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Congressman Ron Paul: One Worlders Will Fall

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posted on Apr, 6 2011 @ 05:58 PM
Let me get the attention of those who wish to " shrink " the military.

First and foremost you must understand, it is not the size of our military that is at stake, nor concern. As Ventura stated, our military is with honor, but the elite who use them for their agenda is what is disgraceful.

With that, we must understand that our military is large, and mighty. Those who serve, or have served, deserve respect. They should be brought back to the US, and posted on our borders. I think most would be happy to pay for that expense. Our military was designed to protect our borders, and the citizenry, not to be used for elite excursions.

What I know about the southern border, is because I 've been there. Spent one weekend, ( I know no real big deal ) to get an idea of just how bad things really are. ( No I'm not a minute man ).

My point is, i see more of a threat from the southern border, than i ever did from the ME, Afghanistan, or even Libya. Mexico has a direct impact on our population, our Unconstitutional social welfare programs, and our way of life.

The debate about " who done it " when it comes to 9/11, ME, Afghanistan, and now Libya is moot. We all know why we are there. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out?

So with that, taking care of home, our borders, and our people, from drug cartels from the south, immigration from the south ( which mind you would have a drastic impact on our economy and for the good, no longer would the illegal immigrants be sending 40 million a year of USD to Mexico), but we would also start rebuilding our name as America. Lets face it, we aren't the most well liked right now.

Keep it simple, and stick to the basics~

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