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Rant about noise ( Can you believe this guy the old fart )

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posted on Apr, 6 2011 @ 07:44 PM

I am very angry at the moment I need to rant, I recently moved into a house with 6 flats, 2 flats on the bottom, 2 on the first floor and 2 at the top, I am at the top. All of the neighbours are lovely most elderly, the problem I have is with the guy underneath me. When I first moved in it was lovely and quiet not a peep apart from someone slamming their flat door in the middle of the night not every night but often enough, now at first I was not a %100 sure of who it was.

After speaking to a couple of the neighbours I know for a fact it's not the 2 ladies who live on the ground floor or the guy opposite me who is a lovely man who barley makes a sound even when going in and out of his flat door so that leaves the 2 guys on the first floor, and I have been told its the guy underneath and that he has had complaints about him before, then the music started this guy thinks its a good idea to start playing his crappy music at 12 or 1 in the morning this music is so loud it would give an anadin a headache its terrible, now I can only hear the music from my kitchen and lounge ( I do not use the lounge at the moment because its not decorated) but thats not the point also you cannot hear it from the bedrooms.

Now this is the funny part this guy is no spring chicken hes gotta be in his 60's at least and his wife is a nurse about 25 years younger than him and when I first moved in and introduced myself to everyone he hinted at the fact that his wife is a nurse who does night shifts and sleeps in the day and also that you can hear everything from the flats above and below so he was obviously hinting at me to keep my noise down, now if there's one thing about me I am a very quiet and respectful neighbour, I play music some days but never very loud and never past 7pm. Another thing also a few weeks ago there was 6 or 7 suitcases in the communal hallway I went down and he was there (BTW this was before the music thing started) he told me his wife was going to birmingham for a few weeks, 7 suitcases nah I think she's left him can't say I blame her either.

Anyway tonight was the final straw, the music started at 11:45pm and this time I could hear it from the bedroom, I went straight down there his flat door was wide open so I knocked rather loudly to get his attention no reply so I knock again louder and rang the #ty little door bell thats he's got stuck in the middle of his door, now he turned it down cause he heard this and thats when I shouted hello for him to come to the door so I could have a word, he ignored me and turned it back up I know he knew there was someone there he was not even man enough to come to the door, so I knocked again called again no reply, he knows hes in the wrong thats why he never came to the door, I came back upstairs and 10 minutes later he slammed his door shut so hard it woke my son up I was fuming what an immature old fart, I went back out to the hallway and said if this carries on I will be complaining to the council, well I have already emailed the noise issue team he aint getting away with this its not fair on any of the other tennants living here, I would have phoned the out of hours noise patrol but no credit on the mobile and the old fart turned his racket off before slamming the door.

I know this wont be the end of it as he's been getting away with it for a while it seems I was also informed that part of the reason the last lady moved out of my flat was because of his noise, well I will be complaining until something gets done he aint getting away with it no longer.

Rant over I feel better gonna try and get a bit of sleep soon and see what the noise team have to say tomorrow.

ATS I love that you have a rant section.

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posted on Apr, 6 2011 @ 07:54 PM
Tape record something like a phone ringing, airplane, birds, dogs barking works good too. Anything that is not verifiably, technically not "your noise"!
Get a really, obscenely loud stereo, some you can rent.
Place speakers against floor, ceiling or wall in question.
Turn volume to max, hit play. . .

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posted on Apr, 6 2011 @ 08:40 PM
reply to post by AnteBellum

good one will probably drive him mad, although I think he is a bit mad he sticks notes on his flat door and also on the front door complaining about the noise from the workman outside among other things, I forgot to add that to my rant, he don't like noise but out of all the people in this house he makes the most, how ironic

posted on Nov, 6 2012 @ 09:38 AM
Happy end to a miserable situation.

Since that rant things went from bad to worse with the guy underneath.

Here is a list of the things he did since then.

1. Stole my mail, had parcels delivered to me.
2. Banging loudly scaring my son whenever he played in his room.
3. Loud music from 11pm.
4. Loud bangs on his ceiling and walls at all hours waking us up.
5. Constantly followed my footsteps around the flat knocking up on his ceiling ( this was constant 24/7) and following me around every inch of my flat.
6. Randomly ringing my doorbell.
7. Screaming and shouting in communal hallway late at night and in the day.
8. Stinking his flat out with #e making my flat smell of #e.
9. Threatening and screaming at a 70 year old neighbour and the 86 year old neighbour scaring them for no reason.
10. Tapping on walls and/or banging everynight as soon as I got into bed.

And a few other things, he was served a notice by the council but carried on and got worse to the point of harassing me, and the other neighbours ( because they started complaining).

It was getting to the point where I wanted to move but refused to be driven out of my flat and then some other poor soul will have to put up with him.

Outside my bathroom there's a REALLY SQUEAKY floorboard I mean really bad, I had avoided that floorboard stepping over it because it use to annoy me, Well I thought it was time to loosen it up a bit and give it a bit of a squeak so off I went squeak squeak constantly all day and night oh how it pissed him off, I use to laugh kept it up for months just like he use to do to me harassing me following me around tapping etc..

Then I decided to play a game (wanna play a game lol) I thought well if he wants to follow me around my flat lets have a laugh with it so I use to start dashing really fast from one end of the flat to the other it was hilarious I could hear him down there running to keep up with me I use to crack up laughing

So that along with the constant complaints to the council drove him even more mad and finally after nearly 2 years one of the neighbours saw him moving all his furntiure out a few days ago and the council confirmed to me that he handed his keys in yesterday.

But here is the creepy part last night up until 130am when I went to bed he was down there tapping following me etc.. so he obviously still has a set of keys what a creep. Told the ASBO manager who is convinced I am hearing things lol but told me they are changing the locks on his flat door in a couple of days. Am so happy hes gone and so are the other neighbours, one of them is having a party on Friday and we are all invited.

This man tried every trick in the book to drive me mad and drive me out but it backfired because I was already mad and ended up driving him out lol love it.

Now for the next tenant lol ( I better sort that floorboard out ha ).

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