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Why Don't We Know ? ( Collaboration To Elaboration )

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posted on Apr, 5 2011 @ 03:34 PM
So I'm sitting there, lost in tumultuous, unorganized thought, when it comes to me, this over-whelming urge to ask
for collaborative input on the upcoming ELE. But not just from writers ! I'll take answers and explanations from any-
thing and anyone, from aliens to elders, . . . from lore to learned.
We have to ask ourselves, "Has an event like this ever happened before ?" The answer is undoubtedly . . yes.
Records indicate at least four major extinction-level-events that have occurred here on planet Earth in the past . .
EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENTS ! Extinction Level ! Extinction !
Are we to become extinct too ?

I am not afraid of the coming ELE. Maybe frustrated . . maybe a little angry . . but not afraid. I believe that what-
ever will be . . will be. But I'd sure like to know that our generation somehow "outwitted" the damn thing, that we
learned how to survive it and get through it with most of our civilization intact. That doesn't appear to be an
outcome that has succeeded in the past though, does it ?

Claims of past high-technology societies abound. They've left their marks . . and they're gone. Did they leave us
any clues ? Any warnings ? Maybe. But have we found everything they left for us ? And do we understand what
we have found ? Evidently not yet !

Will it be a meteor, a rogue planet, a solar flare, a visit from God, or a polar shift that does us in ? A depletion of
the ozone layer, or a spike in galactic radiation ? A nuclear war, brought on by man's intolerance ?
The Bible says that just a few thousand years ago Adam and Eve began the lineage. Science says mankind has
been around for maybe a million years, and civilization for maybe tens of thousands of years. Can we prove any
of this beyond a reasonable doubt ? Not really. We just don't know the facts !

Be honest now, wouldn't you like to see an event of this magnitude take place ? It would change life as we now
know it, that's for sure. Bigger than politics, bigger than Wall Street, bigger than greedy corporations, bigger than
petty wars . An event . . . to change things.
And if we were to survive . . if . . would we want to ? Would we become "aware" before we became toast ?

Imagine that other 70% of your brain suddenly kicking in, you're "getting it", . . but is there still time to act ?

posted on Apr, 5 2011 @ 04:35 PM
Don't be afraid to jump in and say something . . anything. It's collaboration . . before . . until . . .

So why don't we know ? Too young ? Only been around a short time ? ( Or have we ? )

Do the Mayans and the Hopi and the others all strike you as being "way out there" ? If their legends and omens
and predictions and calendars haven't been taken seriously whose fault is it ? If something was left for us but
remains undiscovered, is that the way it's supposed to be ?

Has the government learned of an impending ELE but continues to plead ignorance ? Then why are they building
underground shelters and "Continuance of Government" habitability quarters steadily at various locations ?
So why don't we know ?

What kind of an ELE do you think it will be ? Planetary ? Galactic ? Religious ? Personal ?
What if it's an ELE magnitude, but the first word isn't extinction ? What word would you substitute ? Why ?

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