray for my brothers safe return the most.

A U.S. soldier died from wounds received in a convoy attack Saturday in the northern Iraq town of Bayji, according to a U.S. military news release issued Sunday. Another soldier was wounded when a roadside bomb ripped through the military convoy, the release said. Both soldiers were from the 1st Infantry Division. The death brings to 908 the number of U.S. forces killed in the Iraq war -- 674 combat-related deaths, 234 noncombat deaths.

Camp Summerall Bayji, Iraq webpage

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posted on Oct, 17 2004 @ 09:32 AM
deeprivergal My hat is off to you and I am familiar with your concerns.

I'll probably be hated for what I am going to say;

I believe that this Insurgents was on the horizon before we invaded, the gov was so caught up in fine tuning reason to invade it was never even considered.

Now We Are There. Its not going to change soon especially with election time.
But we have to stop dwelling on that crap cuz being in this stagnate mode (on hold for elections (priorities)) they (Insurgents) are growing and picking our good people off like flies.
One cant cut the bottom of the bean bag and expect not to lose anything.
Its time to put aside finger pointing and and stop leaving this job half finished.
These Insurgents CANNOT be allowed to take this country they are ruthless murdering bastards with no future plan except power control and destruction in store. They have shown time and again they cannot be reasoned with no matter how much you do to satisfy them its never enough and there vis not one thing holy about them regaurdless of what they say. They are a disease that if you give them Iraq it still wont be enough and soon they will only infect the whole region and beyond.
There are Good People In Iraq, Most just want peace If they express it, they are Murdered. Now we are there only voice and here lies the opportunity to smash out this scum, But it will never ever happen with People in washinton taking turns sticking their thumbs up each others behind while pointing their index finger from the same hand.
The only way Plagues are cured is Swift and Immediate Action. We need to Pounce and Flood this country all at once and get it over with! Sure its not going to be pretty, but which scenario is going to generate more phone calls here at home from a Military Chaplain in the long run? Not to mention the innocent Iraq people that are dying for only wanting a normal life!
Its time for Washington DC to grab a gear pull their heads out of the sand !!!
POUR IN THE RESCOURCES it takes one soldier for one Iraqi so be it!

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